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Follow your heart, even if it leads to breakup

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Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:00 am

Dear T2T: I have been dating this boy for two years. I love him. We’ve been together so long I can’t see myself without him; however, I’m moving away in a year, and he can’t go with me. And last night, I met a boy who I already have a little crush on.

I’m not sure if I should break up with my boyfriend because I’m attracted to other guys (coupled with the fact that we’ve been fighting a lot lately) and because I am confused about our future together, or if I should stay with him. — Confused Heart

Response 1: We understand your difficult situation. Relationships, especially at this age, are always complicated. Relationships are never a walk in the park because you are dealing with someone else’s emotions and feelings as well as your own.

We know it is going to be hard to part with someone that you have loved for a long time. Since you are moving away in a year, you and your boyfriend probably won’t be able to see each other very often. Therefore, this could drive you guys apart.

You are still young and have a lot of opportunities. Just because you have been in this relationship for so long, does not mean that you are obligated to stay. You should explore your options.

The fact that you are being attracted to other guys says something about your relationship. It tells you that you are not truly in love with him. If you were in love with him, you would never think twice whether you two should be together or not.

And the two of you have been arguing quite a bit recently. If you are not 110 percent happy in a relationship, you should leave before you get any more attached. It will only make it harder to let go in the future.

If this new guy you met lives in the area you are moving to, you should pursue him for your happiness. You never know what it could lead to.

We hope you take our advice. Just remember that you are not locked into this relationship, and you have every right to leave. Make sure your ultimate decision is what makes you happy. We wish you the best of luck!

Response 2: First, no matter what decision you make, just remember that it’s your future that is at stake here. Considering that you and your boyfriend have been together for two years, you guys must be pretty close and know each other well. So, it’d be best to be as honest as you can be to yourself and to him.

Also, this may be a quest for love that your boyfriend is not providing.

If what you are feeling for your boyfriend is as strong as “love,” then you as a couple can make it through anything. If you have faith you can make it through a long-distance relationship, go for it. Fight for it equally and make it worthwhile.

Think before you act and keep all factors in mind. Your emotions are at stake, do what is best for you. Follow YOUR heart.

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