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Galt’s Academic and Recreation summer program is not getting off the ground


Only eight students have signed up for the city of Galt’s new Academic and Recreation summer program, which started Monday.

When the city council approved approximately $33,000 last month for staff and supplies, it was believed that the expense would be offset by tuition for an estimated 30 students.

However, the city is on track to bring in just $10,000 in revenue before expenses.

City Manager Jason Behrmann and staff are optimistic that the numbers will increase now that school’s out, but if it doesn’t go up by the end of next week they will need to re-evaluate the program, he said.

“We only hire staff as needed based on enrollment, so if we don’t have the revenue we won’t incur the expenses,” Behrmann said. “Of course you need a minimum of two staff for the program, so the costs will be higher than revenues if we only stay at five kids, but it won’t be a large amount.”

Of the $33,338 appropriated by the council, $30,008 was earmarked for staff.

The program is an extension of SOAR, the afterschool program the city operated during the regular school year at local schools through a joint-use agreement with the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District. More than 75 students were enrolled.

Due to its success, there were requests for the city to offer a summer program that would be available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, according to Armando Solis, the city’s special projects administrator.

He expected approximately 30 students to sign up, but on Monday there were only five. An additional three enrolled Tuesday.

A weekly fee of $125 charged to participants was believed to help offset the cost of salaries and supplies. With those figures, revenue was estimated at $37,500, compared to the operating cost of $33,338.

The program is being offered at River Oaks Elementary School, and will run for 10 weeks.

Participants can sign up at the city’s Parks and Recreation office, or online.

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