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Behind the Badge Test your pop-culture savvy with Cop Show Quiz III

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Lt. Chris Piombo

Posted: Monday, March 28, 2011 12:00 am

It's spring, so it's time for Cop Show Quiz III. (I like using Roman numerals, sort of like the Super Bowl.)

1. Name at least three cop/private investigator shows that took place in Hawaii. (Most people get the first two right off the bat. The other ones are much harder to find.)

2. This former UCLA quarterback (1972-1973) is the star of a current top-rated cop series on CBS. Name the actor and the series. (Hint: Everyone calls him "Boss" on the show.)

3. At least four private eye/detective shows from the '70s had the main character's name in the title. Three of the titles were simply the character's last name. The actors were Telly Savalas, Mike Connors, William Conrad and Buddy Ebsen. Name the four shows, in order.

4. This scruffy beanie-wearing undercover detective would occasionally eat the driver's license of a suspect who displeased him in this early '80s cop show on NBC. Each episode began with a shift briefing where the sergeant always reminded the officers to "Be careful out there." What was the detective's name, and what was the name of the show?

5. This Greenwich Village, New York detective bureau included Chano, Fish, Wojo and Yemana. Who was their boss, and what was the name of the show which ran on ABC from 1975-1982?

6. This detective committed the fashion misdemeanor of wearing a short-sleeve dress shirt with a tie in this popular cop series that ran on ABC from 1993-2005. What was the detective's name, and what was the title of the show filmed on location?

7. Believe it or not, comedian Dana Carvey of "Saturday Night Live" fame actually co-starred in a police action series in 1984. He portrayed pilot Clinton "JAFO" Wonderlove, but the main character was a prototype police helicopter. Name the series, which was based on the Roy Scheider movie of the same name.

8. Longtime actor Leslie Nielsen starred as Lieutenant Drebin in an amusing 1982 series that spoofed serious cop shows. Nielsen also co-starred with Hari Rhodes in a made-for-TV movie filmed at the Hotel Stockton in 1968. My family was watching them film a scene behind the hotel when Nielsen called my mom and three-year-old sister, Ann, over to where he was sitting. He spoke with Ann for a few minutes as she sat on his lap. It was kind of neat. He was a Hollywood star, and he took time out to meet one of his fans. Now I've lost my train of thought. Anyway, name Nielsen's comedy series, which, by the way, was the basis for the "Naked Gun" movies. If you're really good, name the movie Nielsen was filming in Stockton. It might take some looking, but you'll find it.

9. Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto were partners who careened around Los Angeles County in Rescue 51, saving people dangling from electrical wires or buried in a trench. I realize they were paramedics, but name this Jack Webb show on NBC anyway.

10. My good friend, award-winning actor Damien Lewis, starred as Detective Charlie Crews in the NBC crime drama "Life" a few years ago. The show was produced by my good friend, Hollywood writer/producer Far Shariat. Lewis also portrayed the commander of a group of paratroopers in a critically-acclaimed HBO mini-series in 2001. The 10-part series was produced and directed by my good friends Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Name Lewis' character and the mini-series.

1. "Hawaii Five-0," "Magnum P.I.," "Hawaiian Eye" and "Jake and the Fat Man." I might accept "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

2. Mark Harmon stars as Gibbs on "NCIS."

3. Kojak, Mannix, Cannon and Barnaby Jones.

4. Detective Mick Belker, "Hill Street Blues."

5. Trick questions: "Barney Miller" is the answer for both.

6. Detective Andy Sipowicz, "NYPD Blue."

7. "Blue Thunder."

8. The six-episode TV series was called "Police Squad!" The movie filmed in Stockton was "Deadlock."

9. "Emergency!"

10. Major Dick Winters in "Band of Brothers."

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