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Treat your body well during stressful travel


While most of us associate radiation exposure with having CT scans or x-rays done at either medical or dental visits, unless someone has an accident when they are away, vacation and radiation don’t seem to go together. However, if you are flying the friendly skies, exposure to cosmic rays at very high altitudes can be more than you would imagine. In fact, a cross-country round trip flight can expose you to nearly as much radiation as a chest x-ray. The problem with radiation is that it leads to DNA damage, by way of oxidation or free radical formation. DNA damage raises our risk of developing all different types of cancer. No need to cancel your travel plans though, rest assured that there is something that you can do to protect your cells… eat nutrient-rich food, high in antioxidants. 

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  • Lodi’s Walmart Supercenter stocks up for grand opening

    Lodi’s Walmart Supercenter stocks up for grand opening

    Colorful clothing was neatly folded and hung on displays across from a row of more than 20 registers and 12 self-checkout stands inside Lodi’s soon-to-open Walmart Supercenter. Nearby, a large group of employees gathered in a huddle, performing a Walmart cheer before heading out to their various assignments.

  • City of Lodi’s recreation head retires after 30 years

    City of Lodi’s recreation head retires after 30 years

    After 30 years of service to the City of Lodi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, Recreation Division Superintendent Mike Reese celebrated his retirement Wednesday afternoon surrounded by several colleagues and friends in the Kirst Hall banquet room of the Hutchins Street Square Community Center.

  • Several events slated for the Fourth of July weekend

      It’s that time of year again, and the Fourth of July is just around the corner. Several events have been scheduled throughout Lodi and surrounding areas during the holiday weekend.

  • Coming full circle: Ricci returns to coach Galt boys hoops

    Coming full circle: Ricci returns to coach Galt boys hoops

    GALT — From playing on the basketball court to coaching from the bench.

  • Scamming “gardeners” threaten elders in Lodi

    Imagine answering the door to find a man claiming to be a gardener who is offering you to fix your lawn, which apparently needs fertilizer. Once he and a crew of several men finishes their work, your lawn will be beautiful again and more drought tolerant, he tells you. He says it will take about three or four bags of fertilizer and seed priced at $20 a bag. 

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Pick a winner at Taco Truck Cook Off


Competition is back at the 6th Annual Taco Truck Cook-Off. Mark your calendars for June 25 to watch various taco trucks of Lodi battle it out …

Here's to Dad


A storyteller at heart

Pairing beer and wine in a new School Street tasting room

Pairing beer and wine in a new School Street tasting room


When Jeff Daniel goes wine tasting with his wife Carrie Gooding, they hop between two or three wineries and sip their way through a flight at …

Into the earth


The foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range are full of caves, caverns and other impossibly large holes in the earth. Some are even open…

Tips and tricks for a great grad party


Graduation and commencement ceremonies are full of solemn moments and special recognition of incredible academic achievements. But what many g…

Free summer concert series begins at Hutchins Street Square


Summertime is the best time for concerts. Bring a picnic and a blanket, lay on the grass and let the music wash over you as you relax in the l…

The artists behind the ink


From outside the room, it is only a loud buzzing noise. Like a determined wasp trying to fight its way through a screened window. But inside, …

Sweet summer salad with good-for-you ingredients


With the warmer weather beginning to move in on a consistent basis and longer evenings with lots of outdoor activities planned, we need easy r…

A well-coifed musical in Lodi


A long line of performers filled the rehearsal space at Troupe Cabana on East Pine Street. Wearing dancing shoes and comfortable clothes, they…

Enjoy wine by the can


One Lodi area winery is ready to embrace the outdoor adventures of summer. 

Her world in watercolor


When Marisa Redondo went on wandering nature walks with her young son River, there were a lot of stops and starts. River would be distracted f…

Ethan Bortnick to play at Hutchins Street Square


Most 15-year-olds spend their weekends studying, playing sports and hanging out with friends. Ethan Bortnick does all that, but he usually thr…

McGuire's on Elm Street opens after renovations


A former football coach and restaurateur has opened McGuire’s on Elm Street, bringing an Irish vibe and live music to the busy street corner.

Jim Elliot Robotics team takes robot to world championships


It’s a normal portable classroom, the first in a long row on campus at Jim Elliot Christian High School. But inside, there are no rows of desk…

Enjoy art and wine at Spring Art Show


With warm spring temperatures and beautiful flowers in bloom, April is a perfect time to enjoy an art show with a crisp glass of chardonnay in hand.

'Sip Back and Relax'

'Sip Back and Relax'


While working on a project at California State University, Sacramento, Taylor Kininmonth found a solution to a problem among Lodi wine tourist…

Fixing dinner the foodie bar way


When nutritionist Timaree Hagenburger sat down to work on her first cookbook, her mind wandered from seasonal, fresh California cuisine, to th…

Managing blood glucose levels is a challenge, but possible


The morning of my doctor’s appointment had arrived. For the first time in a long time, I was nervous about how it would go. I wasn’t afraid of…

Tower Park family serves up sweet treats in Lodi


A new ice cream shop aims to bring a taste of the Hawaiian islands to Lodi.