Memorial services set for fallen Galt police officer Kevin Tonn - News - Mobile

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Memorial services set for fallen Galt police officer Kevin Tonn

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Ralph Gerwing

Ralph Gerwing: Repost for readers here :> i find this story , very sad, for the Community of Galt. i have been following Acampo n Galt, Lodi, for some 4 years now. i have an Internet acquaintance , that lives not more than a few blocks from the shooting location. i hear the train horn from the rail line often, as i listen to her on Video Chat. the hand gun killings here happen far to often. i read these news feeds, and have clipped most stories. it comes down to youth, being irresponsible, youth acting out in hostility and family values not being supported by adult male members of the community. " gun killings have to stop!" Men, young men, n adult boys, get together, talk this out, talk about what manhood really means, my internet acquaintance, tells me, of these happenings, and near happenings, " most often " she things it is getting very bad, Please men get together on this, Fill a community center, n talk this over. i love my internet acquaintance so much " sisters " that i am willing to come down from Vancouver Canada, and help out. Do some serious thinking of what has just gone down. Your community deserves your best effort rtg.

Friday, January 18, 2013, 6:26 pm