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San Francisco 49ers fans declare their allegiance


Fans of the San Francisco 49ers football team are gearing up for game day, buying cartloads of chips and dip, pulling out ice chests to be filled with cold drinks, and dusting off those lucky jerseys. But one Lodi family took it outside.

Denise Schenone paid a local artist $150 dollars to spray-paint the 49ers’ logo on the front lawn of her home on Interlaken Street in Lodi.

The red and gold design took about 90 minutes to complete and about five cans of paint, said Schenone. Since the grass isn’t growing in the cold, the design should last until spring.

“If I had known about (logo lawn painting), I would have had it done at the beginning of the season,” she said.

The family has a tradition of attending every game they can. They have an admirable collection of fan memorabilia, from a football signed by Steve Young to photos signed by Jerry Rice and Joe Montana. The super fan had some decorations up last year when the Niners reached the NFC Championship, where they lost to the New York Giants.

“I said, ‘This year, we’re going to go all out,’” she said.

Schenone got the idea when a friend posted photos of her own painted lawn on Facebook. The design was painted on Sunday and the whole scene has grown each day, totaling $250 in supplies. She added three sweeping bunting flags to her porch and balcony, and decorated with ribbons of 49ers duct tape streaming from brickwork.

On the front door hangs a homemade fan wreath, along with a flag that’s very special to her son, Jerry Schenone. It lists each year San Francisco has brought home the Lombardi Trophy. Last time it happened, it was 1995, and Jerry Schenone was only five years old.

“He barely remembers the game,” said Schenone.

But there is plenty of room on the bottom of the flag for a sixth entry, she said.

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