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Lodi Rotary hosts Kelly Higgs as speaker

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Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 10:00 pm

Kelly Higgs is here to talk about Pink October or Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kelly was here last year (Well, not here, but out at Phillips Farms) she is a cancer survivor and has a sincere interest in the success of the program.

Just this past week, the people who study such things mentioned there may be a link between a vitamin D deficiency and cancer. I’m beginning to think there is a link between life and cancer. Cancer has achieved the status of being "the disease" although more people die of heart-related deaths.

The most complete statistics I saw on the Internet showed, of the 2,403,000 people who died in 2002, one million died of heart issues and half a million from cancer. About 43,000 died in auto accidents, and in the next full year, 1,040 U.S. troops died in Iraq. That was almost exactly the same number as died violently in Chicago and Baltimore that same year. We kill one another way faster than the enemy kills us.

Last week Mr. Weaver, the banker turned pig farmer was here with a really entertaining talk about the pork business here in California. He didn’t share many statistics, but he did mention we have overcooked pork since 1933; that’s when the pig farmers stopped feeding raw garbage to their swine. Old habits die hard where pork is concerned. Medium rare, or when the meat is still juicy beats that leathery taste every time. Of course the same is true for liver, but most people still cremate that too.

Rita Sperling will be here on Oct. 23 to talk about the Children’s Dreamworks. From what I could discern, the program is like Make-A-Wish foundation in that it is dedicated to the easing of pain on the part of cancer victim children by providing special wishes.

On Nov. 16, Robert Doherty will be here to tell us about Armorstruxx â€" you know that bullet resistant material that will continue to save lives over in Iraq. It should be interesting.

Just think, about three weeks from now, Barack and McCain can sleep in for the first time in, let’s see, how many years has this particular presidential election marathon gone on?

It’s gonna be interesting to see what will happen. The race doesn’t seem to break out of the plus or minus five percent of possibility and the election could go either way.

Those of you who were around when Truman and Dewey butted heads and the outcome went one way according to the Chicago Tribune and another according to the rest of the world. So what does this mean now? I guess we just have to hope that the Chronicle knows what they are thinking.

Of course by "weâ€A, we mean "Iâ€A.

Years ago, I could make a huge company go broke just by buying their stock. In fact, I had a broker that talked me into selling PG & E and into buying some Silicon Valley stock and I ruined at least five companies that were supposed to make me rich. PG & E persists to this day. Thinking along those lines, I could single-handedly tilt the election any way I wanted just by casting a vote for the guy I want to lose.

That would mean some of you would celebrate on the fifth with a fifth and the rest of you would drown your sorrows on the fifth with a fifth.

What am I offered for my vote?

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