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Wal-Mart, Lodi officials still talking; Supercenter's future unclear

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Posted: Friday, July 25, 2008 10:00 pm

Talks are continuing between Wal-Mart and the city of Lodi. It's just not clear what they'll lead to, if anything.

Representatives from both sides confirmed Friday they've had recent discussions about the proposed and long-delayed 226,000-square-foot Supercenter.

A lack of information about the project has caused residents, business leaders and even some city officials in recent months to wonder about its future.

The project was scheduled this spring for a review by the Lodi Planning Commission. Unexplained delays, however, have pushed that vote and an eventual City Council vote back indefinitely.

If approved, the retail and grocery complex would anchor the 13-store Lodi Shopping Center at Kettleman Lane and Lower Sacramento Road. It would be one of the Lodi's largest-ever commercial centers.

Wal-Mart spokesman Aaron Rios said his company has not put the Supercenter plans on hold. It is, however, reassessing higher construction costs for the project and continuing to negotiate with the city about several conditions that will be required for approval, he said.

He declined to say how much it will cost to build the Supercenter.

"We're not dormant … we have a genuine interest in Lodi and we're doing everything we can to make this work," Rios said.

Despite the recent talks, which took place between Lodi City Manager Blair King and Rios this week, there is still no timeline for a City Council vote on the Supercenter.

Net sales for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Wal-Mart reported in May that net sales reached $94.1 billion for the first quarter of the 2009 fiscal year, up 10.2 percent from the same period last year. That covered February, March and April of this year.

Net sales for May and June were also up. They spiked 7.8 percent and 10.1 percent, respectively.

A company press release reported the following: "We're off to a solid start, with record first quarter sales and earnings," said Lee Scott, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. president and chief executive officer. "We continue to deliver against the business model that Sam Walton started - selling branded merchandise for less. Our business is even more relevant to our customers today, given the current economic pressures."

Source: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

The council's February 2005 approval of the project was overturned 10 months later by a San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge, who ruled environmental reports for the project were insufficient.

King stressed that city conditions are not standing in the way of the project. Based on his talks with Wal-Mart officials, he said company expansion plans - not factors in Lodi - will determine whether the project goes forward.

"It's a corporate decision based upon profitability," he said. "That's what I understand the issue to be."

A look at Wal-Mart's recent economic numbers shows the retail giant has thrived of late.

The company reported in May that net sales reached $94.1 billion for the first quarter of the 2009 fiscal year, up 10.2 percent from the same period last year.

That trend is reflected in Lodi, where sales at the existing Wal-Mart are "exceeding expectations," Rios said.

A trend that hasn't been so positive for the company is the string of delays for proposed Supercenters across California.

Rios, who represents the Central Valley for the company, noted he is no longer speaking with several cities because their Supercenter plans are on hold indefinitely. He declined to name those cities.

Stockton land-use attorney Steve Herum noted earlier this month that Supercenters in Clovis, Chico and Selma have experienced similar delays as the Lodi project.

Herum filed the 2005 lawsuit that eventually negated the Lodi Supercenter's approval. He represented a group called Lodi First.

Plans for a 132,000-square-foot Wal-Mart in Galt are moving forward, Rios noted. That project, proposed for Twin Cities Road at Fermoy Way, is undergoing an environmental review.

It's expected to be up for a vote by late this year or early 2009.

When it does, however, it won't be without controversy.

Several Galt City Council members and potential neighbors of the store have complained the Wal-Mart will literally back up to the Emerald Village Senior Community, creating unwanted noise and traffic issues.

King, the Lodi city manager, said the city's conditions for approval have not changed in recent years. Officials have long maintained that Wal-Mart must compensate Lodi for the Supercenter's future draw on business Downtown. They've also insisted the project's developer, Darryl Browman, find a tenant for the existing Wal-Mart or pay for the demolition of that building.

Additionally, the city has required the project compensate for the loss of agricultural land that will be paved over during construction.

Negotiations regarding those conditions are ongoing, Rios said, and do factor into the company's decision-making.

Lodi spokesman Jeff Hood said the city does have a "tentative" version of the final environmental report for the project. He said, however, that without a clear indication from Wal-Mart on whether the company will go forward with the project, it has decided not to release the documents to the public.

"We're waiting for Wal-Mart," Hood said.

Contact reporter Chris Nichols at chrisn@lodinews.com.

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  • posted at 11:40 am on Tue, Aug 5, 2008.


    Oh Patton 1 in re: pollution by developments,I suppose I was thinking of the disastrous water clean up we have been going through for the past - what 20 something years... I am unaware of any one particular project that is creating a problem now. I was speaking going forward - we would want to attract business that is clean, neat and doesn't have undesirable side effects such as polluting waste products.

  • posted at 11:21 am on Tue, Aug 5, 2008.


    re: Patton 1: maybe I am cranky,but I don't like residential because a) there is a bigger uncontrollable pull on resources such as water and b) the income is stagnant - home values go up slowly, they go down quickly.. of course, I am biased since my observation is based on a life time of study of the problems municipalities find themselves in when residents flee due to lack of work. In re: revenue from big box stores, USUALLY, not always, but usually, the large national developers negogiate down their tax to sometimes 0 % ( yep, that is zero percent) for X number of years (as many as 3years). The idea being that they are a draw for other businesses to the community and the community will see profits there. In this lodi/walmart talks/ no talks deal, I have not seen what might or might not have been agreed to so far. I suppose someone in City Hall knows what kind of money is being given up in order to attract the supercenter. Maybe Patton1 you know what the details of the deal were? if so pls share

  • posted at 11:31 am on Mon, Aug 4, 2008.


    What is wrong with residential development? What is wrong with big stores that pay big sales tax that we now give to other cities when we shop there? What developpments here in Lodi have polluted the land?

  • posted at 6:46 am on Mon, Aug 4, 2008.


    Correction : apologies Observer, my 11:43 remark should have been addressed to Cogito, you , Observer, I am sure have been to Folsom many times and are aware of the well controlled growth the area has had in the past 15 years.

  • posted at 6:43 am on Mon, Aug 4, 2008.


    Ok quick response - Observer, Have you been to Folsom lately? the Prison is just about right in the middle of town now... major annexation of property West ( and I agree with the one post that West might be the only way we can grow ) and as much annexation as possible east. the river was it's natural divide...as I suppose Harney lane is for Lodi...unfortunately, but hindsight is always 20 /20. Who would have figured the Stockton developers would have been so ruthless?? anyone remember that the central valley was once the largest agricultural region in the world?rePatton1 Aug 1 9:19 remarks - were those directed to me?? anyway... I am not a fan of residential growth in Lodi. we need businesses that will provide liveable wages, not pollute our land and will actually pay taxes - so forget those mega centers and what all..there must be some available properties that a wine barrel or glass mfgr could be enticed to move into...

  • posted at 5:03 am on Mon, Aug 4, 2008.


    Isnt reynolds ranch south of harney lane? Isnt lodi going to develop 1/2 mile south of harney lane over the next 20 years? Doesnt anybody read the paper anymore?

  • posted at 5:50 am on Sat, Aug 2, 2008.


    I love it.....I quote you and you criticize me for it. That is hysterical.

  • posted at 4:09 am on Sat, Aug 2, 2008.


    http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070806/A_NEWS/708060321observer, here's a little info about your planned growth and your developer buddies. Where is the acreage they agreed to buy and preserve? Lodi is annexed as far as it can go south now without interfering with Stockton and their developer< Mr. Spanos. I don't think any of you Lodi wannabes will want to be butting heads with either of those entities.

  • posted at 3:51 am on Sat, Aug 2, 2008.


    You da man, observer!

  • posted at 3:47 am on Sat, Aug 2, 2008.


    And, observer, why are you now changing your question? You're just like that council member who'll never admit he's wrong and one of those who've spent Lodi $250,000,000 into debt with your well planned "property" growth. First it was a mistaken population growth and now it's building growth. Make up your mind.

  • posted at 3:43 am on Sat, Aug 2, 2008.


    Observer, that "magical line" divides you Lodi wannabes from Mr. Spanos' territory. For a man who proclaims to have so much intelligence and knows it all, you're also very ignorant and naive. Just tell us what will happen if you and your local wannabes try encroaching Harney? The city of Stockton will annex right up to Harney and claim anything on the south side of Harney Lane. The games the locals play here are well controlled by the real men with all the real money, not just a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper.

  • posted at 12:40 am on Sat, Aug 2, 2008.


    I ask a very logical and polite question and all I get in return it ranting, raving and unfounded dribble/lies. Where has "uncontrolled and unplanned housing and building growth" taken place and if it was so poorly planned, where should it have taken place. We have been told for years that Harney Lane was a "magical line", you can't go south of the river and east of the freeway is industrial. That leaves going west as the only option. There is no property for infill. This isn't all that difficult to figure out.

  • posted at 5:54 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    CC, Folsom? are you kidding? Nothing attracts business like having a PRISON in your town. It's the best employer there, isn't it? Pays waaaay better wages than General Mills. Let's do it!

  • posted at 4:36 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    I don't think any of the underlings here in Lodi have the gumption to approach anything to do with Harney Lane. That would be suicide. That's Mr. Spanos territory and if Lodi even thought of developing that area it'd be sure bankruptcy for them. You Lodi land slickers don't want to battle Sam and the landowners out there. It could be very embarrassing and costly for you. You good ol' boys tried once last year and even with the three ayemeegos, actually four on this one, found someone with more fortitude and one helluva strong group and the desire to send you packing with your tails between your legs like the cowards you are when encountering someone that's not afraid of you or your little Lodi network. You need be careful, the grand jury may not be ready to leave this town without requesting further information on some of these schemes being played out here in livable, lovable little Lodi. You shysters and bamboozlers are the ones that can't sleep at night, waiting for that dreaded knock at your door. Sleep tight, ladies and gentlman, if you possibly can.

  • posted at 4:19 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    Uncontrolled housing growth. Hey dumb A#$, that is less than 1%.There isnt any infill available. Name one parcel that is available and for sale? Zero? Name one case where cc made money approving anything. I will take that to the DA myslef. You cant because it doesnt exsist.

  • posted at 12:13 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    Are you also suggesting that Lodi annex property south of Harney Lane? I can hardly wait for Sam and other property owners to comment on that one.

  • posted at 12:11 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    I am interested in knowing where you believe the development should have occurred?

  • posted at 10:37 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    T & C - believe it or not , we agree. The growth in Lodi has been slow but poorly planned and has not been attracting businesses that bring jobs that provide a living wage.Observer - not all roads should lead to Rome... Lodi needs to protect the greenbelt and annex whatever properties available that are on the other side. And "hello woodbridge- Welcome to lodi.."sure areas within our city limits will be unincorporated county, but they would still be under our control. Why are we so politely letting that 300 pound gorilla (stockton) push its limits and yet not learning from the experience? We can do it better.

  • posted at 9:27 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    Common1 and observer, and realty too, if you're reading, nowhere did I mention population growth.I was referring to the uncontrolled and unplanned housing and building growth in livable Lodi. So much growth able to be had and controlled in the city limits yet these new projects are approved paving over and building homes and strip malls on prime farmland rezoned by your city council for their own business interests. You've got a half dozen different industrial type areas in residential neighborhoods and continue to build new wine warehouses and giant storage warehouses in areas that were farmland and continue to let the old industrial buildings go into a state of disrepair and abandonment. What about those industrial buildings in residential neighborhoods? PCP, Sacramento Street, General Mills, Waste management garbage dump and a few others? Why is your council approving these new developments that need a strip mall to support them and scattering them everywhere? Because that's the only parcels of land available to your pet developer and maybe the good ol' boys have some kind of ownership in that land? That's the uncontrolled growth I'm talking about. Why are you 3 in such denial? You 3 resemble the 3 ayemeegos.

  • posted at 8:11 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    Please tell me you were kidding when you referred to "uncontrolled growth for the past 15 years." That is simply not factual.

  • posted at 4:44 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    T and C, you dont mean to say that Lodi has uncontrolled growth the last 15 years do you? We grew at less than 1%.That enemic figure is the problem.

  • posted at 3:27 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    Observer, growth is going to happen and it's notthe problem. In my opinion, it's bringing the resources along with the growth that's the most important. Being able to create a good business climate with good paying local jobs and businesses go hand in hand with growth.Until Lodi can create this good business atmosphere and make this a livable town for all its residents and also bring down the affordability of homes, it will continue to wallow in the uncontrolled growth it has allowed these last 15 years, due to very poor planning.

  • posted at 2:59 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    ccinlodi.....I'm curious. Lodi has had the slowest rate of growth in the Central Valley. Are you suggesting that perhaps has been too slow? My understanding is that although the growth cap is 2% that Lodi has been well under that limit for years if not decades. I've always believed Lodi could have been a model for other cities. If you look on a map Lodi is almost a square. No leapfrog development but very orderly and definitely limited.

  • posted at 2:42 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2008.


    Okay, back on track everyone - let us not forget the important issue at hand here is the sustainability of Lodi - 7 generations down the road -will there be a greenbelt, will there be businesses that support the population or will we have become a drive-by community in the suburbs ? Think Fair Oaks, CA...uh huh - small small town surrounded by ginormous ( that means large and unwieldy T & C :0) development that goes to other government entities. Cute, quaint place to live, but their growth was overtaken by Rancho Cordova, Orangevale, and their tax base has dwindled substantially. Difficult to get in and out of due to the heavy traffic on the main thoroughfares that dissect the community, but once you are in there, sweet little restaurants - you are sure to find a table on a friday night...Let's not go that route.. we need some role models for growth - I like Los Gatos.. Moraga... Folsom .I like Folsom it was wise enough to attract business at the same time it was touting itself as a great place to live.. any thoughts fellow lodians?

  • posted at 8:26 am on Thu, Jul 31, 2008.


    You're the one to speak, Observer? ROFLMAO

  • posted at 6:03 am on Thu, Jul 31, 2008.


    If that isn't calling kettle black.

  • posted at 3:15 am on Thu, Jul 31, 2008.


    Commonsense1 if you can't do any better than name calling then you must be the one that's the whack job. Or are you another one of those paid gofers or lapdogs that keep these issues swept under the carpet for the corrupt. You must not get out much or have any real connections if you don't pick up the buzz. The good ol' boys have enemies, too, and many are very close to them yet can't stand them either. Move around and connect and listen to the braggadocio at their watering holes when they're loose-lipped from that booze they pour down. You're very naive, commonsense1, and you need to quit berating and leveling charges that you can't substantiate, either. It all that oppose you here are liars, please present the evidence.

  • posted at 12:21 pm on Wed, Jul 30, 2008.


    ccinlodi...Don't get caught in the t&c trap. This whack-job continues to make outrageous and insulting comments, with absolutely no factual information to support his dribble. I have come to the conclusion that he must do this to incite people, because nobody can be that stupid.

  • posted at 11:11 am on Wed, Jul 30, 2008.


    Lodian, I hope the new one is more like Target. The Walmart I'm use to up in Oregon was bright and clean. Even with the teenagers running around at night there were very few problems there. Apparently it was a game where one team would go and pull items into a cart and then team two had to put them back in less time. At three o'clock at night (what were they doing out that late I have no idea) there were so few people in the store it never caused a problem. There was never any tagging outside even though the closed K-mart a few spaces down was hit all the time.P.S. I did a search for the Schlotzsky's after I wrote to see where the closest one is. The nearest one is over 200 miles away. Maybe it's a good thing they aren't here, I'd blow all my fun money eating there.

  • posted at 7:28 am on Wed, Jul 30, 2008.


    T & C - what offends me about your posts are the nearly hysterical assertations that there is a conspiracy between city hall, city council and various landowners to make poor decisions which will result only in the gratification of the landowners. You do this in every post and your allegations are all conjecture. sure, this city hall is not the best performing, criticize and complain all you want, but don't accuse of illegal activities unless you have the nerve to take it to the State Attorney's office. Make a formal complaint there - don't waste everyone's time in an online posting forum.

  • posted at 6:33 am on Wed, Jul 30, 2008.


    Rhodie: Wal-Mart needs to be more like Target.

  • posted at 1:53 pm on Tue, Jul 29, 2008.


    Getting a little testy t&c. Must have hit a nerve. You don't need to be rude.

  • posted at 1:52 pm on Tue, Jul 29, 2008.


    I guess ccinlodi will have to answer that question since I didn't make the statement. When is that third grade reading comprehension requirement going to be invoked?

  • posted at 12:28 pm on Tue, Jul 29, 2008.


    Observer, what issues did ccinlodi state that I made that were so insulting in your feeble little mind? It was referring to Jeff Hood's 10:08 post. Does that offend you?

  • posted at 12:25 pm on Tue, Jul 29, 2008.


    Observer, who's been suspended? You're so full of crap you stink. Unless you work for the website moderator or are one of them how in the heck do you know who's been suspended or not? Don't you keep these important blogs in your files to copy and paste from and to refer to? An external hard drive or flash drive saves other pertinent info, too. If you're so sure anyone has been banned show me the documentation or shut your mouth like you tell others to do. If you're a concerned Lodi citizen and you want King's lapdog to tell you what he's afraid to say himself then you can wallow in their crap, we refuse to. What's wrong with Mr. King telling us himself? When Walmart is ready to move, they'll call Lodi and tell King what THEY want, not just the opposite. You CC money grabbers are the ones that brought Walmart here, now you deal with them. Or you can hire a consultant to solve your problems if you're not smart or brave enough to make a decision for yourselves.

  • posted at 11:11 am on Tue, Jul 29, 2008.


    You know ccinlodi.....he's been suspended once before for the issues you've stated.

  • posted at 9:51 am on Tue, Jul 29, 2008.


    Re: T&C 7/28 2:16 remarks - Sir or Madam you remarks are offensive and lack merit. You have time to dissect and criticize yet no time to develop a constructive thought. Why this management allows you to post is beyond me other than perhaps they feel you fit perfectly into the role of village gadfly. What is important is this: Jeff Hood your july 28 10:08 post - You say there was a brief phone conversation - is that what the newspaper is reporting as 'recent talks this week' ? If that is so, I hope the city will have the paper print a clarification - the matter is becoming byzantine. No need to add another layer to the complexity. My vote is this: Lodi needs to forget Walmart and find something else.

  • posted at 1:25 pm on Mon, Jul 28, 2008.


    Rhodie,My experience has been similar to yours. I've visited Wal-Mart SuperCenters in Nevada and the Midwest, and they are much nicer than the stores around here.In this area, Target is the most pleasant place to shop and still save some money. The Lodi Wal-Mart is a dump.

  • posted at 11:23 am on Mon, Jul 28, 2008.


    The Super Walmart was also a nice place to go shopping when I wasn't in a hurry and just felt like walking around. If this center goes in I hope the auxillary stores there are the kind that draw me in.That said, I rarely go in the current Walmart because it seems grungy. The only reason I go in is if I know they have something I can't find elsewhere. I much prefer the Target, it is just a brighter store.IF Walmart leaves it's current location I would love to see something like Michaels, Borders or (If only I had the capital) a family fun center with small movie theater, arcade, food, in-door mini-golf and such. Do you think an arena for battling robots would be too much?I do hope that a good coffee stand goes into the new development so we can shut down a couple more Starbucks. Oh, you know what I just thought would be good there? A Schlotzsky's Delicatessen. Serious, check them out. It was one of the points against us moving down here cause I can't get them locally.

  • posted at 11:08 am on Mon, Jul 28, 2008.


    I happened to be working graveyard at Walmart when they converted that store to a super center. Midway through the process I just couldn't handle the graveyard and two preschoolers so I quit (and since they lost the post-it the manager wrote the note on they thought I just decided one day not to come in again. I was deemed "unhirable" for future referance. I only relay this to show I have no reason to be overly loyal.) When the supercenter was finished I started shopping there. The gal at the deli counter always recognized me and my kids. The selection of meat rivaled Safeway and produce was great. I was also paying $15 to $20 less a shopping trip from before. We do everything cash so it was easy to see the benifits right away. They rarely had the buy 1 get 1 like Safeway does on ground beef, so I'd watch for the deals. If a super center goes in then I will check their prices out and potentially shop there.Wrapping it up I promise. Cont.

  • posted at 10:57 am on Mon, Jul 28, 2008.


    Lodian wrote " lilsweets68: What do you like about Wal-Mart super centers? Have you been to the one in Stockton? "I'll answer this one. The supercenter I shopped at up in Oregon had a great selection of what I was looking for including lobster once for our aniversery. Their deli counter prices were better than the name brands or at least the same cost. Basically if I needed it it was there at one store.My grocery shopping history is this: I started at a place called Fred Meyers which is much like a Walmart supercenter but the costs were way higher. I moved on to Safeway and Albertsons, had to shop both because one was cheaper for somethings, the other for the others. Both though you had to pay attention for the sales to get decent deals. Moved on to a Food 4 Less type place but it was hit or miss for quality from the produce and meat sections. Cont.

  • posted at 9:16 am on Mon, Jul 28, 2008.


    Mr. Hood, can't the KING KING speak for himself anymore? You two are beginning to look like the Scott McClellan and Bush junior line of spin. Just what justifies a $100,000 lapdog spokesperson in Lodi with this city $250,000,000 in debt and most other government entities cutting back on these kinds of frivolous positions?

  • posted at 5:08 am on Mon, Jul 28, 2008.


    The "recent discussions" and continuing talks referred to in the story were simply a brief conversation last week in which City Manager King called a Wal-Mart representative, asked for an update, and was told the company had yet to make its decision. There are not any negotiations taking place.

  • posted at 7:31 pm on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.


    lilsweets68: What do you like about Wal-Mart super centers? Have you been to the one in Stockton?

  • posted at 5:37 pm on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.


    can we just hurry up and bring the supercentet to lodi already?

  • posted at 9:26 am on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.


    A question... why is Target so much cleaner and more organized, with better customer service (I guess this is all a matter of opinion), than Wal-Mart? If Target can do it then why can't Wal-Mart do it?

  • posted at 9:23 am on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.



  • posted at 9:23 am on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.


    dogs4you wrote "Lodian: I am not blaming all the problems on the young people that go to the shows, just a few."dogs4you: Then I suppose we can both agree that the "few" teens you speak of downdown are not one of Lodi's big problems.

  • posted at 9:21 am on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.


    dogs4you wrote "As far as Wal-Mart being dirty due to the people that shop there, it must be nice for you to be one of the Safeway crowd that pays more for less. Keep up the good work, the union members are counting on you."dogs4you: Again, I ask... Why do you say that Wal-Mart may be dirty due to the people that shop there?And why are you being nasty? Did I offend you? If so, how? Also, I never said I shopped at Safeway rather than the Wal-Mart mall area. Where did you come up with that one? I really don't understand your hostility. Please explain.

  • posted at 7:31 am on Sun, Jul 27, 2008.


    Lodian: I am not blaming all the problems on the young people that go to the shows, just a few. By their own admission, after getting dropped off by mom, some just hang out in front or on several occasions one will bring a bottle of booze from home and they will chug it down in one of the allys near the show. As for the thugs, bums, homeless, their evening starts abound 2 AM. when all the little darlings are in bed, since mom picked them up hours ago. And next time mom or dad, check out the liquor locker, is anything missing? As far as Wal-Mart being dirty due to the people that shop there, it must be nice for you to be one of the Safeway crowd that pays more for less. Keep up the good work, the union members are counting on you.

  • posted at 7:51 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Mrs. S.: Try Target for school supplies. I was pleased with my back to school purchases there this week. For some reason Target has a way of keeping up their store and surrounding parking lot etc, but Wal-Mart (no matter where they are located) seems to always be dirty and dumpy. Not sure what their problem is, but I don't care to spend money there in that environment. Also, in my opinion, when a store looks not to have high respect for cleanliness and safety it tends to invite people of the same attitude.

  • posted at 7:45 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Dogs4you wrote, "Down town is dead in the first place and has nothing most people want, except for the shows and the kids that make up the majority of problems."Well, I disagree with you about the kids being the big problem downtown. Ever hear about all the goings on at the bars and the after hours thugs. These aren't the kids that go to the Movie Theater.

  • posted at 7:41 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Sorry, my post didn't include all the punctuation as I wrote it on word and pasted it here. Sure wish that wouldn't happen.

  • posted at 7:39 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Dogs4you wrote, Lodian: From the way you describe the area that Wal-Mart, and all the other business in the center, sounds like you spend some time shopping there. Dogs4you: I used to frequent the area more than I do now. I would stop in at Hollywood Video, Applebees, Strings and the hubby likes Radio Shack. I sort of avoid the area now, not totally, but most of the time. Dogs4you wrote, Could it be that the store is dirty due to the people that shop there?Dogs4you: What do you mean? Please explain.

  • posted at 6:14 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    I watched that city council meeting and read the Lodi News and it was originally agreed that the store old Walmart store was to be 100% leased before they relocated. There was nothing about a partial lease or demolition. If Lodi lets them raze it and leave a big vacant lot or enlarge the parking lot that whole strip mall will die within 6 months. The latter agreements were made in either the backroom of city hall or off the record for later considerations. You city cheerleaders need to study the original agreement. That was supposedly the safeguard to protect the shops in the strip mall that depended on traffic from Walmart to entice customers to their shops. Your Food 4 Less in the strip will close when super Walmart opens a grocery department in their new superstore across the street. Just another ploy by the gob that owns the plot of land to keep the money flowing, and I doubt they'll get only half, at the most, of the original asking price now that the price of that plot has lost 50% or so. Maybe that's what's holding the deal up, greed by that landowner.

  • posted at 1:43 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Lodian: From the way you describe the area that Wal-Mart, and all the other business in the center, sounds like you spend some time shopping there. Could it be that the store is dirty due to the people that shop there? A new Wal-Mart won`t start off dirty. Down town is dead in the first place and has nothing most people want, except for the shows and the kids that make up the majority of problems. There`s just as much trouble at the cornor of Sacramento, School and Elm St. as anywhere in town. Ask the cops that patrol that area, especially at night.

  • posted at 1:22 pm on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Here we go one more time. Thank you Judy for your comments. The city was not to receive the monies that Mr King is referring to. Neither was Wal-Mart to pay for out of production ag land. This property was set aside in the general plan at least 2 decades ago for commercial building. The old building was to have a new tenant(s) in order to open the new store. This type of blackmail of businesses is what keeps Lodi in the ant-business category.

  • posted at 11:34 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Judy, there will be a hair salon in the new WalMart, a bank, a deli, a tire and lube, and "fine jewelry" (their words, not mine). I'm sure all these businesses in downtown are shaking in their shoes about the possibility of losing their customers to these surely top of the line services that WalMart will offer. I'm sure downtown will be a ghost town. NOT!

  • posted at 9:34 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Mrs. S if you followed all of my posts and actually read them, then you would have seen the connection. WalMart has low prices. Currently from third world countries. When they advertised as Made in America, they were using prison labor. Where Bush comes in is only as an example of how dangerous, violent criminals are let out of prison while non-violent offenders are frequently kept in prison - this is the prison work force which in turns fuels the prison industries. Yes, they are all connected and **should** be looked at as a whole - the problem with only focusing on a tiny bit of something is a skewed result.

  • posted at 8:36 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Ditto, Lodian.I want to get some cheap school supplies for my daughter, but I don't want to set foot in Lodi's Wal-Mart. Even Stockton's SuperCenter is dirty and unkempt. The nearest Wal-Mart that's somewhat presentable is in Jackson. I shop there when I visit that town sometimes.

  • posted at 8:33 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    wtf,Your comment started off speaking to the topic, but then you digressed into a rant against Bush and the death penalty. You might want to find an article about Bush and/or the death penalty and post those comments there. Stay on-topic.

  • posted at 7:35 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    I really hope the Wal-Mart super center is a no deal. Those things are so ugly and always end up so dirty. The Wal-Mart we already have needs to pay for more security guards to watch their parking lot. And I don't mean another old man or unfit woman. Why do all the creeps gather in the Wal-Mart parking lot? Ugh! I don't even like to go to that shopping area in the evening anymore. How sad that we want to invite more of this crap.

  • posted at 6:46 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    I'd take it one step further.....the City should provide financial incentives for businesses to locate in Lodi. Everyone will benefit.

  • posted at 6:46 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Here's a short video on the effects of big box stores.http://www.jibjab.com/originals/big_box_martAnd if you think "Made in America" is any better, think again. Because, yes Virginia, there are prison industries.http://www.wpi.edu/News/TechNews/010327/prisonlabor.shtmlhttp://www.unicor.gov/index.cfm?navlocation=FPIOpportunitiesThey even do trading.http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2001/09/06/029045.htmlBut isn't it good all the bad guys are locked up? Well, in this case, a LOT of the guys locked up are non-violent offenders (this does not involve gang bangers - great job, LPD!). I mean, Georgie Jr., who occupies the White House, is known for killing more people through the death penalty than anyone around...BUT get this! The ONE person Bush granted clemency to when he was governator of Texas was a SERIAL KILLER.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Lee_Lucas

  • posted at 6:45 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    My understanding is that the City is trying to hijack Walmart for additional funds above and beyond what was originally agreed upon. The option to tear down the old building was part of the agreement from day one. I also urge the City to make it as easy as possible for any entity that will provide jobs, pay property taxes and produce sales tax revenues.

  • posted at 5:37 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    So now you're going to let them tear the old building down? That's what they were waiting for. You won't ever really tell the Lodi taxpayers how much it's going to cost them to bring that new super Walmart to town. You'll pay them to build and stay here, like you do General Mills. As long as the taxpayers pay, anything goes. That's why you're $250,000,000 in debt and rising. Council looks like the GWB and Schwartzenegger administration.

  • posted at 4:22 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    It's all about $$$$!

  • posted at 4:13 am on Sat, Jul 26, 2008.


    Mr. King, how will Wal Mart draw on business in downtown Lodi? Since downtown Lodi and WalMart do not compete in the type of products sold, how did you determine what WalMart should pay the city and will this dollar amount be passed on to the downtown businesses? Also, did Lowe's pay the city of Lodi for the loss of agricultural land that was paved over during their construction?



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