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Katie Nightengale gets 40 seconds of fame in ‘Oz’

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Katie Nightengale


Though she is known for her short stature, Lodi native Katie Nightengale stood out to Hollywood and had an appearance as a munchkin in the 2013 film “Oz The Great and Powerful.” Here, she talks about her height, her new passion for acting and what it was like to work on a film set.

When did you start acting?

I’ve had no prior acting experience. One of my best friends lives in Southern California, and is part of the SAG — the Screen Actors Guild. She heard they were looking for little people, and I’m (small). She forwarded me the email (from) Disney. They wanted measurements, photos and a phone number. Three weeks later, I got a call.

How long did you film?

It was only two days because they had already filmed for a year in Michigan. When they got here, they realized there were scenes that needed to be redone.

What was your character? Do you know how many seconds of screentime you get in the film?

I’m a munchkin. I’m in there maybe 40 seconds.

What have your family and friends been saying?

They’re excited for me because it’s not often that someone my size gets an opportunity like this.

Will there be more acting in your future?

This has opened a door and I had so much fun that I’m going to pursue it.

Do you have a role in mind?

I would love to do a serious role. I like to put myself in other peoples’ shoues, and I’m really good at feeling a person’s emotion.

What did you learn on set?

I learned a lot. I learned how the set works: That most of the time you’re in the holding room, that you wait a lot and they feed you a lot. There are so many different characters on set; you just learn from people all around the country.

Did you meet any famous actors?

I got to work with the celebrities, but I didn’t get to meet them. They try to keep you out of their way. My make-up artist was fun — we all had our own — and he told me how he did Johnny Depp’s makeup for “Pirates.”

Were you a “Wizard of Oz” fan growing up?

I love the musical; the characters were hilarious. When I was younger, everyone would refer to me as the Lollipop Guild.

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Katie Nightengale