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Man wakes up with meth on chest


One Lodi man woke up on Saturday morning to a pair of police officers standing over him, wondering just what to do with him.

At 7 a.m., Lodi police responded to a call of a man down at 28 N. School St. They arrived at Angelo's Mexican Restaurant to find Michael Holloway, 22, lying on his back in the doorway, sound asleep. On his chest, officers found a small pile of white crystal powder. Tucked between Holloway's arm and body was a baggie containing more white powder.

"He had fallen asleep on the street with a baggie of meth on his chest," said Lt. Chris Jacobson. Halloway woke up, looked around and offered an explanation, according to Jacobson.

"Somebody must have sprinkled that on me," he said. He then misidentified himself as Jose Iglesias of Mexico, police said.

Holloway was taken into custody by Officer Hans Van Noord, and faces charges of lying to a police officer and possession of methamphetamine.