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“Look, look,” I said to my wife. “They have come completely unhinged. They’re jumping up and down, yelling at the top of their voices; ‘jail her! Jail her! Put her in prison!’”

A fat guy with a big hat, spraying spittle, and bits of foam appear on the lips of other screaming voices. “What is it,” my spouse said, “is it those Iranians again, the ‘death to America’ stuff?”

“No,” I said, “it’s the Republicans.” “What?” she said. “The Republicans?”

“Yup,” I said. I really couldn’t believe it myself.

There’s that governor of New Jersey getting them all worked up and frothy about Hillary’s dishonesty. Yes, Chris Christie himself, the “bridgegate” character. In their zeal to excoriate Ms. Hillary, his dishonest baggage gets completely overlooked. But, alas, this is what they have become. In their fixation on “anybody but Hillary” they have hitched their faith on the most dishonest, Hitlerist, messianic, egomaniac, ever to run for office in this country.

While espousing God, country, and guns, these people have completely forgotten the moral values they so self righteously claim — it is hypocrisy at it’s very nastiest. Looking past some good candidates, they are supporting the most dangerous, unpredictable, racist, bigoted individual to ever run for the office of president!

Good God Almighty, what has become of the Republican Party? The whole western world wants to know.

Gary F. Maurer


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