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Fight Girls!

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Posted: Saturday, June 23, 2007 12:00 am

I was flipping through the channels on my newly-installed cable and ended up on Oxygen. It's not normally my kind of network, but I happened to click it on during the opening episode "">Fight Girls," a show about ten American women competing for five spots at the Muy Thai World Championship in Thailand (the show is sort of a more traditional, female version of the Ultimate Fighter show"> Lodi fighter Nathan Diaz is in).

The show is really cool, and it's only two episodes in, for anyone who wants to watch. The women have several weeks to train, but at the beginning of each week their teacher, Master Toddy, tells them who will fight and what their goals should be in training as well as helping them train. Two mentors work with the fighters of the week to help them out.

These girls are hardcore, lifting weights with their teeth and neck muscles, going hundreds of punches and kicks on the heavy bag every day, swimming, running, working hard, dieting to make weight. They are CRAZY. I admire them so much. Even when I was going to karate classes four or five nights a week and running every day, I was nowhere close to the level of fitness and strength these girls have. Not even close.

But Lodi native">Jennifer is, so I still have someone to cheer for. She hasn't fought (on the show) yet, but she's been training with the other girls. I can't wait to see her fight, and I hope she wins a trip to Thailand. Good luck to her!

And in the meantime, I might even try out some of the"> exercises and training tips on the "Fight Girls" Web site, too. Maybe next season, I'll be ready. (Okay, that is so totally wishful thinking, and not just because I don't have the time to train like the Fight Girls do. I'd like to be something approaching fit again, though.)