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Hello, again

Lauren | Posted: Friday, December 23, 2016 5:32 pm


Hello, friends,

Oh, how I’ve missed this space. I never meant for 10 months — wow, really? — to pass before coming back here to write and reflect and share. I have spent eight years here, sharing my smallest and most mundane moments, most of which become those fragments of life that stay in my mind the strongest. I love to look back on the months and years and remember the details. The way I felt in that cafe sharing a scone with an old friend. The strong smell of spices that fill my mom’s kitchen when we make tamales, and the family arguments that never fail to ensue. Seeing snapshots of special dishes that helped to turn an impromptu hangout into meaningful, soulful gatherings with friends and loved ones.

And so, here I am.

I am back.

At least I am going to try to be.

I often go through phases where it’s hard to get what I want to say shoot through my fingers and onto the keyboard, but never for 10 months. I may have felt a little stuck. I may still feel a little stuck, but that doesn’t mean I can’t just come here with the little bit I can manage to get out once in a while.

A lot has happened since March. Day trips. New recipes. Goal lists. Friendships. Summer. Oh — you know how I love summer. And oh yeah: I bought a home. All by myself. Yep, there was that. Just that one little distraction.

I may not have been here talking about these things, but I was still snapping them. Mostly. Which means I’ll share a whole lot on these things very soon.

And I’m excited. Because so many strangers have written to me, asking me to come back here. And because this is a place that I have come to realize helps me sort and make sense of a lot of life.

So, thank you for reading.