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JoAnne Mounce I urge all Lodians to support Proposition 22 — here's why

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JoAnne Mounce

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010 12:00 am

As the Central Valley Division Director of the League of California Cities and your council member, it is my job to fight for you and to help protect your tax dollars.

It is time to stop state politicians from raiding local taxpayer funds that are supposed to be used at the local level for vital local services like emergency 911 response, police, fire, libraries, parks, transportation improvements and more. Your "yes" vote on Proposition 22 will stop state raids of local government funds.

For too long, Sacramento politicians have used loopholes in the law to take billions in taxpayer funds dedicated by the voters to local government and transportation services. The state Legislature took and borrowed $5 billion in 2009 with no plan to pay the money back. Lodi was raided for $1.2 million, which means a whole department would have been shut down if the City Council did not find a way to sell the loan at no cost to the taxpayers. The state Legislature should not be able to take back property tax, sales tax or transportation tax that belongs to you, the citizens of Lodi.

Lodi cannot be left at risk of the state balancing its budget on our backs.

But by voting "yes" on Proposition 22, we can stop state lawmakers in Sacramento from raiding funds that don't belong to them. Prop. 22 will:

  • STOP the state from taking or borrowing local tax dollars dedicated to cities and counties to fund vital local services.
  • STOP the state from taking or diverting gas taxes we pay at the pump that voters have dedicated to transportation purposes.

By stopping state raids, Prop. 22 will protect the vital local government services that protect public safety, improve our local economies, and enhance our quality of life, including:

  • Police and sheriff patrols.
  • 911 emergency dispatch.
  • Paramedic response.
  • Fire protection.
  • Senior services.
  • Youth anti-gang and afterschool programs.
  • Neighborhood parks and recreation programs.
  • Local libraries.

By voting "yes" on Prop. 22, we also protect gas tax funds from state raids and ensure that gas taxes we pay at the pump are used as voters intended, to:

  • Fund road safety improvements.
  • Fund pothole repair.
  • Fund traffic congestion relief.
  • Fund mass transit, like buses and commuter rail.

Prop. 22 is a straightforward measure. Prop 22 simply ensures that our existing local tax dollars and existing gas taxes cannot be taken away by the state politicians. It requires state legislators to stop raiding funds that don't belong to them. And most important during these tough economic times, Prop 22 will not increase taxes.

That's why Prop. 22 is supported by such a broad and diverse coalition of public safety, labor, business and taxpayer groups, community groups, senior and local governments groups, including the California Fire Chiefs Association; the Peace Officers Research Association of California, representing 60,000 public safety members; the California Police Chiefs Association; Automobile Club of Southern California; the California Library Association, representing 3,000 librarians across California; the California Transit Association; and the League of California Cities.

Literally hundreds of groups support Prop. 22 because it will protect the services you and I depend on every single day. Remember: for your community, for your family, and for you, vote "YES" on Prop. 22.

I would be delighted to speak with anyone who may have questions or concerns. You may reach me at 333-2814 or at

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