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What the funk?

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Posted: Friday, February 5, 2010 12:00 am

I was finishing up my weekly Saturday shopping and Jessica, a clerk at Raley's, was helping me put the bags in the car. She asked "Is that your Kings Of Leon CD or your son's?" (we've established that these folks know me pretty well). I said "Mine". Actually, it was a small whilte lie. Christian had bought it, didn't like it and gave it to me becauseI did. We chatted a moment about the CD and how we both loved it. I have shoes older than Jessica, so some might think it was odd that we would share similar taste in music. I disagree.

When I was growing up, therewere periods in my life where there was more music than TV. Dad liked the "long hairs";Beethoven, Bach, Motzart. Mom liked everything; jazz, mood music and pop. I even listened to Billy Vaughan and had seen Arthur Fielder & the Boston Pops before I was a teenager.My first concert was the 1966 Candlestick concert withthe Beatles. My mom and Auntie "O" took all of us kids. Its one of the highlightsof my life and I only became aware of what an important event it was years later. I was fortunate to marry a man who shared my love of music. Jim played in bands through most of his youth. He hadtickets to the very same Beatles concert but could not go (wow, I could have saved myself a marriage through a stroke of luck and timing). He still playsguitar and now we enjoy discovering new music together; mostly on the music channel of Comcast's MusicChoice. It was important that we introduced our kids to music.

The boys cleaned thehall bath everySaturday as part of their chores. They would crank up their stereos so they could hear while they cleaned. Now, I had a choice: Deal with "their" music and get the bath cleaned or not. I chose the music. More often that not I would stand at the bathroom door and ask, "Who is that? I really like it". I did that so often that sometimelater Christian recorded a cassette(remember those?)for me titled "Music for the Mom". It was all those tunes I liked. They introduced me to Toad the Wet Sprocket, Collective Soul, Ben Folds, Death Cab For Cutie, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Garbage and more. In turn, through exposure,they have an appreciation for the Beatles (naturally), the Eagles, Annie Lennox, Seal,RobertPalmer, Aerosmith, David Brozaand too many to count (except Bon Jovi, the Stones and Bruce Springsteen who have been writing the same song now for 30 years).

Christian went on the play guitar and teach himself the piano. Nathaniel has such a love a musc, from a listener's standpoint, that it needs to be an integral part of his day. Much likeJim and myself, they are incomplete without music.

So I'm sitting at a stoplight in Lodi listening to my KingsOf Leon CD and tapping outa tune. I look in the rear-view mirror and behind me is a bigold Chrysler with a perfectly coiffed woman behind the wheel who looked about 80. She's tapping outthe exact beat. She definitely had a funk going. Could she be....? No.... Really...? But why not?