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Letter: Capitalism proves wealth redistribution works

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Posted: Saturday, January 11, 2014 12:00 am

This is in response to Jerry Osgood's Letter to the Editor, "Redistribution of wealth has never worked," on Jan. 17. I would like to ask him, since he hates communism and socialism so much, has he ever fought against it?

I fought against it in Vietnam in the late '60s. As a matter of fact, the American military (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) provided a form of "socialism" for the Southeast Asian peasants in the areas they served known as "civic action" programs. But how dare we provide that for our own working poor!

And as far as "redistribution of wealth has never worked," it has been working in our own country for decades under the guise of "free enterprise capitalism." What do you call it when the working class, particularly working poor, create the wealth by their labor while the bosses (CEOs) rake in the profits and the workers are barely able to feed themselves or their families on minimum wage? A recent case in point is the fast food workers such as McDonald's employees.

In reality the wealth created by the working class is redistributed to the bosses (corporate headquarters) who reap most of it. Oh, isn't capitalism just wonderful! And let's just outsource more American jobs for even more corporate profits and less corporate taxes.

The rich provide jobs? Want to tell me another fairy tale? Jobs? Where? Mexico, China, Bangladesh or some other poor country where the workers are paid less than poverty wages and are not provided with safe and healthful working conditions? This is why we have OSHA in this country.

If the super-rich in America paid an equitable share of taxes (which they do not), they would still live much better than the rest of us.

And as far as trusting the rich to help the poor through trickle-down economics, that's like letting the fox guard the henhouse. For every dollar trickled down, hundreds more are sucked right back up to the rich through their vacuum cleaners of greed, inflation and excessive profits!

John Cooper


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