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Bob Bader Why not all prayers deserve to be answered

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Bob Bader

Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:00 am

A long time ago, my dear friend Albert Einstein said World War III will be fought with cyber and atomic weapons (I paraphrase) and World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

There are people who are presently storing food, water and survival stuff to be ready for what they feel will be the Armageddon. My take on that scenario is simple enough: I ain't getting ready to live with all you survivalists, because I don't want to be alone on this planet in a situation where all the stores will be closed, the gas station will have shut down because no one will have change for a $50,000 gold bar, and all the dairy products will be nothing but a buttery, slimy puddle rotting on the grocery store floor because electricity will be nothing but a fond memory.

The people in their windowless bomb shelters will be sitting around wondering why no one remembered to put playing cards and checkers on the shelf with all those tepid and bulging cans of Spam, next to that silly looking box of candles.

And what about all that worrisome gold in the event of WWIV? I have a hunch there will only be a puff of smoke where the corner grocery stood. Even if there is a store, will they still have stuff to trade for gold, much less a gold scale that still works? Will it be a "gold carat for a limp carrot" situation?

I'm just rambling here because no matter how I try, I just can't make sense of killing a whole country full of people who ain't buying my idea of to whom they should bow down to worship, because I heard over and over that their fealty is being wasted on some being or thing I never even heard of until I was a junior in high school, and then it wasn't clearly stated why. (Not why I hadn't heard about that entity, but what made it more important than life itself.)

I have heard it is incumbent on us all to worship. But I wondered if my particular deity had even heard of me in North Dakota, much less me in Lodi. So I have been thinking: Who of us is right and why?

Praying never seemed as successful as going out and doing what it took to "get'r done."

If I wanted an A on an English test, studying worked a thousand times better than praying and not studying. Praying and studying was always best; praying and studying and not believing seemed kinda silly, because the paradox made me look kinda stupido.

I was asked about my beliefs the other day by a lettered gentleman who reads my stuff. He wondered why I talk about such things. I wondered as well because I read that Mother Teresa has been having second thoughts in her recent writings about her beliefs. I have a simple answer: We assume that God answers prayers on occasion with the stuff we pray to want and have.

Maybe it should be better known that God answers every prayer uttered, often with a simple, "No."

God is the father and as you well know, fathers don't give kids everything they want.

Sometimes we should utter another prayer and thank God for saying no, because a lot of the stuff we ask for is pretty stupid.

Let's say a kid asks for and gets a Ferrari and it blows a simple piston. The bill to fix that could run a couple of thousand bucks. Where is a kid that dumb enough gonna get a thousand bucks without getting back on his knees to ask God for the dough?

As the country song says, "Thank God for unanswered prayers."

Bob Bader can be reached at

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