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A Lodi Renaissance?

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Posted: Monday, October 18, 2010 2:14 pm

And speaking of quirky, I spied a peculiar sight on Sunday morning.

The Missus and I were coming out of The Walmart (Americanese dictates pronouncing it as "Thuh Wahl-Mohrt" instead of just "Walmart") when we noticed a trio dressed as if they were on their way to a Renaissance Faire.

This got us to thinking: Why doesn't Lodi have a Renaissance Faire?

The trio, consisting of two young ladies and a young man, were in their medieval finery, complete with off-the-shoulder blouses and long, flowing skirts (the ladies, not the dude) and furry battle boots (the dude, not the ladies — his skirt was short). Obviously they had done this sort of thing before, and they were headed for a day of fun.

In reviewing an online list of Renn Faires across the state, the nearest thing I could find was the Folsom Renaissance Faire. In fact, there are such events throughout all of California, especially during the fall months.

Even Stockton has a Renaissance Faire. Stockton! The event, named the 99 Renaissance Festival, is held Halloween weekend at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds at Charter Way near Highway 99. It's billed as "The shire of Aberfeldy recreating Renaissance (circa 1500s) since 2009." For more information visit

In digging through the Web site, I found that it wasn't Stocktonians that had pulled the festival together, it was a gentleman in San Jose. According to his site, he coordinated the event because there wasn't a such a faire held in the Central Valley.

In any case, it pushes the question: Why not here? Why not a Lodi festival replete with mythical creatures, gobbledygook-spouting actors and people wearing clothing two sizes too small for them?

I bet we could hold it in that field where another mythical creature is suppose to live: The Super Walmart.