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Top five car chase movies

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Posted: Friday, October 21, 2011 2:58 am

I have noticed lately that people have different ways to show their displeasure for others. Some folks make a clever (or not so clever) sign and camp out in a park with others who have the same disdain for Wall Street, banks in general and rich guys. Then there are people who pelt golf superstars with nitrate - filled wieners. I am talking about thirty - one - year - old Brandon Kelly, the guy who chucked a hot dog at troubled golf great Tiger Woods during a tournament. This wacky sausage flinger said he was inspired by the film Drive to do something "epic." Yea, he definitely did something "epic," epically silly.

I have not seen Drive yet, but it looks epic, for lack of a better word. Since I have not had the time to see Drive where am I supposed to get inspiration to throw hot dogs? After some thought I came up with five films that share one of Drive's main components ... the car chase. I am not sure if these films are as critically acclaimed as Drive, but I am not a film critic ... I drive.

First up we have the Robert Deniro action film Ronin. Ronin Is filled with excellent car chases using some very capable cars. The competent Audi S8 and BMW M5 absolutely steal the show in two separate blazing car chase scenes. What I like most about the fast four wheel action in Ronin is that it is done the old way with real cars on real roads. When chase scenes are constructed on a computer some of the fun gets lost in the pixels. While Ronin is great for automobile action, be aware it is super violent, not for the kiddies.

Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason are two fantastic actors that will keep you belly laughing through Smokey and the Bandit. Jackie Gleason is the Smokey chasing Burt Reynolds ( the bandit) all over the south in some great chase - scene action. While I have no idea the make on the cop car, the Bandit is a classic 1977, 6.6 liter, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. While I am sure they must have wrecked two dozen of the Pontiac Fire Chicken, it was not in vain. The chase scenes were done to perfection. I enjoyed every second of this cat and mouse fun.

When movie guys argue that the original 1969 Italian Job was better than the 2003 remake, I have only one thing to say ... Charlize Theron wasn't in the original. Charlize was one heck of a pilot in the 2003 Italian Job while being chased by machine - gun - clad baddies through LA. The Italian Job also starred BMW's Mini Cooper S as the method of escape from evil Edward Norton's goons. The pint sized sled rocketed through city streets and subway tunnels looking as cool as it is cute. This movie is full of great actors and serious action. Check it out.

While watching the resulting accident from a high speed chase on the news, I uttered my usual ... "that was the wrong getaway car." My wife turned to me and asked what car I would use if I were a getaway driver. "Can I modify the car?" I inquired. Jordan then set some rules. I could not touch the car, but I have an unlimited budget. The Porsche Cayenne S , all - wheel drive, twin - turbo SUV can outrun a Corvette on tarmac and then take to the dirt...that's the madman approved getaway car.

Shia LaBeouf and friend had the same idea for a chase scene in the move Eagle Eye. They ran from the cops yet some how managed not to lose them completely. Yea Hollywood. Eagle Eye was entertaining, but completely unbelievable and ridiculous. Even with the Porsche chase scene, I can't recommend Eagle Eye, unless you are really bored.

"It's got a cop motor - a four - hundred and forty cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspension and cop shocks. It was a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas," ... Elwood Blues. The final film on my list is also the best film on my list. I have seen The Blues Brothers so many times I can recite most of the dialog and I still crack myself up when I do. Dan Aykroyd and the late great John Belushi star in this musical romp through Chicago in a 1974 Dodge Monaco Sedan. While this boat must weigh more than the Porsche Cayenne, it was packing some serious iron under the hood and it was on a "mission from God," according to Dan Aykroyd. The move ends in an insane car chase during which about sixty cop cars were wrecked. They even had a twenty - four - hour body shop to fix cars in order to wreck them again. I cant say enough about The Blues Brothers chase scene. You just have to see it.

I love car chase scenes so I imagine I will really enjoy Drive. I may like it so much that I lob a chili dog at someone. Nope, but I could go for a chili dog.




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