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Former Lockeford priest Michael Kelly faces more abuse allegations

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Cadavera Vero Innumera

Cadavera Vero Innumera: Darrell,

You state Fr. Kelly's innocence without confirming it. Which, by the way, is not your duty, or even mine to show otherwise.

It is the obligation of the courts. But it can be asked, ho will Fr. Kelly assure us (the law) of his innocence? What can he (and his defense) present.

Of course, we all know no proof of innocence is required. What is, is proof of guilt,, the evidence of which the prosecution is to lay before the bar..

Do they have it? Can they do it?

Is there something other than a story from a boy?

But now there are two - whose testimonies are not cross-infected. Manly will see to that. Which could be his trump, of sorts - for predators tend to be behave the same, victim to victim..

Unfortunately, it is the habits of courts to prevent such comparisons, since the other (the second) is in process of being forward to the bench. That is to9 Kelly's benefit, I suppose. Too bad, both of these boys' suits cannot be tried together. The effect would be exhilarating.

Monday, November 26, 2012, 4:04 pm

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson: How do you know he is innocent?

Have you read the details of the psychologist's report that said that Kelly had pedophelic tendencies and should not minister to families or young children alone?

Why did the Church ignore the findings of the psychologist that IT hired to investigate Kelly?

Two elements of negligence are clearly present. The Diocese had a duty to protect its members (especially the most vulnerable). It violated that duty when it placed Father Kelly in a parish without disclosing the result of the psychologist's findings.

If there is another report to the contrary (or other evidence), Bishop Blaire and Monsignor Ryan should discuss this during the trial.

To determine the other two elements of negligence, damages and causation due to breach of duty, Father Kelly MUST testify. If he believes he is innocent, he will have no trouble giving testimony under oath in Ireland or in California.

The case could be a grab at the Diocese's coffers, but it could also be due to the shuffling of priests to other parishes when their superiors knew that there was problems with the priests in question. One needs to only look to the Dioceses of Philadelphia and Milwaukee to see the children's lives who were destroyed due to the failure of church officials to remove child molesting priests.

Friday, November 16, 2012, 10:40 am

Darrell Baumbach

Darrell Baumbach: Nothing happened to the two boys Mr Golay. Kelly is an innocent man.

You and SNAP are all about the money. Matters not how the money is obtained.

Saturday, November 10, 2012, 9:31 pm

Cadavera Vero Innumera

Cadavera Vero Innumera: RE: HBO documentary "Mea Maxima Culpa". The sex abuse case against Fr. Lawrence Murphy at a school in Wisconsin. (Read article for the story.)

Darrell (and you) may be be surprised that I am posting this critical review of this upcoming HBO film. Don't be. The points made are quite good. Pay special attention to the paragraph regarding laicization.

The integrity of the Catholic priesthood is at the core of this issue - even in San Andreas. It's holiness (in the truest boots-on-the-ground sense of the word), its focused mission of service, and, to put it straight, its "ontological nature".

The preservation of that integrity begins with the hard-headed selection of proper candidates to the priesthood. That is where the Church grievously failed, both past and present. Only certain men can properly image the "ontological nature" of the priesthood. (Not the place to break that down and out.)

There is something truly cosmic about the calling to the priesthood. But when the wrong man claims to hear it, and the hieachy (for whatever reason) permits him to respond to that call, the results are equally cosmic in its devastation. When that call is used to cloak the abuse of boys and girls souls are pulverized, the love of God is stomped upon, and (though canon law wouldn't put it such) the sacraments handled by hands who opened doors "when parents were not home" are mocked and kneaded into sorrowful things.

I would like to know the "harm" done to the Eucharistic Bread and Wine of the Sunday mass when, maybe, the day before the priest manhandled the door that let him homes "when parents were away"?

Am sure 12 year-old boys thought the same when the following day, on a Sunday, he went to Mass with his parents and received the Body of Christ, the very Flesh of God, from the hand that manhandled the front door to his house the day before.

Shame, shame, and more shame. Take this, boy. Eat it. Drink It. Taste and see your SHAME. It seals your silence.

What the boy, though, does not understand - he being so manhandled when "his parents weren't home" - is that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ understands and shares his SHAME. That he, Sweet Jesus, bore and bears it. Even more, that he, Our Lord Jesus, grieves for a 12 year-old boy that did not , does not, and maybe never will, enter into the everlasting JOY of receiving Him whom the Father has sent.

Yet, maybe, just maybe boys do, can, and will - partake of Heaven's Gladness.

Our Father in Heaven is a Hounding God; He goes on the hunt sniffing out lost lambs and coins - and manhandled little boys. Thee is Hope in that.

Could be that the Hounding Father will end his hunt at the bar of the Superior Courts of San Juanquin and Calaveras Counties.

Maybe it is there, in chambers, that God will receive his satisfaction. Maybe upon the judgment of 12 righteous men and women manhandled boys will receive the knowing that a true Father's love does not manhandle but breaks the shackles of SHAME, setting at liberty a manhood that was bound and gagged that day when a disordered priest knocked on the door "when his parents weren't home".

Hey, you - yes, you and you - are you going to let these two boys from San Andreas and Mokelumne Hill stand alone? Manhandled boys stay shackled for we have pocketed the keys?

Saturday, November 10, 2012, 4:21 pm

Darrell Baumbach

Darrell Baumbach: Sorry Mr. Golay... you and your SNAP mob are all...about
Trotter case was a scam in my opinion… now that the sharks smell blood in the water, It is open duck season on the church.

Saturday, November 10, 2012, 12:13 pm

Cadavera Vero Innumera

Cadavera Vero Innumera: Darrell,

The Diocese of Stockton must be well insured (premiums, to coin, must be through the roof). But settlement money is not bottomless. And don't discount a growing discontent welling from parishioners - from 40 odd parishes - in sending their tithe to the chancery in Stockton. If there truly is many more pending CIVIL cases out there, someone, someday will hit the bankruptcy wall which the diocese will be comp0elled to throw up against these future plaintiffs.

But you forget, it's not all about Mr. Manly, Esq., Attorney-at-Law. The possibility of all this Fr. Kelly business being caught and netted in CRIMINAL court grows. When the Kelly story lands there there will be no talk of settlements and Mr. Manly's millions. That's not to say that more civil cases may not be forthcoming, but to remind ourselves that all this time, effort and expense is not about sutffing pockets and bank accounts.

Something dark is clouding the skies over Calaveras County, something other than the hovering slaughtered shades of Charles Ng.

In addition, if this Kelly business is all about settlements, and, as you say, achieved via fraud, deception, and sleight of hand, why is the diocese reluctant to haul Mr. Manly, and his controlled minions, to court on charges of perjury?

And please, Darrell, the law permits certain plaintiff's to "hide" behind outrageous covering nomenclatures as "John Doe" this and "Jane Doe" that. The reason for that is well-founded. Certain individuals need that covering - TRUTH needs it. I know by experience working with someone (NOT RELATED TO THIS FR KELLY CASE) who needs to talk, but won't for the shame.

As I said earlier, the abuser only needs to insert, install SHAME in the altered personality of his victim and he controls his victim's present yielding and the victim's future behavior.

Assault, Assault - "Do not talk"!
Assault, Assault - "You secretly want this,. You are different from the others. This is the real you"!
Assault, Assault - "You'll be back for more"!
Assault, Assault - "No one will believe you"!

All thought out by the abuser, or not (and it is more programmed than you think) that's the the way pedophilia assault works. Just ask "John Doe". When the boy opened the door, "when his parents weren't home", someone had a plan - someone walked out of the house knowing a boy's life was forever changed, that he had penetrated his victim's mind and heart by force and fear and buried within him the weigh-down stone of SHAME.

Crashing into a heart, crushing a mind, the young boy now has a millstone about his neck - and no key.

Only a criminal court will put this to rest, not Mr. Manly's millions. This is not about Mr. Manly, Esq., Attorney-at-Law.

Saturday, November 10, 2012, 10:54 am

Darrell Baumbach

Darrell Baumbach: I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Golay, I do see a very clear pattern here

. We have an attorney (Manly) who has become very wealthy in civil court where evidence has been completely eliminated in determining guilt or innocence of the accused. All the accusers all have many years go where any possible witness that could refute the story told has long. Any physical evidence that may have existed resulting in some type of DNA is long gone and non-existent. This clever attorney knows that the defendant cannot refute any accusation since there is no evidence on either side. Cases where criminal court having higher standards of evidence is avoided at all costs as Mr. Manly knows the millions he can extort( my opinion) is far more likely in civil court if a criminal trial is avoided.
In each case Mr Manly goes for an accuser that has the advantage of being anonymous thus avoiding publicity. Mr. Manly apparently sets up a phone solicitor to contact people in the area that are tempted with millions if only they suddenly remember something that happened many years ago and can be well coached with a very successful attorney that virtually guarantees riches beyond their imagination.
I’m sure if the memory is very vague, that a few dozen therapy sessions with a guided memory specialist will suddenly make something that supposedly happen 10 years ago crystal clear.

Yes, I definitely see a pattern… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and lots of it .Now that the suspicious Trotter case opened the door, it is assumed that Mr. Kelly is guilty in all accusations. I would not be surprised if 4-5 more anonymous accuses suddenly appear knowing that in all likelihood, the church will settle out of court with millions in their bank… easy money

Friday, November 9, 2012, 5:36 pm

Cadavera Vero Innumera

Cadavera Vero Innumera: I am linking the article below to highlight a potential problem of a morally compromised priesthood: what Pope Benedict called, on the Good Friday before he was elected Pope, "the filthiness of priests".

I place this article here implying NO connection with ANY current or pending case. It is an issue touching upon the crisis of the priesthood that is rarely discussed:

The article discusses the (existential) relationship between Satanism consecrated hosts and wine from a Catholic mass; that is, Satanism's dependence upon their theft for their rites, what we call the Black Mass. For the FULL efficacious power of its rites Satanism requires authentic, verifiable, consecrated elements from the Catholic mass, hosts and wine. A fact not well known or appreciated.

The author of the article certainly does not discuss our specific point, but it is implied. A morally compromised priesthood (priests) becomes a valued asset to satanist groups. The consequences of that (of what it entails) is cosmic in its implications

This is why the diligence of the Church to protect and guard the integrity of the priesthood is so important - and urgent. And why its failure to do so has such enormous, frightening outcomes.

When one knows anything about the doctrines and practices of Satanism, one can observe how satanist groups are on the constant lookout, with their eagle (vulture) eye, for any weakness in the catholic priesthood. A compromised priest is priceless to them. Authentic consecrated hosts are not only stolen, they can be bought.

Friday, November 9, 2012, 2:09 pm

Cadavera Vero Innumera


Reposting statement from Stockton Record (comment follow): "Calaveras prosecutor Dana Pfeil said her office is awaiting the Sheriff's Office to conduct interviews with multiple other victims to complete the criminal report. Then, she said, the case can be evaluated for charging.

Pfeil said she could not offer other details, since it is a pending case."

'Multiple other victims"!!!!! I know investigators are not permitted to comment (much) on pending cases (investigations) but the tag "multiple" is VERY telling, is it not? Especially when T. County's Sheriff's Dept , Sonora, put out statements that they have NO reports to investigate.

Something doesn't match, compute, whatever. No wonder someone put out that story that Mr. Manly, Esq., Attorney-at-Law, was fielding calls into T. County.

Multiple is more than two. Multiple! Yes, investigators do not comment, but that is a telling word.

Friday, November 9, 2012, 1:32 pm

Cadavera Vero Innumera

Cadavera Vero Innumera: Something is being hidden (repressed) by someone - and it is not the "repressed" memories of the, now, two San Andreas victims. (Two years in that town and so much carnage.).

Here's a man whose compulsive disordered sex - WHEREVER he lands or is assigned - demands a specific, particular type of victim.

Two victims in within two years in one place. One poor town, one poor parish.

We're talking a pattern here, are we not? Saying all this to highlight what he, and his supporters, will trot out as, in their view, one of the biggest evidential facts in Kelly's favor - his TEN years as a parish priest in Sonora and NO "official" complaints, no stories of misbehavior.

Or, is there? If Kelly's disordered sex is firmly pattered (as the psych evaluation submitted to the diocese described) then a roll of the dice tells us that something happened in Sonora.

It is understandable why some (many) past victims are reluctant to step forward: pain, embarrassment, to much to explain to friends, wives and children - something as fundamental as one's standing among one's male peers. These are important considerations. But sometimes the hesitancy to come forward is part of the abuse, the assault. Think of it as the pedophilia abuser (over a series of attacks) splitting off a segment of the victim's core personality (an alter-personality, if you will) that the abuser can mold and control; installing within it triggers at his disposal; think of it as commands such as "fear", "silence", "come hither", "yield"; and threat triggers such as "your parents will be told", "someone may be harmed - remember, you wanted this, you yielded, this is the real you", and the worst for catholic boy, "you will never be forgiven".

The result - SHAME.

Do not, dear hidden, repressed ones in such and such a place, do not let your abuser control you, still, by SHAME. Along with the fear that was installed within you, shut off that trigger.. Remember the first time your abuser came to your home and shut the door - when your parents weren't home; remember the moment he left and shut the door behind him; remember how you stood there knowing your young life was forever changed, how suddenly from Hell's busted open gates something fell upon your head, into your hands and upon your back; that something wasn't there in your home, your bedroom before the man knocked on your door, it was something he left in wake, something gave you; he needed you to be weighted down by this, it was the way he was going to control you, to guarantee your silence - and, worst of all, to open the door the next time he came knocking.

That something - SHAME and FEAR.

SHAME and FEAR, these are stones no father gives his son, no God bestows upon his children. Take this burden to the Public Square, at a court of justice, and drop it at the feet of your abuser. Close forever the Gates of Hell.

Friday, November 9, 2012, 10:42 am

Treacy Elliott

Treacy Elliott:

good post Darrell

Friday, November 9, 2012, 10:01 am

Darrell Baumbach

Darrell Baumbach: Evidently, there is no doubt how low a snake oil salesman will sink to get money.
Mr Manly in my opinion is very low rent. as evidenced by this letter to the editor in another paper. I know this goes contrary to the vigilante hangman SNAP sends out to do Manly's dirty work, but thought I would post it.

Kelly lawsuit solicitation offends mother
Regarding the new civil lawsuit filed against the Rev. Michael Kelly, several months ago I received a message from a woman who identified herself as working for the attorney in Kelly's case. I returned the call in the belief that I was calling Kelly's attorney. I found out this woman works for an opposing attorney. She was contacting me to find out if my son wanted to participate in a lawsuit against Kelly. I ended that call believing that if my son wanted to participate, memories would be recovered.
After I got that call, I wrote a letter to the Calaveras County district attorney to ensure she was aware of this type of solicitation. I think everyone needs to be aware of these phone call solicitations. I found it appalling and can't believe that practice isn't illegal in and of itself.
Everyone knows that there are victims of abuse and abuse has occurred in the past. This time is different. I have never had one bit of doubt that an innocent man has been accused. Kelly has been a part of our lives for 25 years, since my children were 9 and 10 years old. He never acted inappropriately with them in any way.
Gloria Carrillo

Friday, November 9, 2012, 5:32 am


advocate: Where are all those strong supporters of Kelly now? Now is the time for Kelly to return to the United States to prove his self proclaimed innocence. And those who protected him to llet thecarnage continue should be held as accountable as those in the Penn State molestation coverup, no holds barred.

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 7:14 pm

Melanie Sakoda

Melanie Sakoda: These brave men are to be commended for coming forward. We applaud their strength and courage! If you are the victim of a sexual assault, report your abuse to the authorities and learn your legal rights. Don’t suffer alone and in silence! There are people who will believe you and support you.

Melanie Jula Sakoda
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)
SNAP East Bay Director

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 3:59 pm

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson: If the diocese and defendants are found guilty on the negligence count, they are likely to be found guilty on most (if not) all of the remaining counts in the complaint.

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 2:34 pm

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson: If one reads the complaint, there are ten charges. The key count will be negligence. If the diocese is to be found to be negligent, it must have : a) a clear duty b) breached that duty c) resulting damages d) damages due to the breach of the duty.

It is clear that the diocese had a clear duty to serve as well as protect people who attended its churches. Moreover, it breached that duty when it did not disclose the result of Fr Kelly's psychological evaluation. If the leadership of the diocese felt different from the report, they should have sought a 2nd opinion. I do not believe that is the case.

The main question is whether damages were done to the plaintiff. Fr Kelly's testimony or comments (under oath) are vital to this case. If he proclaims his innocence, he should have no trouble testifying in the US or Ireland. It looks like Mr Finaldi has even said he would go to Ireland for Kelly's testimony.

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 2:33 pm

Judy Jones

Judy Jones: Let's hope that every person who saw, suspected or may have been harmed by Michael Kelly, will find the courage and strength to speak up and contact police, no matter how long ago the abuse happened..
Keep in mind that child predators rarely have only one victim. And your silence only hurts, and by speaking up there is a chance for healing, exposing the truth, and therefore protecting others.

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
"SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world's oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc."

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 11:17 am


glorybe1929: Just looking at a priests picture makes me ill. It's a shame but I was a roman catholic for over 60 yrs(as a convert) and have been "out" for over ten yrs. and blogging that long about the evil that lies in the rcc. And I do mean "lies:. That's is what we got. Brainwashing lies for all those yrs. We had family that were in religious orders that told us of terrible things going on in the church, with no accountability. Being converts we wouldn't believe them...Just thought it "sour grapes" as one left and the other stayed.. All you hear is true, thanks to instant communication. We left in 2001 when it all hit the fan in San Diego.. ... with the retired Rev. Paul Shanley from Boston. Look it up on and you'll find out all you need. [sad]

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 10:42 am

Bruce Reynard

Bruce Reynard: When are the congregants of the diocese going to realize that they need to insist on the ouster of Blaire and Ryan? It floors me that people still want to turn a blind eye to the fact that their leadership allowed Kelly to continually prey on their young boys.

To the victims of Kelly out there who have come forward and who have yet to come forward: You will face much hatred from the supporters of the sick man. Be aware that their ire is a product of their own fear and their own embarrassment that they were taken in by this evil for so long, and then have continued to turn a blind eye in spite of growing evidence. Give no credence to their attacks, they are as guilty of ignoring your safety as Blaire and Ryan were.

To victims who still have yet to come forward: contact the police and file a report whether you are in statue or out of statute. Even out of statute complaints can help them build their case, provide corroborating testimony, and even give them the data they need to help weed out any false reports. Contact civil attorneys as well: lawsuits are the most likely to have bite against people like Blaire and Ryan, who need to find another avenue of employment...

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 6:18 am


Arabella: The Stockton Record talked to the Calaveras District Attorney's office for their story," "Third Child Sex Suit Aimed at Stockton Diocese":

The story says, "Calaveras prosecutor Dana Pfeil said her office is awaiting the Sheriff's Office to conduct interviews with multiple other victims to complete the criminal report. Then, she said, the case can be evaluated for charging."

It is good they are taking their time to do a thorough investigation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 4:58 am