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Lodi resident aids ducks on Lower Sacramento Road


A west Lodi resident was frantic when she saw a mother with her four ducklings crossing Lower Sacramento Road toward Jim Elliot Christian High School.

The woman, who requested anonymity, was driving south on Lower Sacramento Road near Vine Street at about 6 p.m. Tuesday when she saw the ducks enter the southbound lanes toward the center divider. She not only slammed on her brakes, but she held up traffic to ensure the ducks’ safety. The woman put on her emergency flashing lights to alert motorists behind her that they needed to stop.

“I would hate to see them run over,” she said.

The four babies were unable to climb onto the center divider with their mother, the animal lover said. Furthermore, the ducks were gray, similar to the roadway’s color, she said.

The mother led her ducklings back across the street toward Jim Elliot Christian. The woman said she held up traffic to make sure the ducks weren’t harmed. The babies managed to get onto the sidewalk by using the area of the curb that is wheelchair-accessible. She last saw the ducks under a tree about 10 feet from the busy roadway.

The woman called 911, hoping to get the Lodi Animal Shelter or the police or fire department to respond. The Animal Shelter was closed for the day, and a police dispatcher said they couldn’t respond, according to the duck-saver.

The woman went home briefly, but returned to the tree a short time later.

The ducks were gone.

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