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Wednesday 08/12/2015
Make your back-to-school meals count, nutritionally

From kindergarten to college, those of us with children are facing a busier season of getting back to school and the schedule that follows. 

Posted: August 12, 2015
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Tuesday 06/23/2015
Klinker Brick teams up with two local women for two new wine releases

Klinker Brick Winery owner Steve Felten has recently aligned his farming operations with two of Lodi’s more determined women-growers: Jean Rauser, the owner of Rauser Vineyard in the Victor area, east of the town of Lodi; and Antoinette Celle, owner of Celle Vineyard located at the southernmost edge of the Lodi Viticultural Area, near Linden.

Posted: June 23, 2015
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Monday 06/22/2015
What does the graduation rate mean?

Jennifer: I enjoyed your recent article concerning local high school graduation rates. It is fun to see the comparisons from year to year and school to school.

Posted: June 22, 2015
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Tuesday 06/09/2015
Potassium in the diet is important for blood pressure and building muscle

I recently wrote briefly about potassium as it relates to high blood pressure, but am reminded again and again when talking to patients about how little most are eating. So this article is devoted solely to this important nutrient in hopes you will learn more about the foods to eat to get enough potassium in your diet on a regular basis.

Posted: June 09, 2015
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Monday 06/08/2015
Is there a local wildlife rescue group?

Jennifer: I found an injured owlet who had fallen out of its nest. I tried to find a wildlife rescue locally. The Fish and Wildlife department had a list for all of California but nothing in San Joaquin County. Should this happen again, do you know of any group locally?

Posted: June 08, 2015
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Monday 06/01/2015
Adapt favorite foods to fit lifestyle to keep foods healthy

I was underneath a huge load of grading after my Friday morning class, when an email popped up on my phone with a gorgeous picture of a sushi bowl from what I thought was a restaurant. I had made several suggestions that morning about making sushi at home, as many students were in the middle of transitioning their diets and wanted an option for some of their favorite Japanese cuisine.

Posted: June 01, 2015
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Tuesday 05/26/2015
Onesta’s latest releases are etched by crisp acidity with a natural earthiness

The Lodi AVA grown wines of Onesta Wines winemaker/owner Jillian Johnson DeLeon are distinguished by two closely related things:

Posted: May 26, 2015
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Saturday 05/23/2015
Has Bennett Construction announced plans for new homes?

Jennifer: Has Bennett construction announced a date they will break ground on the new homes on Lower Sacramento Road and Century Boulevard?

Posted: May 23, 2015
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Tuesday 05/05/2015
Start the day off eating greens by making scrambled tacos

“Mom, I need greens!” It’s music to my ears! My kids just finished up a few weeks of state testing and my 8-year-old daughter made the connection between what she eats and how she feels at school, especially her ability to cope with testing situations, focus and concentrate. While you might think that I would get my fill of nutrition at work, my passion for the subject and our family’s health runs deep, so we tend to talk about it quite a bit.

Posted: May 05, 2015
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Tuesday 04/28/2015
Lodi White Zinfandel is making a comeback with McCay Cellars

Don’t look now, but White Zinfandel may be back, and better than ever!

Posted: April 28, 2015
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Monday 04/27/2015
Can Lodi police pull someone over on Highway 99?

Jennifer: Please settle a bet between my wife and I. She thinks the local police department cannot pull someone over on Highway 99 because that’s within the jurisdiction of the California Highway Patrol. Is she right?

Posted: April 27, 2015
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Monday 04/13/2015
Is it illegal to text at a stoplight?

Jennifer: My friend and I have a friendly bet between us that we’d like you to settle. We both know it is against the law to text while driving, but what about when you’re at a stoplight? Technically you’re not driving.

Posted: April 13, 2015
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Tuesday 04/07/2015
High blood pressure can be prevented with lifestyle changes

Blood pressure is a measurement of the force pressing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood throughout the body. The more blood the heart pumps and the more narrow the arteries, the higher the blood pressure. Blood pressure readings include an upper number (systolic pressure) and a lower number (diastolic pressure).

Posted: April 07, 2015
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Tuesday 03/31/2015
Switching to a plant-based diet helps family prevent chronic diseases

My family values our Mexican heritage and share a very strong foundation of unity. I am a junior and along with taking my father’s name, I take responsibility to continue our family’s legacy.

Posted: March 31, 2015
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Monday 03/30/2015
Are there any former dump sites in this area?

Jennifer: I recently read about former dump sites in Stanislaus County being uncovered due to terrain erosion. Do you know if there are any in our area?

Posted: March 30, 2015
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Tuesday 03/24/2015
Teri Spring: Bite into a healthy lifestyle for National Nutrition Month

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has chosen “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle” as the theme for National Nutrition Month in March to encourage everyone to adopt eating and physical activity plans that help promote good health. The plans focus on eating fewer calories, making informed food choices and exercising daily in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote overall good health.

Posted: March 24, 2015
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Randy Caparoso: Italian grape Vermentino finds its place in Lodi

Among the many “alternative” white wine grapes cultivated in Lodi, Vermentino might hold the most intriguing promise.

Posted: March 24, 2015
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Monday 03/16/2015
Do I need a booster shot for the measles?

Jennifer: I am a senior citizen who received the measles vaccine as a child. With all this talk about vaccines in the news, I’m wondering whether I need to get a booster shot? Is the protocol the same for mumps?

Posted: March 16, 2015
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Tuesday 03/03/2015
Make a crazy salad for a healthy but tasty lunch

You might think it is odd that I only go out to lunch during the weekdays once or maybe twice a year. How is that possible, especially since those of you who know me know that I love food? I have developed a cornerstone habit that saves money and keeps my body well nourished, all while tantalizing my taste buds on a daily basis, and it is all about the lunch I bring from home.

Posted: March 03, 2015
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Monday 03/02/2015
Is the Lodi Police Department’s app out yet?

Jennifer: Last winter, a News Sentinel article reported that the Lodi Police Department had an app for smart phones, but the Apple App would come out in a few weeks. I still can't find the app at the Apple Store. Is it out yet, or do they know when it will be?

Posted: March 02, 2015
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