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The joys of moving

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Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2009 12:00 am

Moving is, without a doubt, one of my least favorite things. I enjoy the change of scenery, but I am not as fond of the packing, cleaning, unpacking or being disconnected for days (from the Internet, and now, with an older television, from the outside world in general).

I think it's good for people to move every now and then, though. Why?

• You learn about yourself. What kinds of things have you chosen to save? What are you discarding now? And of course, how have your tastes changed? I find myself leaning distressingly toward "older" decorating schemes now — I can't bring myself to hang up the pirate-themed shower curtain that was so cool a few years ago, for example.

• You get to declutter. I tend toward the habits of a packrat, so I have been slowly getting rid of things I've collected over the past several years. For example, there's really no reason for me to keep a user's manual to a digital video recorder that was stolen several years ago.

And those books that have been in boxes in my closet since my last move, two years ago? Yeah, those can get donated. I'm a big book collector, but part of the joy of reading is sharing what you've read with others — and there's always the library or the Internet. In fact, my "new apartment resolution" is to slowly divest myself of things until my next move — if I can get everything into one carload next time, so much the better.

• You discover old memories. I found photos last night of family members who have since grown up or passed away, from 4-H camp back in fifth or sixth grade, from my eighth grade last day of school, from high school and college, from visits with friends years ago — even of old pets. I've also found quite a few games, prints and posters, and other items I'd stored away for later use and forgotten about completely.

• Jumping the track. Working at a newspaper, I haven't been able to avoid the news and the world completely, but I've done a pretty fair job of it the past few days. Instead of my normal time gaming, spamming Facebook, chatting on message boards, reading the news as it happens, and otherwise being "connected" 24/7, I've been catching up on my reading (well, re-reading), cooking, going for walks, playing with my cats and otherwise relaxing. While I'm ready to get back into my "e-life," it's been really nice to take a break.

So while moving can be a pain in the behind, it's a nice break from the routine that lets us look at that routine and see where we've been shorting ourselves and where we could make changes.

I'm glad to be almost done, though!