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Members of Tokay Colony 4-H attend speech and presentation day


The members of the Tokay Colony 4-H speech and presentation group attended the County 4-H Speech & Presentation Day at the Robert Cabral Ag Center on Feb. 2. As part of the 4-H project it helps to prepare members to learn communication skills and public speaking.

They are judged and receive either gold, silver or bronze medals. Those who receive gold medals get to move on to regionals. Those who win gold at regionals get to go on to state. In the Presentation division, Ashley Williamson, Trystan Simpson and Maisey Judd received silver medals and Raven Edwards received a gold medal. In the speech division, Edwards received gold. Edwards qualified for regionals with her speech, ''Milk Your Best Friend'', at U.C. Davis on March 30 and took Gold.

The next stop was the State Field Day on May 25 at U.C. Davis in the Welman Hall. Edwards delivered her speech once again about Nigerian Dwarf goats that she raises and struck gold once again. At the state field day between 1,000 to 1,400 4-H youth, parents and leaders come together from all over the state. There is also a judging contest that all of the 4-H members can participate in. Edwards knowledge added just one more gold medal to be donned upon her 4-H hat.  

— Source: Raven Edwards