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Lodi High's 'spunky' class graduates

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Posted: Friday, May 30, 2008 10:00 pm

Thousands of friends, family and educators packed the Lodi Grape Bowl on Friday evening to watch the culmination of a 13-year-long journey for hundreds of Lodi High School seniors.

As the soon-to-be graduates donned in red and white robes marched in the stadium's back parking lot, members of the crowd burst into a roaring applause, signifying a job well done.

Not knowing where they're favorite grad might be, mothers and fathers scoured the sea of red and white in search of the fruits of 18 years of labor.

"What we have here before us tonight is truly the best that Lodi Unified School District has to offer," said Ken Davis, Lodi Unified's board president.

To kick off the ceremony, Davis gave the Class of 2008 a, perhaps unprecedented, four F's.

"We have not given them F's; otherwise they would not be here," Davis said.

He urged the graduates to keep family, friends, faith and fun close to their hearts as they begin the rest of their treks through life.

Senior Class President Andreana Rocha snubbed a more traditional oration in favor of a poem, in which she managed to mention Principal Bill Atterberry shaving his head four years ago, the loss of the Pigskin and Gingham dances, and hiding from campus supervisors who would lecture girls for the length of their shorts.

"The past four years you have been a spunky group," said Jackie Heinrich, the 2007 teacher of the year.

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Heinrich presented social science teacher and "one-woman-dynamo" Mishell Wolff with the 2008 teacher of the year award, which she won based on student votes.

Atterberry honored both valedictorian Megan Spencer and runner-up Megan Gritsch, whose race for the top seat came down to a thousandth of a grade point average point.

Spencer giggled a bit before reaching the microphone to give her speech.

"I'm just soaking it all in," she said.

Polished from her efforts on the speech and debate team, Spencer focused on the Class of 2008 - and all others present - imagining what they want to be and being it.

She honored fellow senior Michael Harrich, who will be attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, and all of her peers going into the military, as well as Lodi High's many engineering students and the first-generation Americans who Friday night became first-generation American high school graduates.

A wind-whipped Spencer had to pause as a gust nearly flew away with her speech.

She recovered to give a last piece of advice to her class.

"I want nothing more in the whole world than for you to be happy. That's what it's all about," she said.

Pods with in the crowd erupted in applause and cheers as Atterberry called out each of the graduates names.

Some grads ran to give their favorite teachers a hug. Others shook their fists in the air as if to say, "Yes, I did it."

Still others mugged for the camera, their first pictures as high school graduates.

After the stack of diplomas were dispersed throughout the grads, Atterberry instructed the former high school students to place their tassels on the other side of their caps, and proclaimed them all graduates of Lodi High.

The graduates finished the ceremony by shaping their hands into L's as they belted out their alma mater.

After the ceremony, Jordan Whitley searched the field, looking for someone to hug.

Upon finding his friends, he leapt into the air to bump chests with them.

"It's a good feeling," he said about the night.

Jorge Zamora stood silently, just grinning from ear to ear.

"I never thought it would come," he said. "It's finally here."

And two-time national rodeo champion and graduate Cody Hedland mixed with the friends and relatives there to congratulate him.

Craig Evans, father of twins Jason and Ryan Evans, reflected on the years that just seemed to move way too quickly.

"It seemed like yesterday they were in kindergarten," he said.

And graduate Katie Warmerdam just smiled, thankful that she completed all her requirements.

"It's been an interesting journey," said Al Warmerdam, Katie's father.

Interesting, he said, but very successful nonetheless.

Contact reporter Amanda Dyer at amandad@lodinews.com.

Lodi High awards

AAUW Scholarship - $500

  • Megan Spencer

Advanced Optometry Scholarship - $300

  • Robert Dickerson

Alex Spanos Scholarship - $1,000

  • Robert Dickerson

Don Smith Athletic Award, Female

  • Alexandria Ehlers

Don Smith Athletic Award, Male

  • Michael Weybret

Elvera Melby Athletic Award

  • Katelyn Griffin

James Conklin Athletic Award

  • Ryan Carleton

Azusa Pacific University Founders Award - $26,000 over four years

  • Emeli Warren

Azusa Pacific University Grant - $6,000 over four years

  • Shayna Fong

Azusa Pacific University President's Scholarship - $40,000 over four years

  • Shayna Fong

Bank of America Achievement Award, Applied Arts - $500

  • Nicholas Iturraran

Best Buy Community Scholarship - $1,500

  • Megan Spencer

Betty J. Williams Memorial Scholarship - $500

  • Jessica Almazan
  • Lacey Crabill
  • Johnathan Herold
  • Katie Keen
  • Claudia Navarro
  • Jonathan Newman
  • Daisy Ortega
  • Crystal Prag

Bill Bowers Memorial Scholarship - $750

  • Katie Fish
  • Brian Nolton

California Capital Airshow Scholarship - $1,000

  • Paul Kemalyan

California Retired Teachers Association - $1,000

  • Crystal Prag

California Women for Agriculture - $500 over two years

  • Michael Fuso

Cabrillo Civic Club Scholarship - $500

  • Alexander Daneke
  • Lauren Fromm

Cal Alumni Leadership Award - University of California, Berkeley - $1,500

  • Johnathon Clemons
  • Nicholas Iturraran
  • Noel Pacheco

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University Grants

  • Jacob Pearson - $13,704
  • Robert Dickerson - $36,716 over four years

California Alarm Association Scholarship - $2,000

  • Nicholas Iturraran

California Scholarship Federation - $500

  • Elizabeth Combs
  • Nicholas Iturraran
  • Katie Keen
  • Maria Zarefakis

Cash for College Scholarship - $1,000

  • Jennifer Flemmer

CB Merchant Services - $500

  • Jacob Pearson

CIF Dale Lacky Award - $500

  • Katelyn Griffin

Comcast Leaders & Achievers - $1,000

  • Katelyn Griffin

Corvettes of Lodi - $300

  • Tim Lee

California School Employees Association - $200

  • Katie Fish
  • Ryan Flynn
  • Kelsey Skaggs

CSU Stanislaus President's Scholarship - $50,000 over four years

  • Melissa Levy

CSU Stanislaus University Grants - $36,152 over 4 years

  • Maria Zarefakis

Daniel Webster College Grants & Scholarships - $99,924 over four years

  • Paul Kemalyan

DAR Good Citizen's Award - $100

  • Nicholas Iturraran

Donald E. Fehling Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

  • Eric Hill

Eleanora P. Touhey Memorial Scholarship - $8,500

  • Ryan Flynn
  • Megan Spencer

Elk Grove Education Association - $500

  • John Clemons

Elks Most Valuable Student Competition

  • Ryan Flynn - $600
  • Nicholas Iturraran - $500
  • Harrison Meyers - $300
  • Megan Spencer - $600
  • Megan Spencer - $60,000 over four years
  • Megan Spencer - $300

Every Student Succeeding Award

  • Rameen Nikzat

Flying J Scholarship - $2,000

  • Megan Spencer

Frank Stocking Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

  • Marissa Heystee

Fresno Pacific University Scholarships & Grants - $57,556 over four years

  • Joshua Ballesteros

Fresno Pacific University Athletic Scholarship - $10,000 over four years

  • Joshua Ballesteros

Friedberger Educational Fund - $3,790

  • Daisy Ortega
  • Maria Zarefakis

Gary Simas Agricultural Scholarship - $500

  • Michael Fuso

General Mills Challenge U Scholarship - $2,500

  • Ashley Campbell
  • Crystal Cuenca
  • Nikki Domingo
  • Juan B. Garcia
  • Alejandra Guerrero
  • Paul Kemalyan
  • Marleen Leon
  • Francisco Magana
  • Fabiola Medina
  • Rameen Nikzat
  • Crystal Prag
  • Megan Spencer
  • Ana Vega

Gilbert Nunez Jr. Nerds Club Scholarship - $500

  • Robert Benapfl
  • Francisco Magana

Haute Couture Society Scholarship - $1,600

  • Katie Fish

Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards, Journalism - $2,000

  • Daisy Ortega

Horatio Alger Scholarship - $2,500

  • Rameen Nikzat
  • Crystal Prag
  • Megan Spencer

Jiffy Lube Scholarship - $1,000

  • Megan Gritsch

John & Wesley Nigren Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 over four years

  • David Ishida

John Fletcher Student Government Scholarship - $250

  • Francisca Ortiz

John Giannoni Sr. Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

  • Kelsey Skaggs

Kiwanis Club of Greater Lodi - $1,000

  • Lacey Crabill
  • Lauren Fromm
  • Crystal Prag

Lodi Chamber Hispanic Committee

  • Leticia Araujo - $350
  • Francisco Magana - $500
  • Daisy Ortega - $500

Lodi Education Association Scholarship

  • Crystal Prag - $1,000
  • Maria Zarefakis - $500

Lodi Garden Club - $500

  • Michael Fuso

Lodi Grape Festival "Bucks for Books" - $1,000

  • John Clemons
  • Lacey Crabill
  • Lauren Fromm
  • Megan Spencer

Lodi High Football Scholarships - $500

  • Ryan Carleton
  • Eric Hill
  • Kevin Luiz
  • Cody Majernik
  • Ryne Mettler
  • Josh Niemeyer
  • Brian Nolton

Lodi Kiwanis Club Dutch Williams Scholarship - $500

  • Cassie Buchanan
  • Brian Nolton

Lodi Kiwanis Club Jim Areida Scholarship - $1,500

  • Crystal Prag

Lodi Lions Club Scholarship - $1,000

  • Crystal Prag

Lodi Mexican Catholic Federation Scholarship - $750

  • Daisy Ortega

Lodi Rotary Club - $1,000

  • Nicholas Iturraran

Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club - $500

  • Rachel Allen
  • Lauren Fromm
  • Megan Gritsch
  • Francisco Magana

Lodi Women's Club - $500

  • Lacey Crabill

Lodi Youth Commission - $1,000

  • Megan Spencer

Lodi-Tokay Rotary Club - $500

  • Erica Naves

Lodi-Woodbridge Rose Society - $300

  • Michael Fuso
  • Eric Hill

Logan Joseph Vierra Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

  • Kyle Urban

LULAC Scholarship

  • Robert Dickerson - $500
  • Alba Hernandez - $500
  • Claudia Navarro - $300
  • Daisy Ortega - $500

LUSDAA Ellerth Larson Memorial Scholarship - $600

  • Maria Zarefakis

Maley-Thawley Foundation Scholarship

  • Ashley Campbell

MARC Club Scholarship

  • Kyle Beckman - $1,000
  • Paul Kemalyan - $1,000
  • Erica Naves - $500
  • Maria Zarefakis - $1,000

Mark Wheatley Memorial Scholarship - $450

  • John Clemons
  • Megan Gritsch

MECHA Club Scholarship - $300

  • Maribel Barajas
  • Alejandra Guerrero
  • Daisy Ortega

Meehleis Modular Industrial Arts Scholarship - $500 (renewable)

  • Nicholas Iturraran
  • Brian Nolton

Metro PCS Community Scholarship - $1,000

  • Megan Gritsch
  • Kelsey Skaggs

Modern Language Club - $200

  • Emily O'Dell

National Hispanic Recognition Program

  • Joseph Belasco
  • Robert Dickerson

Northern California Scholarship Foundation - $28,000 over four years

  • Paul Kemalyan

Nucor Foundation Community Scholarship - $12,000 over four years

  • Johnathon Clemons
  • Nicholas Iturraran

Omega Nu Freshman Scholarship - $1,500

  • Johnathon Clemons
  • Kelsey Skaggs

Omega Nu Vocational Scholarship - $300

  • Joscelyn Blomberg

Outback Steakhouse Scholarship - $350

  • Cori Buchanan

P.E.O. Sisterhood - Ruth Falls Nichols - $500

  • Kate Transon

Pacific Union College Grants - $55,564 over four years

  • Alba Hernandez

Pacific Union College Scholarships - $21,520 over four years

  • Alba Hernandez

PG&E Filipino Employees Association - $1,500

  • Megan Spencer

Phi Delta Kappa University of the Pacific Scholarship - $250

  • Lauren Fromm

Pinnacle Team Awards - $100

  • Kyle Beckman
  • Shayne Fong
  • Megan Gritsch
  • Shannon McOmber
  • Megan Spencer

Principia University Grant - $8,000

  • Lacey Crabill

Principia Whole Man Leadership Scholarship - $45,300 over four years

  • Lacey Crabill

Regional Occupational Program - $500

  • Lacey Crabill
  • Bradley Wuest

Robert & Amy K. Callow Memorial Scholarships

  • Kyle Beckman - $600
  • Robert Dickerson - $1,200
  • Paul Kemalyan - $1,200
  • Jacob Pearson - $600

Robert C. Byrd Scholarship - $6,000 over four years

  • Shannon McOmber
  • Megan Spencer

Robert Cabral Agricultural Scholarship - $1,000

  • Michael Fuso

Ross Crabill Memorial Scholarship

  • Katie Fish - $750
  • Erica Naves - $500
  • Daisy Ortega - $500
  • Jacob Pearson - $500

Sacramento Builders' Exchange Scholarship - $1,500

  • Megan Spencer

Sacramento State University Scholarship - $13,704

  • Daisy Ortega

San Joaquin Delta College Scholarships

  • Maribel Barajas - $3,102 over two years
  • Brandon Blair - $3,102 over two years
  • Shelby Cropper - $3,102 over two years
  • Stephanie Fuller - $3,100 over two years
  • Alejandra Guerrero - $3,100 over two years
  • Claudia Navarro - $3,102 over two years

San Joaquin Engineers Council - $1,500

  • Johnathon Clemons
  • Nicholas Iturraran

San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation Scholarship - $1,500

  • Michael Fuso

Schiffman Memorial Foundation Scholarship - $2,000

  • Justin Martin

Security Integration Scholarship - $1,000

  • Megan Spencer

Sheri's Sonshine Nutrition Center Scholarship - $300

  • Stacy Schafer

SJCC Christa McAuliffe Scholarship - $1,000

  • Johnathon Clemons
  • Katie Fish
  • Lauren Fromm
  • Johnathan Herold
  • Daisy Ortega

Delta College Academic Scholarship - $500

  • Alejandra Guerrero

Smittcamp Family Honors College at Fresno State - $37,076

  • Elizabeth Combs

Soroptimist International of Lodi - $500

  • Alba Hernandez

Stockton Builders' Exchange - $1,000

  • Lacey Crabill
  • Emily Edsell
  • Megan Spencer

Thomas Onoyama Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

  • Katelyn Griffin

U. P. P. E. C. Scholarship - $900

  • Alexander Daneke

UC Berkeley, Grants - $40,232

  • Kyle Beckman

UC Berkeley, Scholarship - $21,160

  • Kyle Beckman

United States Military Academy West Point - $400,000 over four years

  • Michael Charles Herrick

University of California - Davis Athletic Scholarship

  • Katelyn Griffin

University of California Los Angeles - Scholarships

  • Robert Benapfl - $44,832 over four years
  • Crystal Prag - $11,532

United States Marine Corps

  • David Edmunds
  • Wayne Weston

Wal-Mart Foundation Community Scholarship - $1,000

  • Daisy Ortega

UC Davis - Athletic Scholarship

  • Alexander Daneke

Lodi High graduates


Jacob Matthew Abba

Jeanette Saud Abdeljawad

Sarah Elizabeth Abney

Natalie Alane Adams

Todd Alan Adkins

Coral Sinai Aguirre

Nicole Lynn Albers

Adrienne Mayer Alegre

Maria E. Aliferis

Rachel Ariella Allen

Jessica Almazan Garcia

Channon Nikole Altman

Ana Maria Alvarado

Georgina Alvarado

Hilary Elyse Aman

Jonathan M. Amburn

Walter John Andersen

Amanda Elizabeth Anderson

Marcus Milo Anderson

Noelle Anderson

Amy Remedios Andrade

Jacie Michele Andrus

Christopher Hiroshi Angel

Felisha Monique Angele

Rodolfo Antonio

Yuridiana Aquino Martinez

Leticia Araujo

Alejandro Arias Jr.

Elizabeth Ann Armstrong

Ana Rosa Arroyo

John George Athanasiou

Mohammad Azhar


Matthew Ryan Bacon

Bethsaida Bahena

Joshua Ryan Ballesteros

Katherine Rose Bannister

Diana Barajas

Maribel Barajas

Mayra Barajas

Alaina Marie Barnes

Anthony Joseph Batterson

Kyle Andrew Beckman

Joseph Michael Belasco

Robert Allen Benapfl

Edgar Bermudez

Vanessa Brittney Besand

Colton Harrison Bickford

Courtney Morgan Bingham

Brandon Lee Blair

Marvin Blanco

Joscelyn Alexandria Blomberg

Roric Wilhelm Boese

Tyler Josef Bollinger

Elizabeth Ann Bowles

Elizabeth Anne Bristow

Bradley Albert Bristow

Shavon Mariah Brooks

Tyler Allen Brooks

Jonathon Jeffery Brown

Cindy Elaine Bryan

Derek James Bryant

Cassie Jordan Buchanan

Cori Ashlyn Buchanan

Ariadna Abigail Bueno

Brent Allen Burfield

Jessica Danielle Byers


Ashley Nichole Campbell

Katlyn Rae Camper

Michael Canela

Scott David Cannon

Alexandra Cantaloupi

Ana Laura Cantero

Ryan Michael Carleton

Jodi Marie Carlton

Amanda Richelle Carter

Erica Janet Casas

Jose Tabarez Castaneda

Chelsea Jean Castaneto

Koree Anne Cawelti

Jennifer Lynn Channing

Marbella Chavez

Devon Micheal Cheatham

Dylan Brent Chew

Emily O'Neal Clark

Alan Ray Claveran

Johnathon Lewis Clemons

Samuel David Coffaro

Elizabeth Marie Combs

Jacob Allan Conley

Travis Michael Connors

Sarah Jean Conrad

Clemente Ivan Contreras

Michael Anthony Coons

Jennie Kaohuaaionaalii Coughran

Martin Covarrubias

Lacey Jean Crabill

Shelby Ann Cropper

Ricardo Antonio Cruz

Crystal Gina Marie Cuenca


Alexander Hamilton Daneke

Cherish Elizabeth D'Angelo

William Russell Darsie

Trevor Thomas Davis

Daniella Marie Davison

Joseph DeAnda

Nicholas Adam Deanda

Heather Mychalle Diaz

Robert Jay Dickerson

Elyse Beverly Dickey

Nikki Rae Domingo

Charles Michael Dornbush

Ashley Elisia Douglas

Joshua Matthew Droge

Trevor Charles Drummond

JoJo Gustavo Dueñas

Alicia Anne Duncan

Angelica Raquel Durazo


David Montelle Edmunds

Emily Mariah Edsell

Alexandria Marie Ehlers

Alexa Rae Evans

Jason Craig Evans

Ryan Craig Evans


Madilynn Jo Farmer

Melissa Mary Fernandes

Katie Renee Fish

Jennifer L. Flemmer

Carina Leticia Flores

Michelle Flores

Ryan Mackenzie Flynn

Shayna Corinne Fong

Jennifer Nicole Foster

Veronica Y. Franco

Lauren Elizabeth Fromm

Stephanie Amberlynn Fuller

Michael Anthony Fuso


Sara Melissa Gaddy

Russell Guerrero Galanto

Marisela Garcia

Kirstyn Mercedes Garcia

Jesus Garcia

Maricela Garcia

Juan Bernardino Garcia

Daniel Gaytan

Chelsea Ann Giordano

Marcelo Gomez Gomez

Marlena Clorinda Gonzales

Brenda L. Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez Meza

Jamie Alyssa Gourley

Heather Rayne Green

Katelyn Marie Griffin

Megan Jewel Gritsch

Marcoantonio Guerrero

Maria Alejandra Guerrero Lara

Sarah Lindsey Guevara

Kristofer Cody Guptill

Aaron Lucas-Groen Gutierrez

Christopher Gutierrez Mercado

Elizabeth Guzman

Ryan Lee Gzyl


Melissa Nicole Harbin

Caitlyn Margaret Hartman

Bryan Robert Hathaway

Justin James Hathaway

Cody James Hedlund

Lorelynn Leny Heller

Alba Karelli Hernandez

Augusto Hernandez

Efren Hernandez

Gilberto Hernandez

Juan Hernandez

Michelle I. Hernandez

Tomas Hernandez

Emma Vaneza Hernandez

Israel Eden Hernandez

Johnathan James Herold

Michelle Herrera

Michael Charles Herrick

Tyler Dwight Herrin

Marissa Jane Heystee

Danielle Renae Higuera

Eric Ryan Hill

Lane Christina Hinojosa

Mishel Hinojoza

Kiera Nichole Hockett

Daniel Lee Hoff

Colby Ryan Holden

Jon Roger Honkala

Eric Ray Hoover

Scott Andrew Hubbard

Evencio Jesus Huerta

Lindsey Ann Hyske


Bassem Fadez Ibrahim

David Clark Ishida

Cristobal Ismael

Nicholas Michael Iturraran


Jose Antonino Jacobo

Brittnee Pearl Jardin

Jacob Aaron Jardine

Daniel James Jochim

Wayne Daniel Jordan


Kaz Gary Kanemura

Katie Keen

Paul Arthur Kemalyan

Jordan Christopher Kennedy

Benjamin Eric Ketelaar

Haneef Khan

Jordan Lynn Kissinger


Melissa Ann Lacy

Alexandra Justine Lang

Gianna Rae Langone

John David LaTour Jr.

Hilary Elyse Lawson

Timothy W. Lee

Jason Richard Leibrandt

Marleen Leon

Alexandra Marie Lerma

Melissa Lynn Levy

Jose Ivan Limones

Stephanie Kathryn Linz

George Livanios

Andre Lomeli

Andrew Michael Long

Amanda Renee Lopez

Maria G. Lopez

Maria del Rosario L™pez

Kevin Tolliver Luiz

Justin S. Lynch


Laarni A. Magallanes

Francisco Jhovan Magana

Cody Stefan Majernik

Laura Maldonado

Enrique Cota Maldonado

Jan Patrick Malilay

Kimberlee Marie Maravilla

Brooke Hayley Martin

Justin Thomas Martin

German Martinez

Amanda Michelle Marweg

Alen Masic

Maria Ines Mata Duarte

Devin Courtney McCann

Megan Renee McCauley

Jay Paul McCroskey

Marc Ryan McDonald

Felicia Carleen McGahey

Nathan Richard McMurtrie

Shannon Kaye McOmber

Fabiola Medina

Miguel Medina

Juanita Mejia

Brenda J. Mendoza

Sean Levin Mendoza

Kimo Norris Mercado

Michael Mercado

Ryne Patrick Mettler

Harrison Jensen Meyers

Tyler James Mikilas Meyers

Cesar Sancen Michaca

Matthew Guiseppe Miley

Kimberly Renee Miller

Alexander Brampton Miller

Tara Lorraine Miller

Jordan Lee Miller

Tara Ann Miller

Cody Joseph Miller

Deisy Selenne Molina

Robert Michael Montanez III

Bryan Juan Morales

Elizabeth Leigh Morgan

Kenneth Daniel Morris

Justina Alicia Mujica


Meghan Mischele Nall

Claudia Navarro

Erica Rose Naves

Garett Neuvert

Jonathan Edward Newman

Joshua Carl Niemeyer

Rameen Ray Nikzat

Brian John Nolton

Sara Ann Norris


Mandakh Ochirpurev

Andrea Ochoa

Eduardo Ochoa

Ricardo Ochoa

Emily Ann O'Dell

Deborah Margit Olah-Giuliani

Rosanna Olavarrieta

Lauren Elizabeth Oliver

Lindsey Gail Olson

Eliodoro Orozco

Daisy Berenice Ortega Orejel

Francisca Rosalinda Ortiz

Lissette Ortiz

Kelsey L. Orvick

José Carlos Osorio


Noel Sebastián Pacheco

Adrian Paez

Chelsea Lynn Panzarello

Brent Edward Parsons

Aaron Tyler Pasterski

Jacob Patrick Pearson

Amber Brianne Peer

Ricardo Peres

Martin Perez

Oliva Perez Sanchez

Stanley Kenneth Perman

Suzanne Georgette Perrin

Andrew Grayson Perry

Christopher David Pfennig

Nicholas Lee Pieracci

Annel Brenda Pineda

Carlos Eduardo Pinzon

Michael Allan Porter

Jennifer Lynn Potts

Natalie Janee Powers

Crystal Joy Prag

Joseph Tyler Price

William T. Pritchett

Casey Kent Pudwell

Yeni L. Pureco


Adam Rader

Ian Alexander Rall

Doris M. Ramirez

Eriverto Vasquez Ramirez

Guimel Alef Ramirez

Linda Ramirez

Yvon Ramirez

Summer Kalani Ramsey

Mark Allen Ramsey

Monica Jean Rankin

Dena Renne Rashid

Rachelle Elaine Reames

Chelsea Lynn Recker

Jessica Reher

Rachelle Christina Reich

Cynthia Jo Reichert

Kaitlin Rose Reindl

Zachary Kirk Reynolds

Mohammad Kamran Riaz

Kyle T. Rich

Yanet Rico

Elizabeth Anne Rieger

Anthony Ryan Robberts

Alistair Lynn Robinson

Aaron Matthew Robles

Andreana Zoe Rocha

Lucia I. Rodriguez

Jairo Ricardo Rodriguez

Agustin B. Rodriguez

Michael Guido Rogan

Lauren Gabrielle Rohrbach

Arlenne Roque

Joseph David Rosensteel

Vincent Valentino Ruiz

Kayla Kristy Russell


Lester L. Samayoa

Pablo Sanchez

Diana Santibanez

Sergio Alonzo Santillan

Janell Marie Sarmento

Stacy Michelle Schafer

Amanda Michelle Schatz

Erica Lorraine Schneider

Trevor Steven Schroeder

Rebecca Marie Scott

Carrie Nichole Seely

Erin Marie Segale

Yesenia Segura Corona

Thomas Curtis Selby

Katherine Diane Sharp

Marcus Andre Shibler

Casey Dale Silbertson

Jasmina Kaur Singh

Kelsey Marie Skaggs

Carole Madelyn Skelton

Shannon Kaye Smith

Whitney Sue Smith

Joseph Dwayne Snow

Victoria Leal Soto

Megan Michelle Spencer

Heidi Ann Stawski

Justin Beau Steiger

Shanise Rose Stewart

Amanda Rose Stoltenberg

Taylor James Streyle

Dakota Reinhold Stroh

Laura Allison Sweeney


Pricilla Ramirez Tacbas

Michele Liene Taormina

Adam Tarnasky

Maria C. Tejeda

Chan Tern

Kortnee Dawn Thomas

Joshua Garrett Thompson

Kathryn Mai Transon

Alexis Leann True

Zachary Allen Tyler


Kyle Joseph Urban


Cesar Francisco Valencia

Kyle Christopher Vallarino

Morissa Marie Vanhorne

Ashley Victoria Vanmersbergen

Ana Isabel Vega

Gustavo Alonso Velasquez

Cindy Villa Rubio

Erica Villaverde

Thomas Minh Thong Vo


Andrina Marie Wallior

Katie C. Warmerdam

Emeli Warren

Steven John Watt

Brandi Rebecca Weber

Lauren Danielle Weltzin

Wayne Eugene Weston

Michael James Weybret

Jennifer Lynn White

Jordan Whitley

Jeremiah S. Wilbur

Chelsea Lynn Willhite

Bryce Oren Williams

Bryan Anthoney Wilson

Garrett Ray Wiman

Stephanie Michelle Winters

Corttni Cathlene Woehl

Bradley Paul Wuest


Blair Renee Young


Jorge Zamora

Luis Zamora Torres

Maria Zarefakis

Dennis Orlando Zelada

Presley Rachael Zendejas

Jose Ruben Zepeda

Donnell Zuniga

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  • posted at 8:36 am on Sun, Jun 1, 2008.


    CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!We're so very proud of you!Go make your dreams come true!

  • posted at 12:47 pm on Sat, May 31, 2008.


    Congratulations to all!If I did the math right in my head, the very intelligent Megan Spencer earned herself about $83,500 in scholarships. AMAZING!!! Hard work does pay off.Let this be a lesson to a younger student that no matter what your socio-economic status, if you excel in academics you can go to college, no matter what. A lot of kudos to Mrs Becky Jaurgi (wrong.. it escapes me now) on all of the scholarships these fine students earned. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.GO FLAMES!!!!!!

  • posted at 3:12 am on Sat, May 31, 2008.


    Another beautiful graduation ceremony! Well-done, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Atterberry! Good luck to all the graduates.

  • posted at 3:01 am on Sat, May 31, 2008.


    Congradulations to each and everyone of you. Your lifes are now going on to what you will make of them. I wish you all the best in life. God bless you all.

  • posted at 2:16 am on Sat, May 31, 2008.


    I wish these new adults a life of rewards and challenges more then a life of poor decisions and crime!



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Total Votes: 37


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