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Woodbridge woman finds both abandoned dogs


Patricia Haggard didn’t think her dogs would return home. They’d been abandoned, she said, by a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputy in a remote field in scorching heat. But a week later, both dogs are safe and reunited with their family.

“It’s remarkable,” said Haggard, 31, of Woodbridge. “I’m extremely relieved, and so are my kids.”

The search is over, but the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate whether a deputy dumped the dogs in a remote field along Lucas Road in Woodbridge last week, when temperatures were well into the 100s. Garcia refused to comment about an ongoing investigation.

San Joaquin County Animal Control, along with Haggard and a small search party, spent several days canvassing Woodbridge looking for Bella, a German shepherd, and Nika, a three-legged pit bull mix.

Late last week, a Woodbridge business owner found Nika and brought her home.

On Tuesday morning, Bella returned, too.

According to Deputy Les Garcia, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, someone found Bella, and deputies picked up the German shepherd and returned her to Haggard’s home.

“(Bella) was jumping all over the place,” Haggard said. “And then she was jumping all over Nika. They were so happy to see each other.”

On July 2, both dogs broke out of Haggard’s backyard. Haggard says that a deputy found the dogs and loaded them into his patrol car, but when he was unable to turn the dogs over to a local animal shelter, he dropped them off in a field.

Haggard still plans to file a complaint with the Sheriff’s Office.

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