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Lodi-Woodbridge Rose Society announces rose show results

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Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2011 12:00 am

The Lodi-Woodbridge Rose Society held its 13th annual fall rose show and celebration on Sept. 17 and 18 at the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds.

Results for Section A — Amateur Section, Class 10 hybrid teas and grandifloras are: Eleanor Ackerman, Gemini, queen of show; Mike Devencenzi, St. Patrick, king of show; and Maryanne Sievers, Veterans honor, princess of show; Jen Ferrero, hybrid tea and grandflora sprays, class 11; Gigi Sievers, single and semi-double petaled hybrid tea, class 12; Margaret Leutholtz, fully open hybrid tea or grandifloria, class 13; Eleanor Ackerman, floribunda, class 19; Mike Devencenzi, floribunda, class 20; Gigi Sievers, floribunda, class 21; Gigi Sievers, polyantha spray, class 22; Maryanne Sievers, large flowered climbers, class 28; Gigi Sievers, classic shrub, class 30; Gigi Sievers, shrub, class 31; Gigi Sievers, David Austin English roses, class 32; Maryanne Sievers, old garden roses, 1866 and prior, class 33; Gigi Sievers, old garden roses, 1867 and later, class 34; Maryanne Sievers, Miniflora queen — Dr. Troy Garrett, class 5; Maryanne Sievers, miniflora king — Louisville Lady, class 5; Maryanne Sievers, miniflora princess — Renegade, class 5; Maryanne Sievers, miniature queen — Bees Knees, class 40; Mike Devencenzi, miniature king — Dancing Flame, class 40; Maryanne Sievers, miniature princess — Best of 04, class 40; Marjorie Cordero, miniature or miniflora sprays, class 41; Doug Booth, miniature fully open bloom, class 42; Maryanne Sievers, miniflora fully open bloom, class 43; Gigi Sievers, class 44.

Results for Section C — Challenge Section are Gigi Sievers, LWRS memorial rose award, class 71; Maryanne Sievers, miniflora stages of bloom, class 73; Paula Langhlin, LWRS hybrid tea rose of the year, class 74; Gigi Sievers, garden decorative — hybrid tea or grandiflora, class 75; Maryanne Sievers, rose in a wine bottle, class 76; Julie Hayden, “Just Hips,” class 77; Maryanne Sievers, miniature English box, class 79; Gigi Sievers, miniflora English box, class 80; Eleanor Ackerman, miniature rose in a bowl, class 81; Gigi Sievers, miniflora rose in a bowl, class 82; Maryanne Sievers, miniflora in a wine glass, class 83; Maryanne Sievers, miniature/miniflora rose of the year, class 84; Jen Ferrero, large flowered rose in a frame, class 85; Gigi Sievers, miniature or miniflora rose in a frame, class 86; Maryanne Sievers, English style box, class 87; Maryanne Sievers, rose in a bowl, class 88; Maryanne Sievers, old garden rose or shrub in a bowl, class 89; Maryanne Sievers, miniature or miniflora rose bouquet, class 90; Jen Ferrero, rose bouquet, class 92; Gigi Sievers, “Hi-Lo”/Twins, class 93; Jen Ferrero, most fragrant rose, class 94; Maryanne Sievers, rainbow of miniatures or minifloras, class 95; Julie Hayden, trailing rose, class 96; Jen Ferrero, tin can derby, class 97; Maryanne Sievers, miniature and/or miniflora tin can derby, class 98; Everett Baer, rose photography, class 99.

Results for Section N — Novice Section are Margaret Leutholtz, novice class any type of rose, class 60.

Result for Section K (Juniors) is Sophia Ellerman.

Result for Section J — Judges class is Elie Longaneker, class 100.

Results for Section Z — Standard Arrangement Classes is Mamie Starr, “Easter,” class 201; Gigi Sievers, “Valentine’s Day,” class 210; Gigi Sievers, “St. Patrick’s Day,” class 215; Gigi Sievers, “Mother’s Day,” class 220; Julie Hayden, “Father’s Day,” class 225; Gigi Sievers, “Halloween,” class 230; Gigi Sievers, “Thanksgiving,” class 250; Gigi Sievers, “4th of July,” class 260; Ellie Longanker, judges arrangement, “Holidays,” class 280.

Result for Bargello heart quilt fundraiser was Jo Wixon.

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