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Lodians attend the Berlin Airlift Reunion

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The Jewish High-Day cycle will end for another year (5777) this weekend. As a Believer, I didn’t see the importance of keeping the special days of certain faiths. I felt they were not for us as Believers, especially when Jews did not partake in the Christian part of Judeo/Christian ethics; I was wrong. I have come to realize the rich blessings of Jewish Biblical traditions (e.g., the seven High Days of Lev. 23:1) and the great significance they have for Believers:

• The Seventh Day Sabbath celebrates Creation and we honor God with our rest in Him/worship;

• The Passover represents the saving blood of the Lamb/Lord over our lives and our safety in Him;

• First Fruits is witness of His resurrection, first to live eternally and not know death again;

• Savuot/Pentecost honors the Day the Commandments were given, also becoming the Day the comforting Holy Spirit was made available to all;

• Rosh Hashanah/Jewish New Years/Feast of Trumpets reminds us (1 Thess. 4:13), that a time is coming when the Trump of the Lord will sound and the dead will be raised;

• Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement is a “convocation” (rehearsal, practice) for the Day when we will stand before our Maker to give an account of our lives and

• Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles encourages us that there is a joyous time coming when we will be with our Lord eternally.

What a curious irony that the Jews keep these High Days, but don’t receive our Lord as Messiah, and Believers accept the Lord, but don’t receive the High Days as significant to their faith in Him. The Cross and the Jewish Star were together in Acts, then separated for thousands of years, but are now being brought back together by the Father’s hand.

Lately, it has been encouraging to see so many denominations leading out in Passover/Seder services. I encourage you, while we still have the scriptures available and can worship freely, to include these sacred Days/Times to enrich your life in Him. Shalom to your path; Shalom ‘rav Jerusalem.

Maureen Minick


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