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Girls sell homemade crafts to help Lodi House

By Cyndi Carter/News-Sentinel Staff Writer | Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 12:00 am

The day started as any normal day would. Four girls (two sets of sisters) were talking, laughing and shopping before something caught their eye. It was a stylish, embellished headband that they all loved.

As they examined the accessory closer, they decided that it was nothing they couldn’t make themselves. Audrey Sharp, Grace Sharp, Natalie Polhemus and Grace Polhemus started their day as shoppers and were going to finish it as entrepreneurs.

This is where the story takes a twist from the average kid. After much crafting and more talking, the girls came to a mutual agreement that they could use their crafty skills to help others. Group discussions led them to decide that they wanted to donate their profits to Lodi House.

Both families were taking part in a community garage sale and they realized that it would be the perfect time to kick off their business, Accessory Stars. It didn’t take long for them to brainstorm other items to add to their inventory. Their first sale offered customers a chance to purchase headbands, flip-flops, scrunchies and picture frames.

Busily preparing new inventory for their own “booth,” they look forward to continuing this worthwhile endeavor.

When asked why they liked helping others, they all agreed: “It’s fun to make other people happy,” and that age is not a factor if you “believe in yourself.”

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