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Monday Musings: Zero tolerance for Walkers

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Posted: Monday, December 6, 2010 12:57 pm

And by Walkers, I, of course, mean the undead.

As my second installment of Monday Musings, I decided to talk  zombies.

Since The Walking Dead started on AMC, we have spent quite a bit of time in the newsroom discussing the best zombie films of all time and what we would do during an attack.

As someone who has never really been into zombie movies, I am surprised at how much I enjoy The Walking Dead, which basically has the feel of an extended movie and leaves me wishing the next episode (or season) would just hurry up already. 

I started watching the show after finishing The Serpent and the Rainbow about the real-life zombie phenomenon in Haiti. It was written by a Harvard professor who studied voodoo culture and is a great read if you want to hear more about a strange practice and how it is rooted in history.

Also, last week Chuck Klosterman wrote about zombies in The New York Times and why the zombie apocalpsye is in someways similar to navigating the basic aspects of human life.

All of this zombie talk has led to a couple newsroom discussions of the best course of action during an attack.

My first initial reaction was to start driving to the Midwest, because I figured a zombie attack would start on the coasts, but then one of my coworkers said you should avoid highways, which makes sense. So I think I would probably take a cue from the TV show and grab as much food, water and guns that I could from the city and head for the mountains. That way it will be easy to spot the undead, and you'd probably have a better chance than if you were out in the open and overtaken by a mob.

This is probably counter intuitive, but I also don't think I could hole up in a building. Even if it were Fort Knox, I'd freak myself out too much by thinking about what is around the corner or hiding in the shadows, as opposed to being outside, where I'd feel like I'd have more control over my environment.

But then again I'm no expert. What would you do during a zombie attack? Leave me some suggestions, so I can start preparing.

Got suggestions for Monday Musings? I'm looking for any topics that would make good questions and let me find out more about reader as well as share something about me.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!