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Gun classes for Galt teachers?

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advocate: I'm not a Galtonian and I don't mind reading some of the important articles, such as this, but I find that the Lodi News Sentinel completely disregards the important issues in Lodi. My pet peeve is seeing all of these articles about the Galt schools, city council and feel good stories while the reporting on issues in Lodi, such as last week's city council giving four management personnel a 15% raise, and the complete disregard of reporting on any Lodi city council meetings, especially the "secret" 7AM Tuesday morning shirtsleeve meetings which seem to be scheduled at that horrible early morning hour to keep residents away and where many important agenda items are brought for public discussion and passed while no one ever gets the info, thanks to your newspaper, unlike Galt, where even their paltry police log shows up in print. What is wrong with giving Lodians the same coverages on council and school district meetings as Galt gets?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 9:51 am