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Pool at Hutchins Street Square is closed indefinitely

More than $50,000 in repairs required


Lodi city officials had hoped the indoor swimming pool at Hutchins Street Square would last one more year, but the pool has been shut down indefinitely until the surface of the pool is repaired.

Repairs will cost more than $50,000, so the city of Lodi will have to go through the competitive bid process before awarding a contract, according to Jeff Hood, the city’s director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services.

The pool was scheduled to be closed for two weeks for annual maintenance, Hood said, but workers cleaning the surface noticed after the pool was drained that the fiberglass had deteriorated, creating a potential hazard to anyone using the pool.

“It’s beyond its expected lifespan,” Hood said. “The shell had a 15-year life expectancy, and it has been there more than 20. Being a heated pool, that accelerates the wear and tear.”

“What I feel bad about is that the pool is important to seniors. For some, it’s the only exercise they can get,” he said.

In addition to the public not being able to use the indoor pool for a while, a core group of about six swimming instructors and lifeguards are out of work until the surface is repaired, Hood said.

He hopes that repairs won’t have to wait until mid-year, when the Lodi City Council will deliberate what goes into the city’s annual budget.

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