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Poet of the Week

The Kindergarten Room

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Marissa Chesney


Bright colors, a blur

Is all we see,

Just colors, not past

What truly could be.

The Leprechaun under

the teacher’s desk,

the misfit fairies

creating a mess.

The Goblins that peek

from behind the bookcase,

the knight fighting dragons

in a wonderful chase.

The magic that’s felt

by the smooth book covers

The dreams of princes

and their princess lovers.

The wizard that hides

behind the shutters

Casting out spells

with the words that he utters.

The cat who tells tales

to the children alone,

the kind and his castle

For eternity moan.

The Jack o’ Lantern out

in the pumpkin patch

waiting for children

to pick out their match.

The chipped paint alone

Has a story to tell,

In just enough time

Fore the recess bell.

A world released

In the shut of an eye

Shall remain privy

to only the children and I.

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Marissa Chesney