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No sugar coating here . . .

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Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 3:10 pm

I was raised in a household that did not include prejudice. My folks didn't have racist opinions and we were taught that it's what's inside that counts.

That said - I do have intolerance for a certain group of people. And it's not racists. Racists and bigots are typically ignorant and raised from infancy to believe certain things about different ethnic and socioeconomic groups. I don't agree with many of their beliefs, but when you see images of babies with white hoods on their heads, chances are they didn't choose their outfits.

My intolerance is aimed at people who choose hatred over understanding. I simply don't get why an entire group of citizens would choose to make the lives of others miserable without provocation. And to hide behind a veil of religion makes it even worse.

By now you may realize I'm referring to the asshats at the Westboro Baptist Church. I'm aware that way too much press has been given to these cretins, but they keep getting their moronic actions into the news when they should just stay in their little house of pain and leave everybody alone.

The murders in Arizona were heartbreaking enough without a group of boneheads using their funerals for their personal, twisted agenda.

It's clear that they're insane - but to what degree are we supposed to allow their delirium to be exposed? We're talking about victims of a hateful act that left 6 people dead. All were innocent victims, but none more so than Christina Green. She got to see government in action for a few minutes before being killed by a madman. And these douche bags want to picket her funeral? Why? Because she was "chosen by God"?

I'm all for free speech. I'm all for demonstrating. I'm all for freedom of religion. I'm all over that stuff. But to demonstrate and picket at the funerals of innocent people is wrong. And to what end? I seriously doubt that they'll end up with a single person converting to their "religion" by witnessing that particular display of inhumanity. What they're doing may be legal according to the U.S. Constitution. And I'm not suggesting we adopt a "Morality Police" attitude. But maybe people whose moral compass points downward shouldn't be allowed to congregate at such a solemn occasion as a funeral.

I was actually going to do some research on their Web site before I started ranting, but I couldn't bring myself to click on their url. Google the Westboro Baptist Church and see what I mean. I'm sure they looked deep into their hearts to come up with the clever web address.

In this case I'm choosing to remain ignorant of whatever their mission statement might be.

Theirs isn't religion. Nor is it politics.

It's hate.