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Where gangs collide in Lodi: A rash of violence in a 50-block area

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Welcome to the discussion.


  • William Dawes posted at 7:23 pm on Mon, Nov 26, 2012.

    William Dawes Posts: 116

    Mr. Chaney, I recognize the diatribe of the people that allowed California to become 47th from 5th, in the nation. Keep that diatribe up, and we WILL reach the bottom 50. The urban Ghetto/gang culture is a cancer. I saw what it did to L.A. County when I grew up there.
    Ms. Mounce, who lives in the area, was warned about this gang increase coming up, a few years ago. The warning was not taken seriously. It's not just a few bad eggs , it is a whole culture that cosmopolitans protect as "just another culture", never doing anything to solve the problem.
    I think the article speaks for me. They were gang members. My family originally came from Chicago, and we know about the history of the bigger, badder gangs.
    Mr. Gomez has it right. They are urban terrorists and should be dealt with as such. If you are going to be one of those, "I don't profile people", then fine, you just made the profile of a typical victim on the street. The evidence is there, Mr. Chaney, you just choose to ignore it. Been there, seen the communities, worked with the people. You, on the other hand, are just talking while California goes further down the charts on quality of living while the homicide rate goes up. Keep deluding yourself.
    The 99 Freeways create a main artery for drugs, murders, rapists, kidnappers, etc. from Los Angeles to Lodi. Next town is what? Galt? you tell me what town on the 99 South of Lodi does not have a contingent or Nortenos or Surenos or both. LOL ask the CHP. They all do. Repeat after me, Mr. Chaney, the 99 Freeway is a main artery for Mexican gang activity. Go on, you can do it.

  • Mariachi Tesoro posted at 4:25 pm on Fri, Nov 4, 2011.

    PithyOpiner Posts: 43

    Can't we just encourage the Nortenos and the Surenos to knock each other off? Seems like that is the answer to Lodi's gang problem.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 10:39 pm on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Mr. Dawes, do you actually have proof that these were gangs or illegal aliens? Did you stop and ask them? And where are all these little Mexican comunities along 99? How do you know they don't care less about American culture, principles or speaking English? Do you actually know many that cross the border have green cards or documents and have just as much right to be here as you do? You need to get rid of that chip on your shoulder and quit generalizing people any ethnicity by the bad apples. Those bad apples are in every group, right?

  • Richard Turner posted at 6:12 pm on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    Richard Turner Posts: 80

    Darrell ...you are a very civil and polite person and it is a pleasure to discuss matters with you ...I only wish we could have met in person before I left lodi!!! many blessings to you and yours .

  • William Dawes posted at 3:43 pm on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    William Dawes Posts: 116

    Darrell the story you told sounds real as I know of someone that had that happen to them in a parking lot down in So. Calif. She quickly got out of the car, threw the keys inside and locked the car. Then she ran into the nearby store. Once they realized they could not car jack her, they left.

  • William Dawes posted at 3:34 pm on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    William Dawes Posts: 116

    LOL This is amazing!!!!

    I have to drive to Los Angeles along the 99 freeway from time to time. The illegal aliens and gangs have created little Mexican colonies all along the 99 freeway. The majority of their kids could care less about American culture, principles, or speaking English, and it is pretty obvious when they start a California public school in Kindergarten and by High School still have language assistance paid for by We The People.

    The illegal aliens have taken all the high school student starter jobs so our kids grow up with NO money management skills. Then citizens have to complete with illegal aliens for college money.

    Label gang members what they are, "urban terrorists" then force the Feds, who claim only they can deal with illegal immigrants, take down the gangs.

    Oh people that cross our border are legally " illegal aliens" despite the "feel good" idea that the media and the left call them "undocumented immigrants". Baloney they are aliens and that's ALL!!!!

  • Darrell Baumbach posted at 1:34 pm on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    Darrell Baumbach Posts: 9405

    Richard... I do not know this first hand.... but this woman , who I have know for years, met with my wife and discussed this with her... when I heard the account, I had questions and thought there was more to the story, but I have no reason to doubt it... I had the same reaction as you, which is why I posted this. It surprises me as I cannot imagine what the motivation would be for these kids, since she was no threat to them not to mention was an older lady. The other thing was that it was at 3:00 PM in broad daylight. Personally, I have not seen any problems and feel safe and will walk Lodi like I always do... I only post this so people can be alert and keep an eye out for unusual happens like this...

  • Richard Turner posted at 12:30 pm on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    Richard Turner Posts: 80

    Darrell ....Really? Do you know this first hand? If this is true it should be in the paper to warn people but,,,,it kinda sounds far fetched.....My friend Shad works for L P D I will have to ask him...I guess I left California just in Time!! Though I would tend to believe you more than some of the other posters on here, if it is true its pretty scary!!

  • Darrell Baumbach posted at 9:17 am on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    Darrell Baumbach Posts: 9405

    A friend of my wife ( lady in her 60's) was driving to Stockton from Lodi by herself late last week on Hutchens which turned in to West Lane. While still in the Lodi area, three cars with at least 4 males in each car terrified this lady. One car pulled directly in front, one car directly in back, and one car on the side. They were acting as a team and slowing down simultaneously and forcing her to pull over.
    Fortunately, a police car intervened and the three cars dispersed. The police car escorted this lady until she was safe.
    My guess is that we have a gang problem here in Lodi. I suggest keeping a cell phone handy for a 911 call is in order as well as keeping alert to what is happening around you. Please be careful people.

  • jeff brandt posted at 8:15 am on Mon, Jun 27, 2011.

    jeff brandt Posts: 7

    What we have here is a dilemma. The police cannot stop the gang problem. The problem lies in the district attorney's office and the prison system. The DA's office isn't pushing for stiff sentences or gang enhancements. Instead, they offer them sweet plea deals where they get time served or a short stint in the county jail with probation (which NEVER works). It was this way before the budget issues, too.

    The prison system has failed us as well. It has become a money-sucking black hole which is bankrupting our society. Prisons need to be self-sufficient, or at least more-so than they are. Instead of inmates watching flat screen TV's all day, they should be working in the fields, doing the work that the illegal immigrants come here to do. Prison (and jail) should not be a place that people don't mind visiting. It should be Hell. And we need more prisons. You can't fit 20 gallons of crap in a 10 gallon container, no matter how hard you try. Allowing these problems to exist in society is what is turning society into what it is. Pretending these street terrorists can be "rehabilitated" and become productive members of society is a joke! Whoever is paroling these people should all be fired. They are not doing their job.

    The problems go WAY beyond the local beat cop or even the chief. Don't blame them. The criminal justice system is way too liberal and broken. Once society realizes that, and comes together to fix it, then things can change. Until then, buckle up, its gonna get rough.

  • Josh Morgan posted at 11:07 pm on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Josh Morgan Posts: 541

    Hmmmm...that's an interesting statement Doug. I've spoken to all five council members who have told me gangs and drugs are a huge problem in our community. I'm also a believer that Super Walmart and Reynolds Ranch help employ people. It's a no-brainer that where's there's high concentration of unemployment there are high crime areas. One of these days why don't you speak directly with these individuals who you put words into their mouths. But I guess that wouldn't be any fun for you any more. It's much more fun to speculate and make stuff up.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 9:26 pm on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Ms. Evans, Lodi doesn't have a gang problem, just ask them. Mayor Bob can more than likely substantiate that for you. Reynolds Ranch and superWalmart are more important than admitting to a higher than normal gang and drug problem, especially crystal meth and the deadly black tar heroin now being sold freely here.

  • Linda Evans posted at 4:42 pm on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Linda Evans Posts: 16

    I thought that at one time we had a special gang task force. Is that gone now? Was that one of the cutbacks?

  • Gary Musto posted at 10:20 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Gary Musto Posts: 506

    Very well written posts Mr. Rhoads, lot of good info.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 9:14 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Jay, I've made some very important contacts in the last week and a half and soon there will be a meeting set up to pursue Impact Lives in livable, lovable and the naive citizenry that think there's no gang and drug problem here. However, I don't count on much involvement from LPD, city of Lodi or the good old boys and wealthy who live in their gated, armed guarded, once pricey estates. The one major issue that everyone seems to be overlooking is that we're a group to provide help and counseling to these youths, many of whom don't like their present lifestyle. I do hope the new chief is willing to go against the negative grain that voted no confidence in regards to Chief Gary Benincasa beecoming the new chief and instill the integrity and pride that LPD supposedly once had. We'll see how the blue man dominant group lets the new police chief ply his craft.

  • Raymond Cook posted at 8:47 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Raymond Cook Posts: 125

    Doug Chaney posted at 1:15 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011. "Mr. Jackson, you really are naive or just plain stupid."

    Doug why is everyone (Stupid) who doesn't follow the beat of your drum?

    LNS Rule #5: Be nice.
    No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.

    Why can't ya follow the same rules EVERY other blogger agreed to when they logged into LNS Doug?

    You have the right to disagree with any comment, but come on, have some respect for yourself and others.

    If folks here unloaded on you every day as to what they think of all your posts, you'd be ashamed to ever post here again. But they don't and won't.

    News Flash for ya Doug:

    The world will never conform to what you want it to be, no matter how much you shout and stomp. It's just the way it is. We all must adapt to life. If ya bon't bend with the wind, like a tree, you will break.

    Doug; I try to look at Lodi thru your eyes, and I see so much anger and unhappiness in you. No one can understand why you feel the way you do because we have not walked in your shoes.

    But one thing is clear:

    If I lived in a town that made me "Misreable", I would move to a place where I was happier. You nor I am getting younger, my friend. Why isn't some level of happiness important to you anymore?

  • Raymond Cook posted at 8:39 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Raymond Cook Posts: 125

    Well Doug; rather then discuss the merits or existence of the "Elusive" GOB's, and all your other conspiracy theories that "I admit" Amuse us.... I will sum up this blog in (3) Questions for you to answer (If you have the guts).

    #1: Do you as an individual believe that if a hispanic encounters a DUI/Lincense checkpoint and has been drinking and is deemed a DUI suspect, that because they are hispanic, that they should not be held accountable under the law?

    #2: Do you as an individual believe that if a hispanic encounters a DUI/Lincense checkpoint and it is determined that they HAVE NO LICENSE that because they are hispanic, that they should not be held accountable under the law?

    #3: Do you as an individual believe that if a hispanic encounters a DUI/Lincense checkpoint and it is determined that they HAVE NO INSURANCE that because they are hispanic, that they should not be held accountable under the law?

    That's the bottom line Doug!

    You can't stand on the fence and commend the Police for doing something right, and on the other hand, gripe that the police are arresting and impounding the vehicles of those who feel that they are above the law.

    If any of us break the law... we risk facing the "Consequences." On the one hand we may get away, on the other, we aee blue lights.

    Everyone is expected to obey the law Doug, EVERYONE of all races.

    If I were to go deer hunting... I would try to pick a location where I had a chance to bag a deer. It's just common sense Doug. If LPD is focusing on the East side, if may be that they feel for the manpower and monies spent to protect the public the eastside may produce the best results.

    I understand you've had rough spots in your life... we all have.

    The difference between everyone and the life experiences they went through is whether those experiences make us bitter, or a better person.

    I have asked you over the years Doug to run for City Council. I offered to put out as many posters for you as I could, to allow you to "Make a difference" in Lodi. To shape a NEW destiny for Lodi, to root out the corrupt "Good Old Boys" but year after year you choose to NOT toss your hat into the ring.

    Running for office is hard work Doug, and complaining is very easy work.

    Your comments rarely are seen as "Positive".... just negative. No one likes to see someone unhappy person.

    One must ask themselves....Why would someone who posts so many conspiracy theories against a town and those who run it or are a part of it stay in a town that makes them so unhappy?

    I don't have an answer for ya Doug.

    But I do hope one day you find happiness in yourself and the town you live in.

  • Jay Samone posted at 8:16 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Jay Samone Posts: 359

    Kenny! Great to see you post on this article. You might remember me as that blonde hottie secretary you once had.......wink wink.....You and I both know this town has NO CLUE as to what's going on. I attended a birthday party yesterday and one of these 30 something fools said, there's no crime in Lodi - we only had ONE HOMICIDE here last year. Once another individual mentioned the latest round of crap going on over there in the past couple of weeks - one woman laughed and said, at my work we call that a twofer - one's dead and the other's in for life. Unbelievable. NO CLUE. Considering the passage of AB109 in April, corrections as we know it will literally be obsolete. If anyone in this town has any idea of what they think is going on, once we're all laid off and these fools are released, all hell's gonna break loose. No scare tactics, just reality. Once I hit the unemployment line - since AB109's passage we're all pretty much toast - I'm going to start hitting up old contacts and get Impact Lives resurrected. Seems like now would be a good time - don't you think?

    Kenny - you need to hit me up offline so we can chit chat about what's going on over in the adult side........

  • Richard Turner posted at 6:15 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Richard Turner Posts: 80

    Mr Chaney....You are very strange...why would you sit and watch a check point? you seem like you obsess in proving that illegals are right and anyone who disagrees is wrong...and how dare you call some one stupid for voicing their opinion? If a person is illegal then they are illegal , just the same as a shoplifter ...red light runner ..or unlicensed driver...the reason they don't have a license is because they entered our country illegally !!!! If you want a socialist country move to Cuba I think you might be very happy there!!

  • Joe Baxter posted at 6:00 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Joe Baxter Posts: 1913

    Doug Chaney wrote, "None appeared to be DUI/impaired driver related and all those who were ordered from their vehicles were seemigly of Mexican descent."

    I say, good for LPD. Their cars were towed for a reason. They were BREAKING THE LAW. What part of that concept escapes your mental acuity? I don't give a rats behind what ethnicity they are, breaking the law is breaking the law. Are you suggesting that because they are young struggling mexicans we should give them a pass for not obeying California vehicle laws?
    Spending an hour observing a DUI/license checkpoint is about as sad as it gets. Get a life.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 1:20 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Josn and Mr. Jackson think these are just a bunch of dumb, young Mexicans. That's the ignorance of the old guard that has died out in Lodi and is now being replaced by La Familia and La Nuestro. If this city doesn't come out of their denial soon, it will be too late. Or maybe some of our good old boys and city leaders are caught up in the corruption themselves?

  • Doug Chaney posted at 1:16 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    I just spent over an hour tonight observing the DUI/license checkpoint along with a resident who lives across the street. My observation tells me that this should have been a border/license checkpoint from the number of tow trucks (7) parked conveniently at the old Geweke Ford dealership on Cherokee Lane waiting for the next racial profiling suspect, who also happened to be mostly younger Mexican families, that were ordered into the dealership parking lot and whose vehicles were conveniently driven up behind the next lucky tow truck owners' vehicle, which was parked with the tow ramp facing toward the vehicle being towed, and then chained up and pulled onto the tilted ramp of those nice, new, spiffy tow vehicles which then sped away to their respective impound yards to shortly return to wait their next tow away victim. My resident friend and I estimated at that time they were averaging a tow every five minutes at the most. None appeared to be DUI/impaired driver related and all those who were ordered from their vehicles were seemigly of Mexican descent. I left after over an hour of just observing the methodology of the so-called DUI checkpoint feeling that this was just but another racial profiling checkpoint conducted on the eastside of Lodi by LPD to bolster the coffers of the city of Lodi, LPD and the tow truck and impound yard operators. Why was there a need for 7 tow vehicles to be waiting at this DUI checkpoint when the largest number of DUI's in the recent checkpoints was 3 and oftentimes only 1, when these tow vehicles could be on call for so few tow jobs unless there was a licence checkpoint sting on the eastside? If nothing else, this event should prompt a grand jury investigation. Was Mr. Geweke given a nice gratuity for the use of his dealership property to serve as a tow vehicle rendezvous point? How do these tow company and impound yard owners share in the profits? Why so many people involved in such a simple DUI checkpoint event that has only ever netted no more than 3 DUI's? There had to be at least 20 personnel, including the senior cops and not counting the motorcycle officers who were madly racing up and down Cherokee Lane for one reason or another? Isn't it a dangerous practice for those motorcycle officers to be making fast, sharp u-turns on Cherokee at night on a very low visible motorcycle without sirens or flashing lights? No wonder the Mexican gangs are up in arms in Lodi. What a cowardly way to line the coffers of the greedy by targeting the poor Hispanic, Mexican and Pakistani area of town time after time rather than on the evenings of the great white wine tasting events? I should hope the ACLU decides to come to town for a weekend leadership summit soon. Oh, and Josh, up yo nose with a rubber hose! From Vinny?

  • Doug Chaney posted at 1:15 am on Sun, Jun 26, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Mr. Jackson, you really are naive or just plain stupid.

  • Ken Rhoads posted at 7:17 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Ken Rhoads Posts: 17

    Mr. Jacobs, I believe your right. The gang problem has always been here, however the EME has found its way to Lodi and once entrenched, they are here to stay. There will never be enough officers to stop the fighting. Think about it, gangs have been around for a long time, the only thing that has changed is the players and the turf.
    The EME is the Italian Mafia of our time and consider themselves the New Mafia, but are the "OG's" of the California Penal system. They are very disciplined, very organized and are making a move on Lodi and other Northern areas. Believe me, the ENE is going to fight back to maintain their turf. The only thing Lodi PD can do now is be diligent in their homework and intelligence gathering and attempt to manage the players.
    The consequences of the gang problem are the issues Mr. Chapman alluded to in his blog. Urban blight. Remember, it is about turf for illegal activity. Drug and weapons trafficing, extortion, etc. The more turf you have the more money you generate. Once a gang is established, it spreads like a wild fire. The gangs rely on people getting hooked on dope. People will do whatever to feed their addiction and the gangs know that.
    Mismanagement of our tax dollars by our Federal, State and Local leaders just compounds the problems of urban blight and public safety. But the gangs don't live by those rules anyways so we can talk all the conspiracy theory we want and the problem is still here.

  • Jackson Scott posted at 7:07 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Jackson Scott Posts: 392

    Doug is a conspiracy theorist? Who knew? rofl....

    Honestly, I can predict what Doug's post will say after I read the article in the print edition before I go to work.

    The best posts are when its a subject about LUSD and somehow he spins it back to the wealthy white elite GOB's, the CC, the Three Ayemeegos, etc etc. What does the School District and the COL have to do with one another? That's right, ZERO. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

  • Josh Morgan posted at 4:47 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Josh Morgan Posts: 541

    Doug, you're just plain wrong on this one. Of course the City Council, police department and east side property owners care about the gang problem. I'm aware of the fact that you know some Lodi police officers. They certainly not telling you they're not concerned about the gang problem. East side property owners don't want to deal with gang problems. It lowers their property values. You are to be commended for the work you do for the under privileged but your conspiracy theories just take away from your credibility.

  • Jackson Scott posted at 4:44 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Jackson Scott Posts: 392

    Oh, Doug, you big tease! Dangle the carrot out there and dont give us the reward?

    C'mon, since I'm not a wealthy elite GOB I have no idea who the Eastside Slumlords are that you speak of, so please name them!

    I will agree with you on some of these rebate scams being offered, it's BS. But, as usual, that's the game government plays.

    I do know of several others just like Robert Chapman. A few of my friends ended up owning houses on the eastside as their grandparents or parents passed away. Several tried renting for a while but experienced the same problems Mr. Chapman wrote of. Another sold their place on Central, just north of Pine St, after stray bullets hit their rental.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 4:10 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232


  • Doug Chaney posted at 4:07 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232


  • Doug Chaney posted at 2:44 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232


  • Doug Chaney posted at 2:35 pm on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Read this link and the blogs that are below the article for a preview of those interested in forming a gang intervention program in Lodi.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 11:20 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    As far as the "interview" with the unnamed ex-gang member, as long as they don't stand up and identify themselves, who knows that it's just not Marty spinning one of his tales again? The only true perspective in this article is from Ms. Cervantes, the educator, and Mr. Jose Gomez, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting and who was the keynote speaker along with his partner, Jaime, at the foum that I chaired in 2009 at the police community center meeting room, which was sparsely attended, and as soon as I find my notes and dates, I'll post more information about Impact Lives, their goals and mission statement that we were hoping to accomplish. These two aforementioned, dedicated people offer the best perspective on the gang problem here in Lodi first hand. I hope that a new gang intervention program that put on a great presentation on gang prevention and the programs they offer to help these troubled youths, and adults, will have better success than Impact Lives met with LPD and your livable, lovable city council members, at least the one that bothered to attend the gang forum sponsored by Impact Lives in 2009? That presentation was last Tuesday at the Carnegie Forum conducted by the Lodi Improvement Committee and not one council, LPD or other interested community members bothered to attend. This town has such a pathetic council and management team, along with LPD, that only seem to be worried about their pet developers, realtors, and wealthy who seem to issue the orders in livable, lovable Lodi, and are interested in merely lining the pockets of these entities while creating large assets of their own.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 10:52 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Don't forget to include the area west to Church Street and north to Turner Road. Just another denial by your fearless city leaders. Mr. Chapmn, the one that don't care about those neighborhoods are the greedy landlords who refuse to keep their properties livable and managable and who only care about the rent check or cash and keeping it occupied. Would you have the gonads to complain if you were one of those illegal or undocumented tenants for fear of being outed or evicted? I delivered groceries to many properties on the eastside through a church group and I know first hand what some of these dumps look like and who the local landlords are. I could name names but I would embarrass some very influential in the Lodi area. Mr. Rhoads, thank you for being very explicit in your explanation of the gang problem, not only in Lodi, but all across the world. I was one of those youths, being in an Italian-Catholic gang when I was 8 years old. My job was to steal for them and in turn they gave me protection, confidence and love, the one thing I didn't get at home. living in a poor white area. I've been through the system myself and have been trouble free since 1972, with the exception of a firearms conviction in Bakersfield in 1987. That nearly sent me back into the system except for the fact that I was given a break by the Bakersfield PD for firing at a drug dealer who was dealing in front of my house and harrassing me. It was a very stupid mistake and anytime you play with firearms, that sense of being important having that shooter in your possession will get you into trouble and into the prison system for years to come. To quote the officer who escorted me to jail: You should've blown his effin' head off. I only wanted to scare him and if it weren't for the fact that the SWAT team that arrested me attested to the fact that there were two eyewitnesses who testified that they had been harrassing myself and two other concerned neighbors each time they were at the park adjacent to my residence I was lucky to have the charge dropped to a misdemeanor and relinquish my three firearms to the Bakersfield PD. I learned my lesson a little in life and thus my desire to work with anyone that needs help to change their unwanted gang oriented lifestyle. Now you know where my passion and words of experience come from. I'm not just some naive Lodian who is in denial that this little, corrupted town needs cleaning up from city council to the well heeled, rich white folks who are used to calling the shots in livable, lovable Lodi.

  • Ken Rhoads posted at 10:14 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Ken Rhoads Posts: 17

    I work in the California Prison System and can tell you exactly what the problems are. 1.) The CDCR-Department of Juvenile Justice houses youths from the ages of 13-25. The worst of the worst, most violent of the violent. There was a time when our youth population was close to 14,000. As a result of the states current fiscal crisis and inmate and advocacy lawsuits in the billions of dollars, the state has reformed the system. The California Legislatures answer was to let inmates go home or transfer authority back to the counties. As a result there are only 1,600 youthful offenders in the system today. They have also eliminated state parole for Youthful Offenders and transferred jurisdiction back to the counties. The counties are broke and don't have the resources and did not have the time to make plans to accept these inmates. 2). The EME and ENE prison gangs recruit Sureno's and Norteno's in the Youth and Prison System. The EME has been expanding drug operations nationally and now have more soldiers and missions runners on the streets as a result of the closer of multiple Southern and Northern institutions where Sureno's were housed. It is about territory for them to traffic drugs and weapons with the ultimate goal of making money and to expand their cause. The EME wants to control this area and don't care how small your town or city is. Have to go for now but there is a whole lot more to this gang thing.

  • Richard Turner posted at 10:13 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Richard Turner Posts: 80

    Sorry Doug ,but I just moved from Calaveras street and you are just plain wrong!!

  • Robert Jacobs posted at 9:48 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Robert Jacobs Posts: 298

    This is an excerpt from this story:
    "Others say the cutbacks in public safety and a renewed turf war have spurred activity amongst the gangs."

    This is what this story is all about, the fact that law enforcement want to keep their jobs and nothing more!

    This kind of gang crap has been going on for at least two decades in Lodi and Stockton and the police can't even come close to stopping it. To their credit they do try... If Lodi or Stockton had another 1000 officers on the streets they still couldn't stop this or even slow it down much!

    Why? Because these knucleheads (gangsters) don't care about their own lives, if they go to prison or if they die! What makes anyone think more police is going to scare them into stopping? Everytime one is arrested and put in prison there are ten to take their places!

    Lets get real here, gangs are here to stay just like drugs are! And no one and nothing is going to slow them down let alone stop them!

  • Robert Chapman posted at 9:42 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Bob Chapman Posts: 997

    Mr. Chaney, at one time I owned two rentals in the "50 block" areal mentioned in this article. I bought them many, many years ago before all this crap started. I had decent renters that kept the properties up and I was always working on them myself to make them decent homes. As time went on, the only people that would live in that area were immigrants. From that day on, they trashed the houses and yards. I would paint, plant and make them nice units again only to have renters destroy them, I sold them because I was fighting a losing battle and the cost and time involved wasn't worth it anymore. Drive though that area and look at the blight. Some people just don't care about anything.

  • Raymond Cook posted at 9:22 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Raymond Cook Posts: 125

    It's no secret that LPD and the Courts "KNOW" which suspects, adult and juvenile are (Undocumented)... Illegally in America. If LPD and the Vourts were to work with "ICE" agents, and help them to be deported, the Gang problems in Lodi would be greatly reduced, but not elliminated. Until California and other states take a serious role in Deportation of especially (Gang thugs) Crime against people, property and murder will only increase.

  • Doug Chaney posted at 8:58 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Doug Chaney Posts: 1232

    Mr. Turner, a great majority of these so-called illegal immigrants you refer to are United States citizens, just like yourself. They're stuck in Lodi again in the poorer, blighted rundown areas of eastside Lodi where many homes are rentals and ramshackle outdated apartment dwellings, owned by many of the well-connected, influential and real estate "investors" of Lodi, charging high rents to anyone that can pony up the cash, sometimes no questions asked. Until this city council can stand up and make some kind of effort to require these slumlords to monitor and maintain their properties and control their tenants by ensuring they are legal immigrants with proper paperwork or charge them with harboring illegal criminals, and require these landlords to maintain their properties in a clean, livable condition. Those landlords who qualify for the $4000 weatherization program through their rental properties who are proven to have the resources financially that have failed to maintain their properties in a clean, livable condition that have purposely let those properties develop into blighted, unsanitary condition should be required to pay for those "weatherization" improvements themselves and not with county funding money. Many of these landloords are the real slumlords of eastside Lodi and are local well-known, well-connected, influential Lodi area residents and include some in city of Lodi management and council positions, even past mayors of livable, lovable Lodi. That list should also include the local developers, realtors and property management companies. Those who are taking advantage of this weatherization $4000 gimme on a multiple basis should be listed, along with the address of their properties and just what improvements were made and the cost of the funding. This would be a great starting point to clean up the slum rentals on the eastside where most of the gang activities are purported to occur and require all landlords, including management companies, private investors, local realtor companies and families, along with developers to ensure all residents of Lodi, not just the eastside, are ensured that the financially endowed who own those rental properties provide a safe, clean neighborhood in which to live.

  • Richard Turner posted at 7:38 am on Sat, Jun 25, 2011.

    Richard Turner Posts: 80

    new immigrants ? why not call it what it is ...illegal immigrants. This is what is wrong in lodi know one will address the real problem !! not just gangs but jobs too!! Two weeks ago I moved to Allentown Pa. after living in Lodi for 38 years , I have watched the town change and recently it got really really bad. so when our gram went into a retirement home ,we bought her house and moved here to take care of her and start over . Let me tell you I live in a very mixed community and there is crime but I can walk down the street and every person smiles and says hello !! people don't judge you by the color of your skin . there are no big groups of gangs on the corner "dogging" you as you go by!! there is an illegal problem here but it is not even close to Lodi!! Two weeks and I have already found work!! I am not saying that all illegals are bad people ...actually it is not there fault, but lodi caters to them ,why wouldn't you want to be there !! Take a look at Carls jr. can you honestly tell me that the only people to apply there or that are qualified to work there are older Hispanic ladies? It hurts me to even have to write this..I love that little town!! I hope all of you there stay safe and live a long happy life ...please don't consider me racist for I am not . But lodi is what it is and it wont change until you address the real problem. God bless and good day.



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