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Who I back and why for president and U.S. Senate

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Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 12:00 am

Two Election Day endorsements: for United States Senator, Elizabeth Emken; for president, Mitt Romney.

Emken would be a breath of much needed fresh air for Californians. The entrenched Democrat, 79-year-old Dianne Feinstein, and has few if any accomplishments that merit another term.

In 1992, Feinstein won a special election to replace the seat Pete Wilson vacated when he ran for governor. Since then, Feinstein has been re-elected in 1994, 2000 and 2006. During her three-plus terms, Feinstein has aggressively undermined California workers. She's signed every congressional bill to increase the numbers of foreign-born workers. Feinstein also voted for the stimulus, Obamacare and the DREAM Act, three bills that were then and are still highly unpopular.

Feinstein has steadfastly refused to debate Emken. She but also arrogantly walked out on ABC reporter Mark Matthews when he pressed her about her dismissive attitude toward her challenger. The Los Angeles Times, a long-time Feinstein supporter, took her to task for her unwillingness to debate. Wrote the Times, "Feinstein is a favorite in this race. But that fact should make her more, not less, willing to debate her opponent. Declining to do so slights not only Emken but the voters. Senator, this chair's for you."

Let's be honest: California is a mess. The state's unemployment rate is 10.2 percent, nearly three points above the national average. In some counties, the percentage is close to twice as high. If it weren't for Wall Street and overseas investors, California's real estate would still be tanked. Feinstein's failed leadership is partly to blame. Now is the time to give Emken a chance.

Because of her advanced age, senator is the only salaried job Feinstein could hold. If elected, Feinstein would be 85 at the end of her next term. California's multiple challenges deserve a younger, more energetic legislator like Emken.

Lodians can meet Emken on Monday, Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. She'll be at the Lodi GOP headquarters on 300 W. Pine St.

Like Feinstein, Obama doesn't want to talk, either. The president doesn't hold press conferences and avoids reporters' direct questions. In June, Obama announced his deferred action plan for young illegal immigrants that would eliminate the possibility of their deportation. Although eager journalists had many questions concerning the radical and unconstitutional shift in immigration policy, Obama stalked off from the podium. Obama's preferred method of communication is interviews hosted by fawning anchors who ask softball questions. According to Obama's deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, People magazine is as important as the national political press.

Obama's foreign policy is a disaster. His touted 2009 Cairo Policy that promised "new respect" and a "new beginning" for U.S. relationships with Middle Eastern governments is up in smoke — literally. The Islamic world is a hot bed of anti-Americanism that culminated when the U.S. ambassador and three others were murdered in Benghazi.

Domestically, Obama has fueled mounting — and insurmountable — debt. The $800 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program stimulated nothing; more than 20 million Americans remain unemployed. TARP is such an abject failure that the president never mentions it on the campaign trail. As for Obamacare, the Senate Budget Committee estimates that the cost during its first decade will be $2.6 trillion.

During Obama's presidency, annual federal deficits top $1 trillion, the national debt soared over $16.2 trillion and will surpass $22 trillion (22,000 billion) by 2016. The national debt increases by $4 billion daily; Washington owes $140,915 per U.S. each of its 115 million households. The U.S. is stone-broke.

In 2008, the nation put its faith in the untested Illinois senator. Obama has failed. The stakes, America's future, are too high to give Obama a second chance.

Joe Guzzardi is a registered Independent. Contact him at

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