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Gino Prieto writes about his passion: High jumping

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Tokay High School varsity high jumper Gino Prieto wrote this piece called “A New Height, A New Life” about his fight for a higher jump.

Every two inches is one step closer.

High jump is your event.

You’re a 5’7” sophomore.

You jump in the rotation at 5’6”.


The bar rises to 5’8”.

Success, again.

Each time you jump, your legs get weaker.

Each time the bar rises two inches,

It feels like you have to jump two feet higher.

The bar rises to 5’10”, your recent personal record (PR).

You fight for height.

You’re flying for a split second.

Where’s the mat?

Like sitting in a chair you thought was two inches higher

You have a mini heart attack.

Then you land on your back facing the sky.

Success, again.

More success could mean a scholarship, could mean a new life.

Two more inches or two more feet,

You got this ...

1 image

Courtesy photograph