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Teens 2 Teens

Need ideas for making new friends

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Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 12:00 am

Dear T2T: I just entered middle school. I have gone to the same elementary school since kindergarten and had a lot of friends there. We moved and now I go to a different school without any of my friends. This has been really hard for me. School is going OK, but I feel like I just blend in and no one notices or wants to get to know me. I really want to make some new friends, but not even sure how to go about it. People would think I was a weirdo if I just popped into their group and that’s another problem. There are all of these groups that are already formed. Any ideas to help me out? I’m tired of being alone in the crowd. — 7th grade sadness

Two separate groups of students on different campuses are now providing you with their perspectives! They receive the same letters and are asked to provide what the best advice they have to offer.

T2T Response No. 1:

I’m sorry you’re going through that. Moving can be really difficult for certain people. Sometimes in your life you will be faced with challenges that will make you step out of your comfort zone. And sometimes that’s just what you need. In middle school and high school you will be constantly gaining and loosing friends. If you’re having trouble being social then start off by making small talk with the people in your classes. If you don’t want to seem too eager to make friends then stick with simple conversations. From making small talk with your classmates it will lead to a “heyyyy” or to “do you want to sit with me at lunch?” There might be times when you’re going to be rejected by people, sometimes even your close friends. You shouldn’t get discouraged if that happens, because it happens to everyone. As you started middle school you noticed a lot of cliques and with cliques come a lot of different personalities. It will only get bigger in high school. When you find a group of friends that you’re comfortable with you have to make sure that they are good influences on you. You don’t want end up with a group that’ll lead you into the wrong choices. Be smart in your decision making. We hope you meet tons of new people and hope you enjoy middle school and the years to come in high school. Make good memories that’ll last a life time and have fun.

T2T Response No. 2:

I encourage you to keep a positive attitude. If you are shy, try to step out of your shell a bit, talk to your classmates that you feel you might have some things in common with because you never know. Maybe you should participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. These activities will not only allow you to develop better relationships with your peers but also with the coaching and teaching staff. As you said, a lot of groups have already been formed, maybe you can try to find one that you think you can really fit in. Also, social networks are not a bad idea when it comes to making friends because you will be connected to the rest of your classmates.

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