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My geezer is showing . . .

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Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 5:28 pm

Went to the Grape Festival on Friday night. (For the readers outside Lodi, it's a festival, not unlike a county fair, that celebrates grapes.) We saw Led Zepplica and I'm here to tell you . . . they were AMAZINGLY . . . adequate. Sorry guys, it didn't work for me. When songs have been played the same way for 40 years, don't mess with the mix. Anyway - it was a good night. Good fair food, good wine, everything was good.

Except - now here's where my geezertude starts showing.We were standing in the Midway, which was being what a Midway should be: Happy, busy, crowded, bright and shiny. The Midway is typically for younger people. People who enjoy (and fit into) the rides and like playing the games. I love the energy. We got some good fair-food and stood to the side of the taco truck to eat it. And I'm sure I'm not the only person to comment on this in the past few years - but it's been on my mind.

Lots of kids were there with their friends. Many of them adolescents who probably got a rare night out with their friends, and among most (not just many, but most) groups of 4 or more - half of them were on cell phones texting or talking to someone else.

I know this is not bound to change. I know that our society is headed in the direction of being totally hooked-up all the time forever and ever amen. But if you're out with your friends, what's wrong with them that you have to disconnect from them and talk to somebody who isn't there? Hook up with somebody-who-isn't-there another time!

I've seen it for years. Two people walking down the street in a social way (as in - not in business suits going to a meeting, but casually - shopping or going to the movies) and one of them is carrying on a completely different conversation on their phone while the 'friend' is all alone.

This makes me sad. When did this become okay?

I know I'm showing my age here. But most people who I hang around with would not think of doing that. It's considered rude. Sometimes the phone rings and they might check to see who called and put it away. Or answer it if it's an emergency, I get that.

I just wonder when it became socially acceptable to completely ignore the person/people you're with and hang out with somebody else on the phone.

The rules of polite society are changing. I'm not okay with this, but I think I'd better get used to it.