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Wade Heath: We need more allegiance to our country, less to parties

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Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2017 5:30 pm

Gwin Paden’s column about no longer recognizing her country is most certainly a shared sentiment. Over the past twelve years I’ve watched the United States fundamentally transform. We now sit divided as a people where absolutely everyone and everything is political.

Everything I’ve come to understand about the values and ideals of the American people have changed. Even some of my own neighbors and family have sidestepped long held personal principles in order to support one party or candidate over another.

I think at this point it should be clear that both political parties are almost identical in nature. Both only desire power and influence, but when they have it — much like the GOP does now with both houses and the executive branch — they still fail to move on key promises.

This was the same case when the Democrats held a super majority back before the countrywide revolt in 2010.

Our allegiance should never be to one person or party. History tells us that that isn’t only dangerous, it’s also ignorant.

Our allegiance should be to the Constitution and the principles that unite us.

“The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.” — James Madison

Stephen Colbert’s Trump rant

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert went on yet another anti-Trump tirade, which is becoming the comedian’s go-to mechanism to score ratings and attention.

However, his most recent verbal takedown of the president was vile and wildly inappropriate. Now, I am not one to call for a person’s job over speaking their mind, but I definitely think his language (which has gotten plenty of other media personalities fired) was deplorable and borderline hateful.

Yes, there is a clear double standard when it comes to politically correct outrage. Conservatives are roasted over an open flame while liberals are consistently excused from such delegation.

But for CBS to be so comfortable with Colbert’s homophobic comments about the president, it raises an eyebrow or two.

I’ve always really liked Colbert as a comedic performer. He is a creative genius and a powerful voice. But when he stoops so low in his commentary — joking or not — he is far less effective and becomes quite a turn-off.

And by the way, the trend of late night hosts spitting rage on every broadcast might make them popular in the short term, but no one wants to end their day on a negative, angry note every evening.

Government in the skies

From United to Delta and even Spirit Airlines, we’ve watched a lot of shaky cell phone videos as of late that have documented horrible in-flight and pre-flight experiences across America.

I don’t know what is more concerning. The aggressive, almost militant-like nature of airline staff toward passengers onboard or the fact that an airplane has become one of the most regulated physical spaces by government anywhere.

Both elements play a major factor in the experience of every customer. The airlines are forced to comply to books full of regulatory policy and always increasing security measures and passengers are forced to comply to every post-9/11 rule, fear tactic, and fee, all in the name of public safety.

Of course, the business end of airlines aren’t making things any easier, either. Every year baggage fees increase, causing those of us onboard to try and cram as much as we can into a

carry-on bag and then we sidestep other passengers to access decreasing overhead space.

If that isn’t enough, American Airlines just announced that they plan on reducing legroom and seat size yet again in order to shoehorn more seats onto their jets as Americans continue to increase in size.

I don’t know what the solution is, because government isn’t likely to ever loosen its grip of control and the airlines themselves seem to be tone deaf to the frustration and discomfort of their consumers.

‘American Idol’ returns

ABC Network just announced that they plan to revive “American Idol,” the mega-hit reality competition series that ran for 15 seasons on FOX. It’ll be nice to have the platform back for talented Americans to once again share their dreams.

What’s even more endearing is to have a shared experience like “Idol” that all of us can come together over during a time when we can’t seem to find much to agree on.

The program is set to return in 2018.

Wade Heath grew up in Lodi. Reconnect with him:

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