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Rotary to hold meeting at World of Wonders

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Posted: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:00 pm

Bob Bader

The meeting this week will be at the World of Wonders, the place that Dan Ingrum's wondrous dream built. Sally Snyde is the chairpersonage for the day. When you think about it, nearly every great accomplishment that has been realized in the history of the planet started as a thought in the mind of a single person. Ingrum will always be my hero in this connection. Not only did he have the dream, he had it with his son and other children in mind, and that is what makes the whole thing a World of Wonder. And, he put his money where his heart is.

The World of Wonders in Lodi will outlive us all if Ingrum's dream has the heart and soul he saw in his dream, and we were all here to see it happen.

Last week, another dream saw its fruition in that the people responsible for the Armorstruxx war machines that are saving lives of our brave soldiers in situations that were heretofore untenable and meant certain death and destruction for people that deserve to live and prosper were created and are making a huge difference.

It was interesting to see and hear about stuff that is essentially indestructible, but costs almost as much per pound as a Jimmie Carter-era filet mignon.

There was an invitation given to come visit the Armorstruxx factory. We should do it.

Next week, the guy I call the Steve Young of the Farmers-Merchants Bank success machine, Kent Steinwert, will be here to explain what's going on with the U.S. money situation as it applies to banks and insurance companies.

The F&M Bank was recognized two weeks ago for its accomplishments, its honesty, its integrity and its longevity. For that, you can tip your hat to Ole Mettler, Harry Schumacher and Kent Steinwert, along with a considerable number of Lodi people who worked with these leaders to make it the landmark it is, making itself and Lodi more famous all the time.

Which brings us to Thanksgiving. In considering that holiday, it behooves us to remember once again the fact we live charmed lives in a magic land.

You can drive to work in a car without wishing it was enhanced by the Armorstruxx Company since there are no terrorists sitting beside the road. Reminds me of the story of the terrorists who were lying in wait to kill a big leader in Baghdad. He passed by that spot every day at exactly 11:45 a.m., and everything was in place, the machine guns, the bomb, the road block. When noon rolled around, and the big shorthand's driven by, one terrorist turned to the other and said, "I certainly hope nothing has happened to him."

Dr. Joe Serra will be here on the 4th to tell you of the Malawi Crawlers: Post-polio victims whose legs are useless. Serra has been going to that forsaken place to operate on the poor children thusly afflicted and given them the dignity of an upright stance. Before Serra and his colleagues came there, those kids actually had to crawl on their bellies in the dirt in order to get where they were going.

There is no way one can truly imagine the joy and relief felt by these poor people.

Another reason for giving thanks.

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