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The Urban Hippie

Wednesday 03/02/2016
A calm day in the city

etsy-2Maggie and I recently went to San Francisco from a crafting expo, and it was the most relaxing day. We shopped til we couldn’t anymore. We walked to Coit Tower. Went to the top. Then hit City Lights bookstore and grabbed some din-din. It was the best. etsy-4etsy-5aetsy-6etsy-7etsy-9aetsy-10etsy-11etsy-12etsy-13etsy-14etsy-15etsy-15aetsy-16etsy-17etsy-20etsy-21etsy-23etsy-24etsy-25

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Saturday 02/20/2016
Ice cream cones & library books

1Earlier this week, I shared Kelli and Ryan’s maternity photos with you. After they made breakfast at home while I snapped around, we went out and about the library and Foster’s Freeze for a treat. Here’s more of the happy couple and their baby bump.23456789101112

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Tuesday 02/16/2016
At home with momma and papa {to be}

kp_1I first photographed their engagement, then their wedding, and now it’s exciting to share these photos of such a sacred space  –  of their home, their bond and their baby bump. Kelli and Ryan will welcome their daughter  –  their first child  –  into the world in the next few months. We spent a part of the weekend weekend together to document the routine of quiet mornings while their household is still just two + pooch. We celebrated the morning light as they pondered the future and lingered over a weekend breakfast. Here are my friends, momma and poppa, to be. kp_2kp_2akp_3kp_4kp_5kp_6kp_7kp_8kp_14akp_9kp_12kp_11kp_13kp_14kp_15kp_16kp_17kp_19kp_20kp_21kp_22kp_23kp_24kp_25kp_26kp_27kp_28kp_29kp_30kp_31kp_32kp_33kp_34kp_35

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Sunday 02/14/2016
Girls’ staycation

girls1I always say, when life gets busy, bunker down with the girls for a weekend and let your brain get away. Okay, I’ve never said that, but it’s definitely a new necessity. Maggie, Andrea and I recently kept it local for a little girls decompression weekend. We made a simple dinner (aka take-n-bake pizza and salad). We chatted with wine on the couch, and I did not feel guilty about falling asleep early in my corner – cus, hello, one of the main points was to rest. We soaked in the hot tub with mimosas and walked to downtown for Thai food. We colored and did crafty things and Andrea even wove a basket! It was the best.girls2girls3girls4girls5girls5agirls6girls7girls7agirls7bgirls9girls10girls11girls12

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Monday 02/08/2016
Five Senses Monday

My sister’s birthday:lately-1So blessed by all my homemade gifts from friends. Soaps and a blown-glass ornament and jelly and granola and homegrown seasonings and a knitted infinity scarf. I feel loved.lately-2

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Sunday 02/07/2016
San Francisco farmer’s market with my mom

sf_market_1sf_market_2sf_market_3Today’s the Super Bowl, and I hear it’s in San Francisco. That’s right, right? I saw something about the Ferry Building vendors being disappointed because business is down with Super Bowl World or Nation or City taking over. So I’m sharing a recent trip my mom and I took to the Ferry Building and the farmers market. It’s one of my favorite things about San Francisco.

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Monday 12/28/2015
Five Senses Monday


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Wednesday 12/23/2015
A little life lately

5_1I bought Sandra Cisneros’ “A House of My Own: Stories from My Life.” I have always loved her writing, and I love how she takes the reader through homes of her life and describes them in such a way that we totally get where she was at moments in her life, when she was writing about whomever was special to her in that moment or writing whichever book or collection of stories would be her next biggest triumphs. I’m reading this one slowly. Savoring it.5_1aAdult coloring books. They’re a thing. You’ll probably get or give one this Christmas, I bet. I find it hard to take the time to sit and color for hours and hours, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I colored this one on a cold, cozy night. As my family watched “The Age of Adaline,” I sat at the kitchen table and listened to it. Now when I look at the different colors or shapes, I imagine scenes and dialogue from that movie.

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Friday 11/20/2015
Three days in San Diego

sd_6468Last month, when I escaped to San Diego for the weekend, I decided mini breaks are no longer optional. In just three days away from home, I was able to disconnect. To recharge. To forget all those little stressers that can get us down (but let’s be real, probably aren’t as important and stressful as we blow them up to be).

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Thursday 11/19/2015
Visiting Jessie | San Diego

sd_6481Man, wouldn’t you like to live here? Like right here, nestled between the setting sun and the tree swing? I call shotgun on that. I say, Life, bring it. Well, my friend Jessie lives as close to this tree swing and that sunset as you can get. Why? Because she’s smart. No, really, she’s really, really smart. She’s getting her Ph. D in marine biology smart. She studies algae and how to turn it into biofuel (how?). And not only that, she’s like the super coolest person you’ll ever meet.

Posted in Urban hippie on Thursday, November 19, 2015 10:01 am. | Tags: Urban Hippie , Uncategorized




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