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Teens 2 Teens

Be careful what you drink at parties

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Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 12:00 am

Dear T2T: Please print this letter as it may help others. My friend was slipped a date-rape drug at a party. She was drinking, but not that much, then suddenly she started acting super drunk and went unconscious. We got her out of there, but nobody would take her to emergency because her dad is well known in town. We kept watching her breathing and heartbeat. She woke up the next day, but she’s really spacey and shaky. I’m still scared for her health. Please warn others: Don’t drink ANYTHING you don’t open yourself at a party! We totally thought this party was okay. To anyone who uses these drugs, you are potential murderers and should go to jail. Have you heard this happening around here lately? — Spread the word

Response No. 1:

Yes, I actually went to a party the other day and someone I knew had that happen to one their friends. I told them that they should go to the emergency room immediately. To be honest, I think someone’s health, or potential life should go in front of anything so I would say that you should still go to the emergency room. When you go to parties, you always want to stay with a group of friends that will watch over you that you can trust. And as you mentioned, don’t drink anything you didn’t open, or anything you didn’t make. Depending on how much you trust your friends, I would not get anything myself. Being a guy, I’m not too sure what to tell a girl, but I understand that it must be hard. There are stories like this all the time and this is nothing to mess around with. You can get really hurt in these situations and that why you need really good friends that will stay be you. Remember not to set your drink down, bring your drink with you everywhere, and most importantly as I said earlier, bring a friend. Spread the word about these tips, and if you really don’t feel safe just have a friendly get together at your house with no drinking or drugs. Parties aren’t the only source of fun. You can have sleep overs, go bowling, go to the movies, tons of things that are going to be in a safer environment.

Response No. 2:

As everyone knows, this type of stuff happens all of the time. It is our responsibility as friends to watch our friends at events where alcohol is involved. If you feel partying and drinking is a must, it is crucial that you go with a sober friend that you can trust. Although I don’t advise drinking alcohol, if you do then make sure you nor your friends put yourselves in a position to get drugged. No, we have not heard of this happening locally in a while but it has happened in the past. Good luck to your friend.

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