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Last but not least: Tokay graduates two weeks late

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Posted: Thursday, June 12, 2008 10:00 pm

Through mold, construction and what may have seemed like constant uncertainty, the staff and students at Tokay High School persevered to graduate a class of nearly 400 students.

"To say the least it's been and very interesting year at Tokay High School," said Principal Erik Sandstrom, before modeling what had become the school's standard dress code, a white construction hat decorated with a purple paw.

Tokay High started the school year five weeks late after construction workers found mold in every classroom building in June of last year.

Sandstrom compared Tokay High's senior class to a massive building project, full of obstacles and roadblocks, but ultimately successful.

"The road to success is always under construction," Sandstrom said, quoting actress and comedienne Lily Tomlin before delving into several other mold-related puns.

High temperatures kept the seniors sweating in their robes and interrupted Student Body President Trent Cunningham's speech, when the plastic coverings his speech was stored in melted together, causing him to lose his place.

"I think I'm missing a page. That's not good," he said searching for his place. "I got an extra copy. Don't worry," he said as he pulled folded pieces of paper out of his pocket.

"We prepare them so well they got the back up plan right in their pocket," Sandstrom said after Cunningham finished.

Senior Class President Kelley Douglas opened her speech with a warning: Beware of tears.

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"I cry all the time, when I'm happy, when I'm sad. I get it from my mom, whose probably crying right now," she said.

Douglas made good on her promise after reflecting on the times she spent with her classmates.

Tokay High's staff broke diploma presentations into two chunks, giving the audience a break in the name-calling.

Gripping their diplomas, the new graduates waved to family members in the crowd with ear-to-ear grins.

Some stopped to hug nearby teachers.

One of those students was Abraham Espinosa, who wrapped his long arms around his favorite teacher Mary Ward. Ward stroked Espinosa's cheek as if to savor the moment.

Later Ward said a lot of the students at Tokay High are like kids of her own, including Espinosa.

"I've dragged him through, and he's been so much fun," she said. "He could have some way else, and he went this way."

Diploma presentations paused for valedictorian Lee Kraljev's speech, a journey through the classes four years of high school.

As freshmen, she said, the class was transfixed on two things: looking cool and Justin Timberlake.

During their last year, she said, the class of 2008 still had two things on their mind: getting out of school and Justin Timberlake.

"Yeah, he's still sexy," Kraljev said.

Kraljev peppered her speech with original metaphors - shocked like a baby eating "its first salt-and-vinegar chip" - and faux delusions of grandeur, and closed it with a quote from Dwight Schrute, "The Office's" quirky character with bouts of real arrogance.

"We must never acquiesce because it is together that we will prevail," she said.

Douglas presented teacher Joe Johnson with the senior class selection for teacher of the year. Johnson also won the Tokay High's schoolwide teacher of the year award earlier in the night.

Johnson slipped away without saying a word when accepting his first award, but the students wouldn't let it happen twice.

"Speech, speech," they clamored.

"I can't believe these guys want to hear more from me than they already have," he joked, before emphasizing that Tokay High's rough year had also been full of fun.

The second round of diploma handouts were filled with deep bellows and shrill screams from proud family members and friends.

Seniors Amanda Knox and Douglas' inspiring performance of "For Good" from the musical "Wicked" earned the pair a standing ovation.

Sandstrom ended the night with bit of business, declaring the class officially graduated from Tokay High School.

"And, yes," Sandstrom said, "Lodi Unified always saves the best for last."

Tokay High School Awards

Bank of America Awards - Certificate

  • April DeLatorre - agriculture
  • Zachary Siddle-Manas - art
  • Teagan Jensen - communications
  • Rachel Hudmon - dance
  • Amanda Knox - drama
  • Nicole Demartinis - English
  • Gurpreet Kaur - English as a second language
  • Amit Kalra - foreign language
  • Cynthia Garcia - foreign language
  • Edith Duarte - home economics
  • Trenton Cunningham - mathematics
  • Richard Carrean - music
  • Corrine Casey - science
  • Ivan Trujillo - science
  • Kelley Douglas - social science
  • Austin Cantrell - social science
  • Tim Antolin - trades and industrial arts

Bank of America Awards - Plaque

  • Tony Pierucci - applied arts
  • Emily Suess- fine arts
  • Lee Kraljev - liberal arts
  • Anne Heberle - math and science

Advanced Placement Scholars

Students earned a grade of three or higher on three or more advanced placement exams.

  • Todd Andersen
  • Trentan Cunningham
  • Rachel Davies
  • Nicole Demartinis
  • Amanda Goforth
  • Amit Kalra
  • Nicholas Rankin
  • Temperance Rowell

Advanced Placement Scholars with Honors

Students earned an average grade of at least 3.25 on all advanced placement exams taken and grades of three or higher on four or more of these exams.

  • Andrew Gibson
  • Lee Kraljev
  • Ivan Trujillo
  • Scott Wilson

Advanced Placement Scholars with Distinction

Students earned an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken and grades of three or higher on five or more of these exams.

  • Emily Suess
  • Lawson Wu

Ed Seiferling Outstanding Male Athlete Award

  • Michael Sandoval

Joanne Katanic Outstanding Female Athlete Award

  • Ann Heberle

California Scholarship Federation Sealbearers

  • Corinne Alexander
  • Todd Anderson*
  • Austin Cantrell
  • Corinne Casey
  • Heather Crume*
  • Trenton Cunningham
  • Rachel Davies
  • Nicole DeMartinis
  • Kelley Douglas
  • Omara Farooq
  • Andrew Gibson
  • Amanda Goforth
  • Anne Heberle
  • Karly Herrington*
  • Thomas Iturraran
  • Amit Kalra
  • Michel Khoury*
  • Lee Kraljev
  • Adrian Lomeli
  • Robert Norton
  • Michelle Oden
  • Antone Pierucci
  • Nicholas Rankin
  • Nataly Renteria
  • Kelly Ring
  • Dominique Rodriguez
  • Temperance Rowell
  • Salahedin Salem
  • David Saito*
  • Kenneth Sarisky*
  • Zachary Siddle-Manas
  • Brandon Spinner
  • Emily Suess
  • Reyna Torres
  • Ivan Trujillo
  • Miranda Valdez
  • Lawson Wu

*Sealbearers to be determined based on 8th semester

The Record and San Joaquin Office of Education's Pinnacle Team

  • Lee Kraljev
  • Ivan Trujillo
  • Emily Suess
  • Nicole Demartinis

The Record and San Joaquin Office of Education's Distinguished Students

  • Amit Kalra
  • Lawson Wu
  • Temperance Rowell
  • Adrian Lomeli
  • Anne Heberle
  • Zachary Siddle-Manas
  • Corinne Casey
  • Andrew Gibson
  • Dominique Rodriguez
  • Kelley Douglas
  • Max Cantrell
  • Trentan Cunningham
  • Auston Cantrell
  • Jagdeep Singh
  • Nataly Renteria
  • Tony Pierucci

American Association of University Women Scholarship - $500

  • Kelley Douglas

American Legion Scholarship - $50

  • Anne Heberle

Azusa Pacific University Presidential Scholarship - $40,000

  • Emily Suess

Azusa Pacific University Trustee's Scholarship - $16,000

  • Emily Suess

Betty J. Williams Memorial Scholarship - $500

  • Brittni Borja

Betty J. Williams Memorial Scholarship - $500

  • Tony Pierucci

Builder's Exchange of Stockton Scholarship - $1,000

  • Kelley Douglas

California State PTA Scholarship - $500

  • Anne Heberle

Cabrillo Civic Club of California Scholarship - $500

  • Corinne Casey

Cabrillo Civic Club of California Scholarship - $500

  • Tony Pierucci

California Grange Scholarship - $500

  • Corinne Casey

California Scholarship Federation Scholarship

  • Nicole DeMartinis - $200
  • Kelley Douglas - $50
  • Omara Farooq - $50
  • Amanda Goforth -$50
  • Anne Heberle - $200
  • Roberto Norton - $50
  • Nataly Renteria - $50
  • Dominique Rodriguez - $200
  • Temperance Rowell - $200
  • Reyna Torres - $50

California School Employee Association Lodi Chapter #77 Scholarship - $200

  • April DeLatorre
  • Meghan Fells
  • Rachel Hudmon

California State University, Fresno Smittcamp Honors College Scholarship - $37,000

  • Temperance Rowell

California State University, Stanislaus Presidents Award - $12,500

  • Kenny Sarisky

California State University, Stanislaus Provost Award - $3,500

  • Heather Crume

Cash for College Scholarship - $1,000

  • Maria Flores

Christopher and Florence Poon Scholarship - $1,000

  • Lawson Wu

CNH Kiwanis Foundation Kenneth C. Forror Scholarship - $750

  • Jamie Wong

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship - $1,000

  • Lee Kraljev

Corvettes of Lodi Scholarship - $300

  • Chase Troughton

Dr. Michael Preston Memorial Scholarship - $250

  • Samantha Zaragoza

Eleanor P. Touhey Memorial Scholarship - $8,500

  • Tony Pierucci

Elks National Foundation 2008 Most Valuable Students Scholarship

  • Corinne Casey - $300
  • Lee Kraljev - $700
  • Lee Kraljev - $4,000
  • Temperance Rowell - $500

Friedberger Educational Fund - $14,976

  • Nataly Renteria

Friends University Academic Honor Scholarship - $3,000

  • Kailey Toscano

Friends University Athletic Scholarships for Softball and Volleyball - $5,000

  • Kailey Toscano

Future Farmers of America Scholarship - $250

  • April DeLatorre

General Mills Foundation Scholarship - $2,000

  • Ana Noyola

Girl Scouts of America Scholarship - $100

  • Anne Heberle

Gonzaga University Scholarship -$70,120

  • Tony Pierucci

Greater Lodi Area Youth Commission Scholarship - $500

  • Kelley Douglas

Greater Lodi Kiwanis Club Scholarship - $1,000

  • Kelley Douglas

Greater Lodi Kiwanis Club Scholarship - $1,000

  • Anne Heberle

Henry J. Keener Memorial Conflict Management Award - $1,000

  • Anne Heberle
  • Aaron Shinn

Hispanic Business Committee Scholarship - $200

  • Roxana Lopez
  • Cynthia Macias

John Giannoni Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

  • Roberto Norton

Josten's Principals Award - $500

  • Michael Sandoval

Knox College Scholarship - $48,000

  • Anne Heberle

Latinas Democratics Club - $300

  • Nataly Renteria

Local Elks Lodge - $300

  • Corinne Casey

Lodi Chapter IM of PEO Sisterhood Marjorie Reid Music Scholarship - $500

  • Kelley Douglas

Lodi Community Art Center Scholarship - $1,000

  • Stephen Jomaoas
  • Zachary Siddle-Manas

Lodi Education Association Scholarship - $1,000

  • Anne Heberle
  • Tony Pierucci

Lodi Grape Festival "Bucks for Books" Scholarship - $1,000

  • Kelley Douglas
  • Anne Heberle

Lodi Kiwanis Club Midge Edwards Scholarship - $1,500

  • Tony Pierucci

Lodi Lions Club Scholarship - $1,000

  • Kelley Douglas
  • Anne Heberle

Lodi Mexican Catholic Federation Scholarship

  • Brittni Borja - $500
  • Reyna Torres - $750

Lodi Women's Club Scholarship - $500

  • Anne Heberle

Lodi-Woodbridge Rose Society Scholarship - $300

  • April DeLatorre

Lodi Unified School District Administrators' Association Scholarship - $500

  • Rachel Hudmon

Masonic Lodge Scholarship - $2,500

  • Corinne Casey

Notre Dame University Scholarship - $42,500

  • Roberto Norton

Occidental College Leadership Scholarship - $132,000

  • Corinne Casey

Phi Delta Gamma Scholarship - $750

  • Corinne Casey

Regional Occupational Program Scholarship - $500

  • Corinne Alexander
  • Kailey Toscano

Robert and Amy K. Callow Memorial Scholarship - $6,000

  • Danielle Sheffield

Ronald McDonald House Charities Hispanic American Commitment to Education Resources Scholarship - $1,000

  • Magdalia Barron
  • Nataly Renteria

Sabrina Grimaldi Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

  • Kelley Douglas

San Joaquin County Commission on the Status of Women Susan B. Anthony Award - $500

  • Anne Heberle

San Joaquin County Coordinating Council Christa McAuliffe Scholarship - $1,000

  • Anne Heberle

San Joaquin County Office of Education Foundation CB Merchant Services Business - $500

  • Cynthia Garcia

San Joaquin Delta College Scholarship Foundation - $500

  • Ivan Trujillo

San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation Scholarship - $1,000

  • April DeLatorre

San Joaquin Human Resource Association Scholarship - $100

  • Kelley Douglas

Soccoro Lopez Memorial Scholarship - $2,500

  • Michael Sandoval

Soroptimist International Academic Scholarship - $500

  • Dominique Rodriguez

Soroptimist International of Lodi, The Violet Richardson Award - $500

  • Lee Kraljev

Soroptimist International of Lodi, The Violet Richardson Award 2007 - $500

  • Anne Heberle

Stockton JACL Chapter Scholarship - $500

  • David Saito

Stockton Opera Guild Scholarship - $200

  • Kelley Douglas

Stockton Symphony Manlio Silva Memorial Scholarship - $200

  • Kelley Douglas

The Grand Encampment IOOF Scholarship - $750

  • Brent Hemphill

Tokay High School Class of 1978 Scholarship - $100

  • Dominique Rodriguez

Tokay High School Football Booster - Coach Hubbard Scholarship - $500

  • Roberto Norton

Tokay Stitch "N" Quilt Scholarship - $500

  • Austin Cantrell
  • Maritza Neri

Tri-City Athletic League Dale Lacky/GMC Scholar Athletic Award - $600

  • Anne Heberle

University of California, Santa Barbara - $4,650

  • Kelley Douglas

University of LaVerne Scholarship - $40,000

  • Cynthia Garcia

University of Southern California Presidential Scholarship - $74,224

  • Lee Kraljev

University of Southern California Scholarship - $10,000

  • Lee Kraljev

University of the Pacific Scholarship - $32,000

  • Magdalia Barron

University of the Pacific Scholarship - $8,000

  • Miranda Valdez

University of the Pacific Presidential Scholarship - $6,500

  • Miranda Valdez

USA TODAY Sammy Award - $7,500

  • Corrine Casey

Wal-Mart Sam Walton Community Scholarship - $10,000

  • Roberto Norton

Tokay High School Graduates


Lisa Abarca

Michelle Christine Addington

Christine Alisa Aftias

Victor Rey Agustin

Harron Akbar

Yeraldin Soraya Alanis

Jose Ignacio Alejandre

Corinne Nicole Alexander

Morgan Star Allen

Christina Marie Alves

Lavicka Paulina An

Alejandra Anaya

Gerardo Anaya

Jacqueline Anaya

Todd Jeffrey Andersen

Rachael Maria Andorf

AnneMarie Angeles

Daniel Anthes

Timothy Joseph Antolin

Krista Fay Apley

Hector Aponte

Sandra Araujo

Stephanie Renee Arlt

Stephanie Arnett

Maribel Arvizu

Paul Anthony Asuncion, II:


Andrew Hiroshi Babaoka

Faiza Babar

Magdalia Leticia Barron

Marissa May Basilio

Dianna Elsa Becerra

Adam Steven Beck

Brittany Michelle Belasco

Brittni Borja

Bradley Howard Bristow

Calvin Dean Brown

Jazzlin Carmel Butler


Priscilla Amy Cadena

Learsi David Canosa

Austin Jordan Cantrell

Max Christian Cantrell

Crystal Mollring Carr

Richard Martin Carreon

Corinne Rose Casey

Anica Elaine Castellano

George Castillano

Jessica Castillo

Heather Castle

Elizabeth Cecchetti

Mark Anthony Cedeno

Britsa Esther Cedillo

Alexander Paul Cesena

Kapulani Blake Chong

David Contreras

Manuel Nicolas Contreras, III

Jairo Cortes

Gavin Wladystaw Costa

Jordan Abraham Costa

Javier Cristerna

Heather Rose Crume

Marcelino Cruz

Cecily Monica Cundari

Trentan Alan Michael Cunningham


Laura Daegling

Rachel Helen Davies

Adam Tyler Davis

Jonathan De La Rosa

Eric Christopher Deaver

April Rochelle DeLatorre

Nicole Caitlin DeMartinis

Navdeep Kaur Dhaliwal

Saranjit Kaur Dhaliwal

Taranjeet Kaur Dhatt

Ramiro Diaz

Kelley Elizabeth Douglas

Taylor Lauren Downie

Edith Duarte

Brooke Debra Lynn Dueck

Thaddeaus Lamar Dunham

Amy Duong

Jeffrey Thomas Dyer


Andrea Lynne Ellis

Abraham Espinosa


Omara Farooq

James Farran

Derek Allen Faul

Aaron Matthew Fehn

Brian John Fehn

Jose Ignacio Felix

Meghan Noel Fells

Elba Nallely Fernandez

Natalie Danielle Ferrero

Ivan Gonzalez Flores

Jacob Flores

Maria Teodocia Flores

Jeffrey D. Ford

Allayna Rae Fulgham


Emily Beth Gake

Shelly Marie Gallups

Ariel Ann Galluzi

Cynthia Ivette Garcia

Eloisa Aide Garcia

Victoria Rene/ Garcia

Patrick Kelly Garner

Curtis Lynn Garrison

Charles Almendras Geraldizo

Andrew Tyler Gibson

William Gifford

Nanakdeep Singh Gill

Brett Robert Glennon

Jesus Godinez

Amanda Marie Goforth

Mayra Gonzalez

Samuel Gonzalez

Valleria Gonzalez

Kayla Christine Gouveia

Devin Sean Greaney

Kristy L. Gumm

Susana A. Guzman


Constance Patricia Harbin

Monique Elizabeth Harper

Michael Edward Harris

Anne Marie Heberle

Casey Danielle Helwig

Brent Tyler Hemphill

Alberto Hernandez

Ernesto Hernandez

Ivan Herrera

Karly RaeAnn Herrington

Somna Heuy

William Scott Hinton

Kelsey Leighanne Holladay

Manmit Singh Hothi

Jean Marie Hubbard

Rachel Lianne Hudmon

Parrish Eugene Shawnte Hudson, Jr.

Peter Huecksteadt

Justin Hunnicutt

Erin Kelley Hust


Thomas Francis Iturraran


Enrique Jahen

Teagan Danielle Jensen

Kaj Jewell

Stephen Michael Jomaoas

Victoria Angelina Juarez


Laura Elizabeth Kadlacsik

Amit Kalra

Amandeep Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur

Pawandeep Kaur

Mehran Famina Khan

Nazia Khan

Shasta Khan

Zubair Khan

Michel George Khoury

Seth Michael Killian

Jaclyn Marie Kimmel

Bridget Christine King

Taylor Lynn Kininmonth

Michael Joseph Kludt

Amanda Christian Knox

Lee Kraljev

Brandon Toledo Ku


Katie Ladd

Hugo Arriaga Lagunas

Cameron Allen Lamberson

Jonathan Nicholas Langone

Bryce Alan Lawley

Ashley Nicole Leatham

Lauren Paige Leffler

Adolfo Llamas

Shoua Nag Lo

Samantha Lynn Lofquist

Gino Christian Lombardi

Adrian Lomeli

Jazmin Lomeli-Ramirez

Fernando Lopez

Lawrence Anthony Lopez

Roxana Edith Lopez

Gurmeet Singh Lotey

Zachary James Lucas


Cynthia Macias

Shafqat Mahmood

Hayley Nicole Mahnken

Stephen Nicholas Malcolm

Nicole Marie Malsam

Katelyn Rose Mangrich

Kristopher Marsh

Ana Erika Martinez

Anthony Paul Martinez

Elia Martinez

Joaquin Alejandro Martinez

Julio Cesar Martinez

Michael Mason

Casey Ray McCurdy

Jessica Diane McElroy

Robin McIntire

Edith G. Mejia

Michael Miles

Tony Millan

Allen James Miller

Stephen Roy Mindt

Ulices Mojica

Sylvonya Moore

Jordan Andrew Morrow

Joshua Zib Moua

Oscar Daniel Munoz


Christine Michelle Nakoma

Gabriel Naranjo

Anthony Michael Natera

Brittany Elizabeth Nava

Elias Nava

Maritza Salcedo Neri

Nancy Thi Nguyen

Roberto Jairo Norton

Ana Karen Noyola


Michelle Elizabeth Oden

Luis Angel Ordinola

Kristen Ortega


Jamie Ryan Paiste

Silvia Palos

Jillian Elizabeth Parker

Matthew Adam Pasquarella

Avni Dinesh Patel

Ryan Peluso

Brittney Michelle Perez

Guillermo Javier Perez

Jonathan Perez

Katrina D. Perez

Maira G. Perez

Cory Michael Phelan

Andrew S.J. Pierucci

Antone R. E. Pierucci

Samantha Lee Poteet

Gaurav Pradhanang


Colby Thomas Quarles

Katharine M. Quinata

Samantha Marie Quinata

Crystal Rubi Quintero


Dominique Nicole Ramirez

George Edgar Ramirez

Joel Vargas Ramirez

Rubi Ramirez

Yaqueli Ramos

Olivia Rangel

Nicholas Henry Rankin

Rana Fayeq Rashid

Rizwan Rehman

Nataly Renteria

Kelly Ring

Christian Rodriguez

Dominique Gisele Rodriguez

Edward Perfeto Rodriguez

Scott Michael Rodriguez

Chloe Margot Roget

Maya Frances Roget

Jillian C. Rohde

Kaylee Rosenbusch

Katie Nicole Rostomily

Zachary James Rostomily

Temperance Rebecca Rowell


David Mutsuo Saito

Jordan Sebastian Salazar

Sean Evan Salazar

Sonia Maureen Salazar

Lilia Salcedo Lua

Salahedin Salem

Linda Sam

David Sanchez

Serena Pauline Sanchez

Michael John Sandoval

Angelica Marissa Santana

Manuel Santoyo

Luis Alejandro Santoyo Pineda

Kenny Gerard Sarisky

Lauren Sasaki

Andrea Nichole Saul

Waheed Sayeed

Benjamin Edward Schaffer

Zackary Walter Schallberger

Hillary Louise Schrock

Sofia Bano Shah

Danielle Suzanne Sheffield

Ashlee Faye Shelton

Aaron Daniel Shinn

Zachary Cameron Siddle-Manas

Kristen Nicole Simmons

Amritpal Singh

Jagdeep Singh

Karanvir Singh

Pardeep Singh

Rashbir Singh

Satnam Singh

Sukhjinder Singh

Brenton Slover

Patrick Conway Smith

Joseph Maurice Solis

Justin Anthony Sotelo

Nicholas Ramon Sotelo

Brandon Jay Spinner

Jessica Nicole Spray

Sarah Beth St.Clair

Preston Jennings Stroud

Emily Michelle Suess

Ali Suplaban

Brian Andrew Sweeten

Erica Lynn Synowicki


Victor Terrazas

Troy Charles Terrill

Ryan Terry

Angela Thao

Fue Thao

Marcus Austinn Thomas

Jeremy Michael Thompson

Garrett Tonn

Gianna Marie Torrente

Jessica Torrente

Juan Torres

Reyna Elizabeth Torres Felix

Rocio Torres-Ruiz

Kailey Marie Toscano

Michael Allen Townes

Chase Scott Troughton

Ivan Hernandez Trujillo

Antonia Tsampis


David Earl Unger

Jose Christopher Uribe


Karina Kristine Valadez

Miranda Francisca Valdez

Longinos Abel Vargas

Guadalupe Verdoza

Ellie Marie Viglienzone

Ashley Allison Villamor

Jesus Mendoza Villegas

Megan Marie Vincelet

Carmelo Viramontes

Amy Mary Vogel


Jeannette Marie Webb

Aaron Joshua Wentland

Casondra Elizabeth Whitley

Amber Melissa Whitmer

Heather Nicole Williams

Caira Alyn Wills

Jamie Mon Wong

Lawson Wu


Saagar Sunil Yadav

Lang Yang

Andrew AJ-Pratt Yeats


Samantha Zaragoza

Karely Soledad Zavala

Nicholas Angelo Zazzarino

Contact reporter Amanda Dyer at amandad@lodinews.com.

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  • posted at 3:40 pm on Fri, Jun 13, 2008.


    Congratulations, THS Grads!

  • posted at 12:39 pm on Fri, Jun 13, 2008.


    A big congratulation to the Class of 2008. Make us proud out there.Jeremy McNichol C/O 2001

  • posted at 9:48 am on Fri, Jun 13, 2008.


    I went to the Grape Bowl to watch my grandson graduate from Tokay last night. As the graduates names were being announced, I hear strike three your out. The timing of the graduation and the ball game at the same time, nice going. The ball game could have and should have started 3 hours sooner. It was more like a duel of loud speakers and amps.



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