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Wade Heath Anti-bullying speaker attacks religion, the Bible

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Wade Heath

Posted: Monday, May 21, 2012 12:00 am

The Bible and religion have been under attack by an anti-bullying speaker. The Occupy movement marched across America yelling stuff and breaking things while promising more action in the future and a socialist regime has risen in France. Ah, the future looks bright, doesn't it?

Bullying is wrong — unless they're Christian

Much has been done in recent years to combat a culture of adolescent bullying. From public forums to TV specials and even films, society seems to be zeroing in on the act that, in some extreme cases, sends the victims over the edge by committing suicide. So imagine my surprise when, just recently, Dan Savage, founder of the It Gets Better project — a support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens — spoke in what many consider to be a degrading, bullying tone at the National High School Journalism Conference.

Savage highlighted select text from the Bible, proclaiming, "The Bible is a radically pro-slavery document." He further underscored, "We ignore what the Bible says about slavery because the Bible got slavery wrong." Savage was, of course, trying to create a compare-and-contrast moment between slavery and homosexuality in the Bible.

As Savage railed against the Holy Book, more than 100 high school students reportedly walked out of the speech. Noticing the streams of teenagers leaving the room, Savage made the comment: "You can tell the Bible guys in the hall to come back now because I'm done beating up the Bible," to which a portion of the crowd cheered.

Savage then boasted, "It's funny, as someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-assed some people react when you push back." He said this to more wild cheers.

Being bullied because you're different should never happen — it is an agenda that Savage pushes. However, it's acceptable to publicly bully a group of people in front of their peers because you have the microphone? Because they're Christian? Because they have a certain set of beliefs? Because THEY are different?

Savage later apologized for the remarks he made at the event, once he was under fire. But shortly after that, Savage was at it again, this time offending Catholics at an Elmhurst College event where he took shots at the Pope. Sorry, Dan, but I'm having a hard time figuring out who the bully is.

'Occupy' what, exactly?

On May 1, the Occupy movement showed that it could tie up rush-hour traffic, throw bricks through windows and slug cops, yet still they do not have a consistent message to get across.

I watched various Occupy guerilla videographers' footage from live streaming participants in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and even Chicago online because I was doing my best to understand what it is that they want — again. It really depended on who was doing the filming and commentary. Some wanted the rich to suffer like they were; others wanted the government to do something about big banks' "corruption." Some were blatantly anti-Semitic toward Jews, while different channels showed workers marching for "rights."

I get that the economy is in the crapper, and has been since George W. was in office. We've been driven even deeper into economic turmoil under the Obama administration. But is that what Occupy is about?

That's what I'd be in the streets over. To be honest, though, I don't feel like my job disrespects me. I think I have plenty of rights. There are wrongdoers in every religious group and subculture of humanity, so why call for the Jewish peoples' demise?

Greed is wrong, but being successful should never be put down or demonized — it should be encouraged. And big banks who took bailouts should never have accepted them in the first place. Corruption is a problem when integrity is rotten, and I don't think everyone is corrupt. Although you'd think so, since the promoted "trend" on Twitter on May 1 was "corporate greed."

I'm convinced there is a bigger power behind this Occupy movement, as they all seem to be organized to a degree and have flashy campaigns, with financial support that promotes a trending topic (which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to do) on one of the world's biggest social media avenues. But when the people in the movement show up, whatever message it is they're trying to get across sinks in a sea of counter-messages and distortion.

Not to worry, though: They all can agree that they aren't done yet.

Socialism rises again in France

Dearest France,

You really think electing a socialist president during a time of economic meltdown will restore your country to prosperity? That's cute.

Can't wait to bid on the Eiffel Tower when it's up for auction.

Sincerely, the European Union.

Columnist Wade Heath is a contributing editor to NationalTalkLive.com. He can be reached at wade.lodi@gmail.com.

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