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Three arrested for identity theft profiling


A concerned citizen calling about a suspicious person netted three arrests on Thursday, said officer Matt Latino with the Lodi Police Department. 

Latino got a call at 3:45 a.m. about a suspicious looking man wearing all black in the vicinity of Schaffer Drive. A quick check of the area revealed a car parked with its lights off facing the wrong direction on the road. Two people were inside and seemed to be waiting for something. A few minutes later, Thomas Shane Anstead, 23, came running across the street and jumped in the car, but it didn’t leave. 

Officers approached the car to ticket them for driving on the wrong side of the road and for the registration being expired. Then Latino noticed a crank pipe lying on the front passenger seat. A thorough search of the car turned up between fifty and sixty items of mail with personal information including names, addresses, stolen bills and checks. Latino said this was a precursor to identity theft. The car also held burglary tools. 

Officers arrested Sena Kirby, 34,  Cynthis Poaers, 19, and Anstead on felony charges of having more than $400 worth of stolen property. 

They remain in custody at the Lodi jail and will appear in court on Monday.