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My apologies to Bob Dylan fans . . .

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Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 4:17 pm

I thought I should get my apology out of the way before I start rambling. It just seems better that way.

I was talking to an acquaintance the other day who I'm quite sure does not read my blog. Which is good.

This person had watched a TV show a couple of weeks ago called "Everyone in America has More Talent Than David Hasselhoff" . . . or something like that. Apparently it's a reality talent contest. And actually, the musical competitions are the only reality shows I watch because I like music. But I didn't see this one.

Anyway . . . the winner of the most recent competition was a singer. I'm going to guess a pretty good singer since he won the contest.

The person to whom I was discussing the program had this to say about the winner: "He had a beautiful voice . . . kinda like Dylan."

To which I said nothing. Except in my head where I screamed "REALLY???"

I'm assuming this person was referring to Bob Dylan because this person is of an age to know his work.

With all due respect to Bob Dylan, if I were ever to compare somebody's lovely singing voice with someone, it would not be him.

That's not to say I don't like his songs. I love his songs. He was an important song writer for my generation. He put some compelling and thought-provoking lyrics together during a pivotal time.

Side story: My dad picked me up from a trip at the Los Angeles International Airport when I was 11 years old in August of 1965 when the Watts Riots were going on. I think he had to change routes to get us home, but I wasn't worried about much. I was 11 and my dad was there so I was safe. Playing on the radio was "Like a Rolling Stone" which was the first time either of us had heard this song. We became distracted from any surrounding drama because we were amused by two things about the song: 1. It was really, really long, and 2. The guy's voice was awful.

My Dad and I don't agree much on music, but on that day we did.

Moving on . . .

Many of Dylan's songs are iconic because of the way he sings them. And that's good because they needed to be sung. But given a choice I'd rather hear:

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Susan Tedeschi or Bob Dylan? I pick Susan

Mr. Tambourine Man - Roger McGuinn or Dylan? Roger by a mile

Maggie's Farm - U2 or Dylan? Bono wins this one

Knockin' on Heaven's Door? Eric Clapton gets my vote

And even though it's been played to death - Blowin' in the Wind just sounds better coming out of the pipes of Peter, Paul and Mary than almost anybody else.

I'm grateful that Bob came into the world and wrote songs. I'm also grateful that I don't often have to hear him sing them.

Again, I apologize to Bob Dylan fans. I know you're out there and I can take it if you wanna hit me back. And I apologize to my acquaintance if you happen to be reading this blog. But thanks for the blog idea.