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Nervous about upcoming dance

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Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:00 am

Dear T2T: I am in middle school and have never been to a dance before. We have our first school dance coming up soon and I really want to go, but I am super nervous because I am not a good dancer. Half of me wants to go and the other half wants to just stay home and avoid the possibility of embarrassing myself in front of all my classmates. I mean, what if no one asks me to dance and I just stand on the wall all night? I am really confused on what I should do. What do you think? — Two Left Feet

Twice the advice!

Answer No. 1:

We understand the situation you’re in. Middle school is a tough time for all of us. Middle school though, is the time to find yourself, make new friends, and express yourself.

You should never be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and try new things. You should go to the dance because you only live once. There’s a first time for everything and you never know, you might really enjoy the dance.

You shouldn’t be nervous and we encourage you to go. You should have a lot of fun if you decide to go. The half of you that wants to go to the dance, needs to overcome the half of you that wants to stay home. Even though you don’t think you can dance, you might prove yourself and others wrong. You should just go out and have a good time.

If no one asks you to dance, then go out on the dance floor and ask somebody to dance with you. If you’re scared of rejection, then just have fun and dance by yourself or with a group of friends. Never be afraid to go out and just be yourself. In life you can not hesitate because you never know when the opportunity will come up again.

Take advantage of every possible experience, especially during your younger years. You need to live life to the fullest, and don’t let fear hold you back. Life is about taking risks and doing things you never imagined yourself doing. Trying new things doesn’t mean commitment, if you don’t like it you don’t have to do it again.

It never hurts to try something once. If you don’t enjoy yourself at the the dance and don’t have the time of your life, you don’t have to go again, but at least you will know for sure that dancing is not your thing. If you just decide to stay at home, you will be left wondering what could have been and could be a regret in your life. So please take our advice and go to the dance. We hope you have fun!

Answer No. 2

The first step that would be best for you to do is find a group of friends to go with. You usually feel more in your element when you’re with people you know. Try your best to stick with your friends most of the night. You shouldn’t have to worry about being or getting embarrassed because it’s every one’s first middle school dance. Just have fun and the night will go as planned. You should go because you never know, you actually might like dances. Don’t worry about somebody not asking you to dance, trust me you will have fun no matter what. A dance is a place for everyone to have a great time and enjoy themselves.

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