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An open letter to new high school students

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Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 12:00 am

Dear new high school students: Friday night football games, spirit weeks, hard tests, tedious classes, weird teachers and crazy basketball games — all of these are a part of a high school journey. Freshman year was a time of new beginnings.

Sophomore year was full of memories and enjoying the perks of high school. During junior year, you learn a lot about your life in general. Throughout our years in high school, we’ve experienced good times, but also several bumps on the road.

Freshman year was where it all began. We met a lot of new people, and made many close friends. Keeping old friends from middle school is important, but don’t be afraid to branch out and make new acquaintances. Make sure to choose your friends wisely, because the decisions they make and actions they take will affect you.

Also, a big part of our high school journey was cheerleading, which both of us joined our freshman year. Cheer has given us a lot of memories, and it’s how we met our closest friends. Getting involved in school sports, clubs, and other activities will be a huge part of making the best of your high school experience. Make sure to do so, because missed opportunities will lead to regret.

Another part of freshman year is keeping your options open when it comes to classes. Just because you don’t plan on going to a four-year (college), doesn’t mean you wont change your mind later on. Start off with taking A-G requirements, and if you realize college isn’t the right path for you, you can always adjust that later on. It’s always good to keep your options open; freshman year is when you set up the rest of your high school journey.

Sophomore year was when we made the most memories. We became closer to our friends, and had the best experiences. Just make sure to keep your goals in mind, and don’t let your grades slip. Sophomore year was probably the most fun for both of us, and also a huge step in our overall high school experience.

Junior year is the time to start planning ahead and thinking about your future. Some parts of it will be stressful, but don’t let it tear you down. It’s all about balance. You can still have fun your junior year, even when taking SATs, keeping your grades up, and thinking about college. Don’t let peers or other outside factors change you.

We personally encountered a small altercation in our friendship, where others’ personalities and lives were involved. Regardless of our opposing opinions, though, we eventually got through it. Just make sure during your junior year that you make the right decisions for yourself and for your future.

The past three years of our lives have made us who we are today. Looking back on our high school journey is undoubtedly a walk down memory lane.

Senior year is the time to live in the moment, and make the best of your time left. Make memories and have fun. Learn from all of your past mistakes. As excited as you may be for graduation, don’t get “senioritis,” when you feel like you can slack off just because school is almost over! Continue to stay on track in all of your classes to assure you graduate.

High school has been an overall great experience, but it is what you make it.

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