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San Joaquin County employs 483 people who make $100,000 or more

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Posted: Saturday, February 27, 2010 12:00 am

In 2009, San Joaquin County employed 483 people who made $100,000 or more. That's up by 33 positions from the previous year.

And the number of $100,000-plus earners will continue to rise unless the county's labor unions agree to concessions, according to County Administrator Manuel Lopez.

Nearly 6,000 people are employed by the county.

Overall, the county has eliminated almost 300 positions in the past year, yet all but 33 of them were vacant, Lopez said. Most of the layoffs were in the DA's office, and the Public Health and Community Development departments.

Now, facing a sizable budget deficit, the county is asking unions to make concessions — or face layoffs.

Several raises that have already been negotiated with labor unions will increase salaries, Lopez said, but those raises would only deepen potential layoffs.

Union representatives, though, say granting concessions is complicated.

"It's not that simple," said Ulysses Madison, field program supervisor for the Service Employees. "What our members are saying is they have been burned in the past by conceding."

Madison said some employees still remember 1992 negotiations, when they gave up a 5 percent raise thinking there wouldn't be any layoffs. Nevertheless, the county laid off employees anyway, he added.

Union members may be willing to concede previously negotiated raises, he said, but it must save members' jobs.

"That has been discussed repeatedly at the (bargaining) table," Madison said. "The county is not willing to give no-layoff language. That has been the holdup in the bargaining session."

Lopez said it would be inappropriate for the county to ever guarantee no layoffs because of its reliance on state, federal and other funding sources.

Overtime pay is allocated primarily to employees in departments that operate 24 hours a day, Lopez said. The county-owned San Joaquin General Hospital has about 1,300 employees, all on contract, plus 55 to 60 doctors, Lopez said. The Sheriff's Office has another 700 employees or so.

Another issue Madison raises is health benefits, where administrators get a so-called "cafeteria plan," where managers can pocket cash in lieu of health insurance if their spouse has a better policy with his or her employer. However, rank-and-file employees cannot get the same cash bonus. Lopez said that's the result of the negotiation process. In any case, some union members have negotiated for the cafeteria-style health plan.

Contact reporter Ross Farrow at rossf@lodinews.com.

San Joaquin County employee salaries — More than $100,000

Listed below are the 488 San Joaquin County employees who make more than $100,000, including overtime. The top eight wage earners are doctors at San Joaquin General Hospital. Additionally, 12 of the top 13 salaries and 17 out of 19 are physicians.

San Joaquin General Hospital, located in French Camp, has 1,083 contract employees ranging from doctors to laundry workers, plus the equivalent of 209 full-time temporary workers.

The county has 5,882 positions, plus the equivalent of 559.1 full-time temporary positions.

The employee salaries listed do not include the amount the county pays for health insurance and other costs.

For example, the county pays up to about $36,000 for each sheriff's captain and from $10,000 to $24,000 for sheriff's deputies.

The listing of employees' salaries and overtime doesnt include county contributions to benefits and bonuses. The amount given varies by each employee's circumstance.

For example, top managers can have five percent of their compensation deferred, others get bonuses for having a particular professional license and some get a car allowance, according to county Auditor/Controller Adrian Van Houten.

Additionally, employees who work a swing or graveyard shift get a bonus, Van Houten said.

This story was updated at 7:30 a.m. March 2, 2010, to include additional salaries in the table.

San Joaquin County Salaries $100,000 and Over
Name Position Salary
Omalu, Bennet ContractrHCSPhysician401A $299,807.65
Edelsohn, David ContractrHCSPhysician401A $297,562.48
Dowbak, John ContractrHCSPhysician401A $297,562.47
Elguessab, Elmostafa ContractrHCSPhysician401A $297,562.47
Webb, Ronald ContractrHCSPhysician401A $297,562.47
Galang, Carmelino ContractrHCSPhysician401A $297,562.46
Landres, Richard ContractrHCSPhysician401A $297,560.39
Mahmoud, Ahmed ContractrHCSPhysician401A $260,000.00
Lopez, Manuel Administrator-County $245,732.81
Rassai, Hamid ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $245,307.69
Royer, Jerry ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $232,875.00
Mohan, Deepak ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $227,349.98
Ross, Philip ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $221,579.55
Hart, Robert ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $218,474.69
Russell, Guy ContractrHCSPhysician401A $212,993.04
Wooten, David County Counsel $211,099.22
Durrani, Khurram ContractrHCSPhysician401A $207,166.04
Gill, Paramjit ContractrHCSPhysician401A $202,685.08
Cohen, Kenneth Director Health Care Services $200,166.40
Lim, Louis ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.82
Bass, Jason ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.81
Lloyd, William ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.80
Garza, Crisoforo ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.80
Hsu, Senzan ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.80
Burns, Peter ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.80
Dunham, Mathew ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.80
Esteva, Soraya ContractrHCSPhysician401A $199,544.80
Silver, Hilary ContractrHCSPhysician401A $197,030.88
Zia, Muhammad ContractrHCSPhysician401A $196,922.20
Lee, Rosa Asst County Administrator $192,512.01
Lim, Yin ContractrHCSPhysician401A $189,410.51
Katilus, Joseph ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $187,447.00
Atkins, Kandace ContractrHCSPhysician401A $187,316.79
Willett, James District Attorney $186,963.20
Furst, Karen Public Health Officer $185,079.20
Moore, Stephan ShrfCoronerPublicAdministrato $180,670.40
Szczepaniak, Margaret Asst DirectorHealth Care Svs $178,062.40
Kapre, Sheela ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $176,999.94
Pucelik, James ContractrHCSPhysician401A $173,096.38
Kethineni, Neelima ContractrHCSPhysician401A $171,999.88
Fox, Peter Public Defender $168,640.80
Flinn, Thomas Director of Public Works $167,116.80
Chelli, Joseph Director of Human Services $165,445.60
Myles, James Assistant County Counsel $165,398.43
Mcnett, Thomas ContractrHCSPhysician401A $164,700.90
Busuttil, Edward Assistant District Attorney $161,507.20
Becker, Jerome Information Systems Director $158,382.40
Javeed, Suryabamu ContractrHCSPhysician401A $157,891.16
Ali, Usman ContractrHCSPhysician401A $155,322.44
Saadat, Mohsen ContractrHCSPhysician401A $155,322.44
Saffier, James ContractrHCSPhysician401A $155,322.44
Graff, Robert ContractrHCSPhysician401A $153,530.96
Hirai, Jennifer Hospital Pharmacy Manager $153,191.37
Sullivan, Kerry Director of Community Devel $152,298.40
Ly, Kim-Oanh ContractrHCSPhysician401A $151,915.70
Bonnet, Daniel Chief Deputy District Atty $150,841.61
Fichtner, Scott Chief Deputy District Atty $150,841.60
Ohern, Patrick Chief Deputy District Atty $150,841.60
Wellerstein, Jeffrey Assistant Public Defender $150,813.64
Rizvi, Saba ContractrHCSPhysician401A $149,757.43
Blakemore, Kenneth Assessor/Recorder/County Cler $149,340.80
Picone, John Undersheriff $148,638.40
Okhade, Neelakshi ContractrHCSPhysician401A $147,108.28
Van Houten, Adrian Auditor/Controller $145,782.40
Singh, Victor Chief Deputy Dir-BHS $145,076.86
Khan, Shabbir Treasurer-Tax Collector $144,371.20
Mazzilli, Patricia County Probation Officer $144,102.46
Foppiano, Robert Deputy Sheriff II $144,025.12
Herbert, Kristen Chief Deputy County Counsel $143,436.02
Patricio, Ermelinda Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $143,229.56
Zuniga, Ramiro ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $141,499.85
Tahir-Kheli, Nadeem ContractrHCSPhysician401A $141,499.82
Lo, Vincent ContractrHCSPhysician401A $141,499.80
Gau, Thomas Chief Deputy Dir Public Wks $140,868.80
Henry, Charles Chief Deputy Public Defender $140,843.24
Vallery, Michael Deputy Sheriff II $140,741.85
Dhanoa, Teginder ContractrHCSPhysician401A $140,551.33
Ahmed, Saleha ContractrHCSPhysician401A $140,551.31
Abatecola, Robert ContractrHCSPhysician401A $140,551.31
Hannah, Kathy Mental Health Clinician III $139,306.24
Victory, Francesca Staff Nurse V Clincl Nrs-Inpat $139,131.68
Ngo, Linh Pharmacist $139,012.93
Clays, Cynthia Director of Human Resources $138,964.86
Catacutan, Orlanda Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $137,759.21
Quitoriano, Evangeline Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $137,450.13
Nguyen, Tam ContractrHCSPhysician401A $135,879.13
Thomas, Sara Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $135,366.79
Mitchell, William Chief Deputy Dir-PH SVCS $135,356.80
Hernandez, Nelly Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $135,215.32
Lyell, Miriam Chief Deputy Public Defender $135,195.23
Dick, Wendi Assistant Health Officer $135,136.00
Kelso, Myron Assistant Sheriff-Coroner $135,108.80
Shinmoto, Mark Pharmacist $134,770.68
Langan, Jacqueline Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $133,786.96
Tobler-Yoon, Yuh Hee Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $132,279.21
Guerrero, Javier Pharmacy Manager $132,238.40
Winkler, Steven Deputy Director-Public Works $131,595.20
Orozco, Ruben Assistant Sheriff-Coroner $130,575.20
Le, Anh ContractrHCSPhysician401A $130,471.60
Hirai, Krissy Pharmacist $129,915.08
Bautista, Glorianne Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $129,834.10
Freitas, Ronald Chief Deputy District Atty $129,612.80
Rice, Michael Pharmacist $129,120.24
Powell, Donald ContractrHCSPhysician401A $128,887.23
Delgado, Dolores Sheriff's Captain $127,626.40
Albano, Violeta Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $127,559.49
Lee, Susan Pharmacist - Clinical $127,439.10
Grimes, Judith Director of ChildSupportSrvcs $127,146.41
Apolinario, Patricia ContractrHCSPhysician401A $126,107.55
Hinton, Andrea Pharmacist - Clinical $125,885.46
Breitmaier, Terry Deputy Sheriff II $125,456.79
Moore, Jonathan Chief Deputy Dir Devel Serv $125,319.21
Molgaard, Janine ChildProtectiveSvsCounsel IV $125,296.10
Dunham-Ramirez, Danielle ChildProtectiveSvsCounsel IV $125,296.00
Towle, Ted ChildProtectiveSvsCounsel IV $125,296.00
Meyers, Lawrence Deputy County Counsel IV $125,296.00
Gutierrez, Gilbert Litigation Counsel IV $125,296.00
Cacconie, Christine Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $125,189.86
Dacey, Matthew Deputy County Counsel IV $125,072.89
Johnson, Kimberly Deputy County Counsel IV $125,072.88
Balaoing, Rodulfo Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $124,871.56
Weydert, James Deputy District Attorney IV $124,836.34
Ogata, Craig Director of Parks & Recreation $124,720.00
Huber, John Sheriff 's Captain $124,720.00
Biedermann, Ryan Deputy Sheriff II $124,595.18
Derman, Jeffrey Deputy District Attorney IV $124,577.05
Jorgensen, Teri Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $124,571.51
Valeros, Pilar Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient $124,497.51
Karam, Gabriel Director of Facilities Mgt $124,270.41
Hohe, Danelle Sheriff's Captain $124,270.40
Mascovich, Paul ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt $124,126.31
Hicks, Kevin Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.31
Arthur, William Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.28
Everett, Janis Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.27
Donough, Connie Child Support Attorney IV $124,107.26
Quinn, Andrew Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.25
Hahn, Steven Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.24
Montes, Thomas Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.24
Keenan, Lois Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.24
Irey, David Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.23
Baysinger, Robert Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.23
Bo, Danielle Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.23
Taylor, Stephen Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.23
Schwarzenberg, Ellen Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.23
Israels, Valli Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.22
Reed, Kristine Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.22
Meseke, Lori Child Support Attorney IV $124,107.22
Nicolas, Corrinne Child Support Attorney IV $124,107.22
Fleming, Lester Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.22
Hayes, Angela Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.22
Healy, Timothy Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.22
Indran, Ron Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.22
Behar, Samuel Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.22
Lua, Elvira Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.22
Perkins, Jennifer Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.22
Steiner, Christian Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.22
Mulvihill, Michael Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.21
Smith, Janet Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.21
Johnston, Gina Child Support Attorney IV $124,107.21
Adams, Sherri Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.21
Miller, Steven Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.21
Turner, Todd Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.21
Williams, Janet Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.21
Healey, Edward Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.21
Kroger, Christine Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.21
Lu, Nelson Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.21
Taylor, Eric Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.21
Hambright, Merrill Child Support Attorney IV $124,107.20
Aguirre, Mary Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Dobbert, Zoette Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Himelblau, Robert Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Mayo, Royce Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Puckett, Kenneth Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Testa, Thomas Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Verber, Victoria Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Garrigan, Timothy Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Ott, Mark Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Boyett, Victoria Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Brooks, Grant Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Calabrace, John Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Furey, Gregory Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Goodreau, Ronald Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Green, Richard Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Hanson, Lon Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Herrell, William Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Jacobsen, Cheryl Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Maier, Stephen Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Malcolm, John Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Martin, Leslie Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Mauthe, Daniel Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Mcdonald, Douglas Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Ogle Gary, Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Porter, Scott Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Rasmussen, Michael Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Rieta, Patricia Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Short, Brian Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Slamon, Patrick Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Van Vuren, Claire Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Wihlidal, Vanetta Deputy District Attorney IV $124,107.20
Anderson, Charles Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Bullard, Michael Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Burlington, James Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Cardoso, Rose Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Delph, Vickie Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Jacot, Lance Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Kowalski, Matthew Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Lauper, John Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
McElroy, Georgia Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Mead, Dorothy Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Remlinger, Robert Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Schultz, Paul Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Shaver, Edmund Deputy Public Defender IV $124,107.20
Hamilton, John Sergeant $124,084.02
Mahood, Katherine Deputy District Attorney IV $123,864.20
Martinelli, Robert Deputy District Attorney IV $123,214.41
Johnson, Kevin Deputy Sheriff II $123,079.18
Anuat, Aliw Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $122,803.06
Bagatta, Jacqueline Deputy Director-SJGH Nursing $122,790.40
Tomasi, Kimberly Deputy Director-SJGH Nursing $122,790.40
Aquino, Margie Belinda Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $122,164.56
Duenas, Maria Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $121,913.85
Drenkowski, Dana Deputy District Attorney IV $121,875.21
Price, Richard Deputy District Attorney IV $121,875.21
Macedo, Quendrith Deputy County Counsel IV $121,426.44
Kazmi, Syed ContractrHCSPhysician401A $121,394.40
Morrish, Jason Deputy County Counsel IV $121,192.00
Simon-Weisberg, Deborah ContractrHCSPhysician401A $121,163.17
Shorr, Marc Information Systems Asst Dir $120,766.41
Gonzales, Michael Deputy Sheriff II $120,741.70
Sapata, Armando Deputy Sheriff II $120,520.77
Mathews, Suma Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $120,519.28
Maciel, Douglas Deputy Sheriff II $120,400.81
Adeyemo, Adegoke ContractrHCSPhysician401A $120,351.11
Gallegos, Suzanne Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $120,215.70
Romano, Lydia Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $119,729.40
Valenciano, Marinel Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $119,244.50
Solorio, Manuel Deputy Director-Public Works $118,709.24
Holman, Eric Sheriff 's Captain $118,361.60
Shingate, Manisha ContractrHCSPhysician401A $118,234.01
Garrison, Georgianna Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $118,063.80
Jhalli, Surjit Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $118,046.63
Tabaco, Jean Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $117,941.64
Hill, Barbara Sr Deputy Dir-SJGH Clinical $117,508.80
Aldred, Richard Sr Deputy Dir-SJGH Clinical $117,508.80
Wuest, Bruce Sheriff 's Captain $117,507.20
Huerta, Edward Deputy Sheriff II $117,438.11
Chan, Ashley Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $117,149.15
Baumgarten, Gregory Senior Nurse Practnr-Ambulat $117,102.32
Martin, Chandler Deputy Director of Planning $117,032.03
Lee, Cheryl Senior Nurse Practnr-Ambulat $116,916.88
Goldberg, Marcy Senior Nurse Practnr-Ambulat $116,916.82
Diaz, Sandra Pharmacist $116,827.31
Denner, Kim Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $116,741.61
Metzler, Reuben Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $116,532.10
Merrill, Marya Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $116,404.63
Rajender, Sudha Deputy District Attorney IV $116,285.60
DeSilva, Cynthia Deputy District Attorney IV $116,072.04
Ford, Kevin Deputy District Attorney IV $116,072.01
Cruz, Antonio Sheriff 's Captain $116,012.00
Carlson, Stanley Deputy Sheriff II $115,938.44
Heran, Donna Director ofEnvironmentalHealt $115,910.40
Dhamija, Sara ContractrHCSPhysician401A $115,894.44
Silva, Sherrie Pharmacist $115,812.48
Morris, Rebecca Nurse Midwife $115,654.32
Parker, Shelley Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $115,323.38
Mitchell, Christine Nurse Midwife $115,211.23
Frank, Karen Clinical Nurse Specialist -Inp $114,991.14
Eshoo, Andrew Deputy County Counsel IV $114,981.60
Reno, Desi Integrated Waste Manager $114,800.00
Lytle, Mel Water Resource Coord $114,800.00
Connelly, Mark Engineering Services Manager $114,800.00
Yoneshige, Beverly Fiscal Administrator $114,779.21
Moore, Wendy Aging & Community Servs Admin $114,779.20
Corbin, Susan Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $114,571.25
Burgess, Darell Clinical LAB Technologist III $114,462.36
Selling, Michael Deputy Director-Public Works $114,382.52
Hudson, Scott AgriclturalCommissioner/Seale $114,249.60
Ferrari, Larry Chief Dist Atty Investigator $114,004.00
Scobel, Jim Deputy Sheriff II $113,888.79
Solis, John Director Employment & Econ Dev $113,792.01
Babb, Christine Asst Treasurer-Tax Collector $113,689.61
Martin, Marilyn Deputy Chief Probation Office $113,689.60
George, Philip Sergeant $113,621.25
Johnston, Donald Chief Information Officer-HCS $113,582.40
Vanstaaveren, Benjamin Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $113,582.12
Martin, Peter Engineering Services Manager $113,556.88
Mendoza, David Engineering Services Manager $113,556.80
Skipp, Linda Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $113,376.10
Gomez, Maria Nurse Practitnr II -Ambulatory $113,327.82
Katilus, Bennie Clinical LAB Technologist III $113,194.39
Cosner, Lynanne Nurse Practitnr II -Ambulatory $113,139.32
Antonio, Resurrecion Staff Nurse V Clincl Nrs-Inpat $113,041.85
Gayagoy, Danilo Nurse Practitnr II -Ambulatory $112,985.60
Durano, Lilan Nurse Practitnr II -Ambulatory $112,915.53
Rivera, Steven Sergeant $112,655.28
Otero, Daisy Clinical Nurse Specialist -Inp $112,648.16
Diaz, Gloria Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $112,483.14
Somera, Samuel Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $112,408.36
Bettencourt, Elisabeth Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $112,121.42
Joseph, Mary ContractrHCSPhysician401A $112,041.03
Jain, Mamta ContractrHCSPhysician401A $112,040.76
Herzfeldt, Stephen Information Systems Manager $112,017.64
Newaj, David Information Systems Manager $112,017.61
Gorham, Gary Geographic Info Systems PgmMg $112,017.61
Ray, James Information Systems Manager $112,017.60
Retamoza, Gina Deputy District Attorney IV $111,960.83
Turner, Michelle Deputy Public Defender IV $111,758.40
Wick, Virginia Program Manager-P H Nursing $111,476.85
Rose, Chris Sr Deputy County Administrato $111,290.31
Woods, Brian Director MaryGraham Chld Shlt $111,175.29
Harris, Willa Deputy Dir of Human Resources $111,151.26
Schiff-Ross, Ilana Children & Families PrgrmCoord $110,936.01
Kawano, Rodney Sr Deputy County Administrato $110,936.00
Crawford, Janet Nurse Midwife $110,890.80
Traverso, Jeffrey Deputy District Attorney IV $110,746.40
O'Rourke, Robert Deputy County Counsel IV $110,136.06
Ribeiro, Lisa Deputy County Counsel IV $110,136.03
Demontigny, Susan Sr Deputy Dir-PublicHealthSrv $109,847.88
Barboza, Anita Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $109,804.42
Breiling, Glenda Deputy Director II-SJGH $109,766.41
Bruss, Glen Deputy Director II-SJGH $109,766.40
Burch, John Emergency Med Srvs Administr $109,766.40
Hatch, Elaine Deputy Director II-SJGH $109,766.40
Cardona, Edgar Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $109,684.22
Quiroz, Evette Manager of Diagnostic Imagin $109,653.94
Hernandez, Nadine Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $109,629.16
Chunn, Vince Deputy Sheriff II $109,624.98
Gana, Elisa Clinical LAB Technologist II $109,588.15
Lor, Khannarith Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $109,478.18
Kim, Mijwa Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $109,239.93
French, David Deputy District Attorney IV $109,105.62
Rohdenburg, Jason Correctional Officer $108,945.63
Simpson, Richard Information Systems Manager $108,862.42
Roxas, Evangeline Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $108,859.83
Mckelroy, Loren Deputy Sheriff II $108,584.45
Barton, Janet Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $108,325.22
Lagua, Antonio Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $108,299.10
Baugh, Richard Deputy Sheriff II $108,296.57
Hernandez, Marianne Childrens Med Services Manage $108,283.92
Barrow Jones, Eduardo Correctional Sergeant $108,207.26
Muzzy, Gail Nurse Practitnr II -Ambulatory $108,145.69
Horta-Skaff, Patricia Lieutenant $108,131.08
Long, Pamela Nurse Midwife $108,082.53
Maciel, Berthier Deputy Public Defender IV $108,057.60
Fontanilla, Nenita Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $108,037.16
Walker, Steven Sergeant $108,016.42
Mejias, Tammy Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $108,006.94
Mangili, Julianne Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $107,978.54
Smalling, Patrick Deputy Public Defender IV $107,848.00
Espiritu, Anna Marie Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $107,632.85
Austin, Genevieve Staff Nurse V Clincl Nrs-Inpat $107,626.93
Salamanca, Jobelia Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $107,469.14
Coplin, Ronnie Correctional Officer $107,263.47
Abraham, Susan ContractrHCSPhysician401A $107,191.37
James, Stephanie Deputy Chief Probation Office $107,185.22
Praus, Margaret Staff Nurse V Clincl Nrs-Inpat $106,995.89
Tibon, Michael Correctional Officer $106,986.31
Rivera, Rebecca Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $106,919.65
Wardak, Zainab Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $106,879.82
Velarde, Alita Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $106,787.78
Mcclain, Lynn Nursing Department Manager $106,777.28
Machado, Thomas DeptInformationSystemsManager $106,740.35
Sargenti-Mansour, Carleen DeptInformationSystemsManager $106,689.74
Diaz, Myrna DeptInformationSystemsManager $106,689.63
Yim, Donna DeptInformationSystemsManager $106,689.62
Heldt, David DeptInformationSystemsManager $106,689.61
Kelly, James DeptInformationSystemsManager $106,689.61
Yip, Gary Deputy Sheriff II $106,580.48
Bursek, Eleanor Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $106,568.75
Avila, Paula Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $106,564.92
Felton, Denishia Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $106,489.20
Richardson, Carmella Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $106,484.42
Trulsson, Janis AsstChiefDistAttyInvestigator $106,459.20
Hughes, Scarlet Public Guardian/Conservator $106,169.60
Martin, Dale Deputy Finance Director-HCS $106,072.80
Way, Beth Deputy Finance Director-HCS $106,072.80
Dennings, Mark Deputy District Attorney IV $105,864.00
Alaniz, Roberto Sr Deputy Dir-PublicHealthSrv $105,795.22
Banta, Charla Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $105,778.19
Cardoza, Edward Deputy Sheriff II $105,707.67
Janes, Roger Public Works Business Admin $105,649.62
Del Rosario, Victor Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $105,614.63
Lewis, James Deputy District Attorney IV $105,476.85
McGarvey, Edward Deputy District Attorney IV $105,476.80
Cendana, Mary Marlene Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $105,471.79
Limas, Deborah Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $105,442.95
Kaisch, Celeste Deputy District Attorney IV $105,283.20
Werner, Donna Ultrasound Specialist IV $105,229.30
Johnson, P Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $105,132.40
Gil Jocson, Celeste Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $105,045.35
Werner, Rebecca Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,973.57
Dean, Deborah Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,774.26
Salcedo, Yesenia Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,725.27
Vaughn, Donald Deputy District Attorney IV $104,702.40
Padilla, Michael Lieutenant $104,620.80
Ming, Kevin Deputy Sheriff II $104,592.21
Cacho, Ferdinand Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $104,573.96
Bhan, Anne Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,522.59
McIntosh, Keith Deputy District Attorney IV $104,508.80
Cabreros, Liberty Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $104,467.98
Ferrell, Maureen Clinical LAB Technologist II $104,467.39
Mangahas, Elena EEDD Analyst III $104,380.81
Garcia, Laura Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,355.66
Basilio, Marissa Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $104,339.10
Prieto, Carlos Deputy Sheriff II $104,322.05
Salacup, Jocelyn Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,206.60
Schramek, Roberta Nursing Department Manager $104,171.52
Woelfel, Paula Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $104,069.22
Grau, Elton Deputy District Attorney IV $103,908.81
Wang, Anna Dept Applications Analyst IV $103,889.80
Conner, Glendon Mental Health Clinician II $103,883.22
Souza, David Sheriff 's Captain $103,822.40
Revillar, Randy Deputy Sheriff II $103,803.89
Williams, Cynthia Nursing Department Manager $103,783.04
Brown, Patricia Nursing Department Manager $103,783.04
Tingin, Emma Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $103,750.30
Bertke, John Director of Labor Relations $103,708.81
Haynes, Deomia Clinical LAB Technologist III $103,707.60
Kannalikham, Khamkhoune Deputy Sheriff II $103,584.45
Yang, Kang Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $103,542.63
Olowoyeye, Olusere Deputy District Attorney IV $103,508.82
Franks, Brian Correctional Officer $103,479.78
Bishop, Carolyn Staff Nurse V Clincl Nrs-Inpat $103,460.00
Ramirez, Maria Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $103,455.99
Reed, Amy Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $103,416.74
Curry, Georgia Nursing Department Manager $103,200.32
Cruz, Sheryl Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $103,119.09
Day, Jennifer Deputy District Attorney IV $103,108.82
Cordova, Michelle Nursing Department Manager $103,103.20
Hua-Di, Tong ContractrHCSPhysician401A $103,002.39
Carroll, Elvira Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,935.92
Garcia, Susan Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,935.92
Quitasol, Loida Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $102,905.09
Meckler, Carla Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,712.74
Shelton, Trisha Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $102,621.22
Little, Carter Nursing Department Manager $102,617.60
Brummitt, Robin Nursing Department Manager $102,617.60
Hernandez, Stacey Nursing Department Manager $102,617.60
Hollowell, Shirley Nursing Department Manager $102,617.12
Lamie, Martin Lieutenant $102,504.75
Wood, Margaret Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,489.48
Costamagna, Pamela Sup Public Health Nurse $102,481.68
Scott, Michelle Sup Public Health Nurse $102,481.66
Bonjoc, Dara Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $102,437.19
Aaron, William Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,386.47
Palmeri, Susan Airport Director $102,366.00
Briscoe, Janet Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $102,297.71
Peterson, Douglas Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,283.42
Galan, Millie Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $102,229.70
Christian, Pat Correctional Sergeant $102,178.38
Esparza, Raymond Deputy Sheriff II $102,144.90
Bhalaru, Gurjeet Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $101,974.34
Jones, Michael Sergeant $101,788.93
Williams, Ami Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $101,653.80
Cash, Cleona Staff NurseV-AsstNDptMg-Inpat $101,587.52
Fattarsi, Jonathan Deputy Public Defender IV $101,581.60
Adams, Sean Correctional Officer $101,519.39
Schaeffer, Terrance Deputy Sheriff II $101,475.57
Collado, Celestino Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $101,459.29
Quitoriano, Remedios Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $101,373.33
Cook, Bradley Deputy Sheriff II $101,253.58
Garrison, Suzanne Sup Public Health Nurse $101,165.62
Carter, Albert Correctional Officer $101,013.30
Gray, Douglas Information Systems Analyst V $100,936.81
Johnson, Eldred Info Systems Analyst V-Sec Off $100,936.81
Cordero, Ralph Information Systems Analyst V $100,936.80
Awan, Shakir Information Systems Analyst V $100,936.80
Barbour, Patricia Information Systems Analyst V $100,936.80
Fridrich, John Information Systems Analyst V $100,936.80
Mcclintock, Len Information Systems Analyst V $100,936.80
Brown, Kathryn Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $100,923.78
Biedermann, Katrina Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $100,903.99
Roeum, Sareth Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $100,858.20
Mayo, Gerald Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $100,798.53
Hobson, Barbara Sup Public Health Nurse $100,739.95
Wright, Todd Sergeant $100,535.77
Jaynes, Sundra Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $100,497.60
Kaur, Kuljit Staff Nurse IV-Inpatient $100,451.83
Pantoja, Guillermina Staff Nurse III -Inpatient $100,434.72
Head, Steve Deputy Sheriff II $100,325.66
Castillo, Marc Dept Info Systems Analyst IV $100,268.31
Hammond, Maureen Senior Public Health Nurse $100,225.61
Zarif, Najee Engineer V $100,123.31
Saqqa, Mahmoud Engineer V $100,123.27
Carroll, W Engineer V $100,123.23
Witherspoon, Steven Mental Health Clinician I $100,102.31
Perezforgach, Monica Deputy Sheriff II $100,071.39

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  • posted at 6:48 am on Sat, Mar 6, 2010.


    Unions have successfully ran thousands and thousands of jobs out of the United States because they ran up the cost of labor. I will be the first to admit at one time on our history organized labor was essential. In today's global economy, they are as antiquated as the 8 track tape player. They especially have NO place in our civil service organizations. All they do is manage to increase the cost of everything they get their hooks into. SEIU wants the WHOLE American workforce unionized and are working voraciously with the Obama stooges to make it happen. It will be a cold day in hades when someone forces me to join a union and take dues out my paycheck against my will. Hopefully there are enough people that feel the same way.

  • posted at 3:44 am on Thu, Mar 4, 2010.


    Clark County, NV: In 2007, a firefighter raked in more than $600,000 through all sorts of creative and flexible goodies that have been added to the contract over the years. :-)

  • posted at 2:39 am on Thu, Mar 4, 2010.


    The CEO of UnitedHealth makes $11,000 PER HOUR -- and they're raising my premium by 15% again this year. Guess it's time the guy got a raise?

  • posted at 2:26 am on Thu, Mar 4, 2010.


    Regrading the Deputies that make over $100,000, they do so because they work a lot of overtime. If you do not need the the postion over 90% of the time, it is cheaper to do it on overtime. The cost of retirement and benefits are so expensive it is cheaper to pay overtime then it is to hire another full time employee. That is only offset if you can use that position over 90% ot time. There are a lot of positions such as watching inmates who are hospitalized or trials where the defendant is in in custody that require extra manpower but not on an every day basis.

  • posted at 6:24 am on Wed, Mar 3, 2010.


    In your first line of the article, you state in 2009, SJ County had 483 people who made over 100,000, up by 33 positions. I add up AT LEAST 103 positions that were nearly doubled from overtime. Had those positions been filled, the OT would not have been needed. And might I add that it takes some mighty dedicated people who would do THAT MUCH OT, you certainly don't get it in your check, Uncle Sam does.

  • posted at 8:32 am on Tue, Mar 2, 2010.


    Journey wrote "I recently read in a Las Vegas newspaper that the firemen there make $118,000 and up. That's a couple of years at a community college. Not a bad deal, huh?"Journey: The number of years in college does not always equal higher worth in their chosen field.

  • posted at 2:30 am on Mon, Mar 1, 2010.


    Get all you can now, unions think there is a bottomless pit of cash to wallow in, it's gonna be brutal when the hammer falls.

  • posted at 5:17 am on Sun, Feb 28, 2010.


    Judy-Huh, no. Subbing out work is the way of business. And will remian so. When the contractors start asking for more you find another contractor, it's that simple.

  • posted at 8:44 pm on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    Subcontracting jobs out will only save money on the original contract. Contractors will bid low to get the contract. After contracts are awarded, look for costs to sky rocket. It may take a few years, but it will happen. Any contractor, no matter what the job, is going to raise rates so their profit, after all costs are paid, is high. All you have to do is look at many businesses throughout the country and they are for profit - LARGE profits. Jobs have been contracted out for years in many areas in the private sector, and costs are high. Because of personal experiences, I don't usually defend administration, but Manuel Lopez, County Administrator, can be compared to the CEO of a company with nearly 6,000 employees. What company with that many employees pays a CEO $245,000? CEO's salaries are usually in the millions. I no longer work for the county so contracts will not affect me. I do think you will be surprised what happens to costs if county jobs are contracted out. Unfortunately, greed rules in this country. You can't just say this is what we've got, who wants the job.

  • posted at 1:20 pm on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    I can solve all of this. Subcontract the work. Put it all out for Bid.. at least what we can. Tell them this is how much we got and see who wants to do the job.

  • posted at 1:07 pm on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    This article sounds like the rank and file workers (clerk typists, eligibility workers, public works street workers, etc) make the big bucks and if they don't negotiate on their contract, there will be layoffs. The positions listed are NOT rank and file workers. In 1992, county administration promised the rank and file workers that they would save their co-workers from being laid off if they gave up their raise. We voted to give up the raise, and our co-workers were still laid off. I was one of those laid off. There are various unions representing county workers. The positions listed above are NOT represented by the same union as the rank and file workers. Some county workers have been making so little in salary and have had their benefits reduced so much that they now qualify for food stamps, etc. distributed through county welfare. As in many businesses, the top salaries go to administration - not the working man/woman. Admin also gets cafeteria plan, plus other benefits. Those are the people who should be laid off if they don't take contract cuts - not rank and file workers.

  • posted at 8:34 am on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    BTW journey, no college required but in these competitive times it's a wise move. They don't start at 118k either, more than likely that's their top or just about. FF start in the 50's and BC's and Chiefs get up there pretty good. But like a lot of other gigs the money is in the OT. Now that's were they rake it in and pay for the boat and RV. A couple of strike teams down to SoCal in the fire season and you've got yourself a nice chunk of change.

  • posted at 8:29 am on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    Journey-Easy my friend, you're comparing apples to oranges. FF put their lives in harms way, while everyone else is running out they're running in. Not to mention the time away from home, the constant training and testing, etc.They deserve every penny.

  • posted at 8:21 am on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    Why aren't any of you complaining about what your city leaders make? For the lousy job they've done and are still doing they should be taking 15-20% pay cuts themselves until the economy warrants their high salaries. And then they should go on merit pay.

  • posted at 6:05 am on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    I recently read in a Las Vegas newspaper that the firemen there make $118,000 and up. That's a couple of years at a community college. Not a bad deal, huh?

  • posted at 2:51 am on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    UNREAL!!!...besides the doctors/lawyers....LNS should have put their college degrees/credentials beside their $$$...OUTSOURCE these jobs....lol...I know there's someone who'll do a better job for the fraction of these salaries!!!

  • posted at 1:50 am on Sat, Feb 27, 2010.


    amazing how much these doctors are being paid to work for the state.What is even more amazing is the 140 to 150K that the deputy sheriffs make...I thought government workers made less than the private sector...oh that's right monopolies set their own price and then compare to each other.What I can't figure out is when the hammer is going to fall on SJ county and the cuts are going to be massive.

  • posted at 11:37 pm on Fri, Feb 26, 2010.


    Doctors make more than Lawyers? Maybe the Lawyers should sue!



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